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Thompson, Herbert
A Family Archive from Siut, from Papyri in the British Museum, including an Account of a Trial before the Laocritae in the Year BC 170.  £640.00 
Winckler, Hugo
Die Gesetze Hammurabis in Umschrift und Übersetzung.  £18.00 
Nielssen, Dietlef
Handbuch der altarabischen Altertumskunde.  £38.00 
Hessen, Otto von
Gioelli Franchi della Collezione Carrand.  £10.00 
Hooker, J T
Mycenaean Greece.  £12.00 
Spinner, E
Clayton, G
Visean Spore Assemblages from Skateraw, East Lothian, Scotland.  £10.00 
Vaglieri, Dante
Gli Scavi Recenti nel Foro Romano (con 121 incisioni).  £86.00 
Pappakonstantinou, Mich
Ai Tralleis: Etoi Sylloge Trallianon Epigraphon.  £64.00 
Grigorieff, W W
Rosen, Victor de
Travaux de la Troisième Session du Congrès International des Orientalistes, St. Pétersbourg 1876. Volume 1 and 2.  £80.00 
Egypt Exploration Fund
An Atlas for Ancient Egypt, with Complete Index, Geographical and Historical Notes, Biblical References, etc.  £48.00 
Egypt Exploration Fund
Griffith, F Ll
Archaeological Report 1904-5 (to 1911- 12 ), Comprising the Work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the Progress of Egyptology.  £120.00 
Grüneisen, Wladimir de
Les Charactéristiques de l'Art Copte.  £160.00 
Apostolake, Anna
Ta Koptika Uphasmata tou en Athenais Mouseiou Kosmetikon Technon.  £140.00 
Woolley, Leonard
MacIver, Randall
Areika. With a Chapter on Meroitic Inscriptions by F Ll Griffith.  £88.00 
Bechtel, Fritz
Die Hauptprobleme der indogermanischen Lautlehre seit Schleicher.  £28.00 
Collitz, Hermann
Bechtel, Fritz
Sammlung der griechischen Dialekt-Inschriften. Zweiter Band; Dritter Band. Erste / Zweite Hälfte.  £64.00 
Egypt Exploration Fund
Nash, W L
Egypt Exploration Fund. A General Index to the Archaeological Reports. Volumes I - XVIII, 1890-1 - 1908-9.  £26.00 
Rhys, John
The Celtic Inscriptions of France and Italy. Also: Celtae and Galli.  £36.00 
Gilbert, Gustav
Studien zur altspartanischen Geschichte.  £15.00 
Harnack, Adolf
Ein jüdisch-christliches Psalmbuch aus dem ersten Jahrhundert, (The Odes of Salomon published by Harris 1909), aus dem Syrischen übersetzt von Johannes Flemming.  £24.00 
No Author East Herts Archaeological Society. Transactions, Volume 13, Part 1, 1950-51.  £14.00 
Caldecott, Barton
East Herts Archaeological Society. Transactions, Volume 2, Part 3, 1904.  £18.00 
British Museum
A Guide to the Early Christian and Byzantine Antiquities in the Department of British and Mediaeval Antiquities.  £15.00 
Hall, H R
The Civilization of Greece in the Bronze Age. The Rhind Lectures 1923.  £28.00 
Spratling, William
Zenil, Alfonso Medellin
Bravo, Manuel Alvarez
Más Humano Que Divino.  £20.00 
Hager, Rolf
The Zähringer New Towns. Modern Planning Concepts in the Towns Built during the 12th Century in Southern Germany and Switzerland.  £24.00 
Taylor, Alison
Prehistoric Cambridgeshire.  £8.00 
Rye, Walter
Leney, Frank
City of Norwich, Norwich Castle Museum, Catalogue of Antiquities Found Principally in East Anglia.  £16.00 
St. John Wilson, Colin
University of Cambridge. Department of Architecture. Annual Exhibition 1983.  £18.00 
Bacus, Elisabeth
Shott, Michael
Debates in World Archaeology. (World Archaeology, Volume 40, No 4, 2008)  £12.00 
Language Origins Society
Language Origins Society. 13th Meeting of the Language Origins Society, July 4 - 8, 1997. Abstracts.  £10.00 
Celesia, Emanuele
Dell'Antichissimo Idioma de' Liguri.  £38.00 
Pompéi. Guide Pratique Illustré et Plan General des Fouilles.  £12.00 
France, N E
Gobel, B M
The Romano-British Temple at Harlow.  £20.00 
Bahn, Paul
Vertut, Jean
Images of the Ice Age.  £14.00 
Rodwell, Warwick
Historic Churches: A Wasting Asset.  £16.00 
Mackenzie, Duncan
Tombs of the Giants and Nuraghi of Sardinia in their West-European Relations.  £28.00 
Yadin, Yigael
Hazor.  £24.00 
Vulpe, Radu
Studia Thracologica. Hommage au 2. Congrès International de Thracologie Bucarest, 4 - 10 Septembre 1976.  £46.00 
Dragan, J C
Actes du troisième Congrès International de Thracologie, Palma de Mallorca, 16 - 19 Novembre 1981.  £36.00 
Franzen, Anders
Vasa. The Strange Story of a Swedish Warship from 1628.  £6.00 
O Nuallain, S
Boulder Burials.  £12.00 
Frankfort, Henri
The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man: An Essay on Speculative Thought in the Ancient Near East.  £12.00 
Higgs, E S
Palaeoeconomy.  £16.00 
Merriam, John
The Living Past.  £10.00 
Sherlock, S J
An Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Norton, Cleveland.  £84.00 
Royal Commission on Historical Monuments
Draft Thesaurus of Architectural Terms.  £24.00 
Gaizutis, Algirdas
Prusijos Kultura.  £24.00 
Muscolino, Cetty
Casa Romei. Una Dimora Rinascimentale a Ferrara.  £14.00 
Kent Archaeological Society
Archaeologia Cantiana. Volume 50, 1938.  £24.00 
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