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Kent Archaeological Society
Archaeologia Cantiana. Volume 53, 1940.  £12.00 
Royal Commission on Historical Monuments
An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Cambridge.  £36.00 
Podzorski, Patricia
Their Bones Shall Not Perish: An Examination of Predynastic Human Skeletal Remains from Naga-ed-Dêr in Egypt.  £46.00 
Thoen, Hugo
De Belgische Kustvlakte in de Romeinse Tijd. Bijdrage tot de Studie van de Landelijke Bewoningsgeschiedenis. With English Summary.  £36.00 
Royal Historical and Archaeological Association
The Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland. Volume 7, Fourth Series, Part 1.  £20.00 
Graves, James
Unpublished Geraldine Documents: The White Knight.  £14.00 
Royal Historical and Archaeological Association
The Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland. Volume 6, Fourth Series, No 53 (January 1883) - No 59 (July 1884)  £48.00 
Lattes, Elia
Etruskisch-lateinische Wörter und Wortformen der lateinischen Inschriften.  £36.00 
Beg, M A J
Historic Cities of Asia: An Introduction to Asian Cities from Antiquity to Pre-Modern Times.  £18.00 
Beg, M A J
Historic Cities of Asia: An Introduction to Asian Cities from Antiquity to Pre-Modern Times.  £24.00 
Saul, Louella
A Hollow Spined Anapachydiscus Peninsulris with Possible Mosasaur Bite Impressions.  £8.00 
Rensberger, John
Promylagaulus, Progressive Aplodontoid Rodents of the Early Miocene.  £12.00 
Miller, Wade
Brotherson, Jack
Size Variation in Foot Elements of Bison from Rancho La Brea.  £10.00 
Charöe, W D
King's Hostel, Trinity College, Cambridge. With Plans and Illustrations. An Examination of the History of King's Hall, with Special Reference to the Ancient Buildings Recently Disclosed.  £56.00 
Bibby, Geoffrey
Four Thousand Years Ago.  £6.00 
De Prorok, Byron
Dead Men Do Tell Tales.  £8.00 
Castro Leal, Antonio
Alejandro de Humboldt y el Arte Prehispanico.  £9.00 
Ellis, Peter Beresford
The Story of the Cornish Language.  £4.00 
Matthews, R J
Coulthard, Gina
Anatolian Studies. Journal of the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara. Volume 48, 1998: Tarkasnawa King of Mira.  £34.00 
Sandys, John
Aristotle's Constitution of Athens: A Revised Text with an Introduction, Critical and Explanatory Notes, Testimonia and Indices. First Edition.  £24.00 
Novacek, Michael
Insectivora and Proteutheria of the later Eocene (Uintan) of San Diego County, California.  £20.00 
Knechtges, David
The Han Rhapsody: A Study of the Fu of Yang Hsiung (53 B.C.-A.D.18)  £24.00 
Bommas, Martin
Cultural Memory and Identity in Ancient Societies.  £36.00 
Fox, Langdon
The Holy Shroud.  £8.00 
Crowe, John
The Troy Deception: Finding the Plain of Troy.  £14.00 
Saulcy, F de
Narrative of a Journey Round the Dead Sea and in Bible Lands in 1850 and 1851. Including an Account of the Discovery of the Sites of Sodom and Gomorrah. New Edition. Vol 1 only.  £36.00 
Bloom, Harvey
English Seals.  £14.00 
Vincent, Hugues
Canaan d'après l'Exploration récente.  £24.00 
Wiedemann, Alfred
The Ancient Egyptian Doctrine of the Immortality of the Soul.  £24.00 
Trumbull, Henry Clay
Kadesh-Barnea. Its Importance and Probable Site, including, Studies of the Route of the Exodus and the Southern Boundary of the Holy Land.  £68.00 
Kent, Charles Foster
Israel's Historical and Biographical Narratives.  £26.00 
Finley, M I
The World of Odysseus. Second Edition.  £6.00 
Eden, Peter
Hutton, Warwick
Waterways of the Fens. An Essay on the Commercial Archaeology of the Cambridge Region. Limited Edition.  £28.00 
Myres, J N L
A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Pottery. 2 Volume Set.  £200.00 
Tonkin, W G S
Archaeology in Essex. A Policy for Research.  £8.00 
Barringer, C
Aspects of East Anglian Pre-History (Twenty Years after Rainbird Clarke) A Collection of Essays.  £8.00 
Beaudry, Mary
Documentary Archaeology in the New World.  £36.00 
Renfrew, Colin
British Prehistory. A New Outline.  £10.00 
King, L W
Chronicles Concerning Early Babylonian Kings, including Records of the Early History of the Kassites and the Country of the Sea. Vol 1: Introductory Chapters.  £24.00 
Wheeler, R E M
Wales and Archaeology.  £10.00 
Staerk, W
Die jüdische Gemeinde des Neuen Bundes im Damaskus - Übersetzung der von Schechter veröffentlichten Geniza-Texte mit Noten.  £20.00 
Harnack, Adolf
Ein jüdisch-christliches Psalmbuch aus dem ersten Jahrhundert, (The Odes of Salomon published by Harris 1909), aus dem Syrischen übersetzt von Johannes Flemming.  £24.00 
Wilson, Thomas
An Archaeological Dictionary, or: Classical Antiquities of the Jews, Greeks and Romans, Alphabetically Arranged.  £88.00 
Sayce, A H
The 'Higher Criticism' and the Verdict of the Monuments.  £18.00 
Ungnad, Arthur
Aramäische Papyrus aus Elephantine. Kleine Ausgabe, unter Zugrundelegung von Eduard Sachau's Erstausgabe.  £22.00 
de Langhe, Robert
Les Textes de Ras Shamra-Ugarit et leurs Rapports avec le Milieu Biblique de l'Ancien Testament.  £54.00 
Palestine Exploration Fund
Twenty-One Years' Work in the Holy Land: (A Record and a Summary) June 22, 1865 - June 22, 1886.  £24.00 
Duridanov, Ivan
Ezik't na trakite.  £24.00 
Kittel, Rudolf
Geschichte des Volkes Israel. Vol 1: Palästina in der Urzeit. Das Werden des Volkes. Geschichte der Zeit bis zum Tode Josuas. Vol 2: Das Volk in Kanaan, Geschichte der Zeit bis zum Babylonischen Exil.  £24.00 
Schrader, Eberhard
Keilinschriftliche Bibliothek. Vol 1 - 5. Bound in 4 Volumes. Complete.  £200.00 
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