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Rose, Dennis
Life, Times and Recorded Works of Robert Dighton (1752-1814) Actor, Artist and Printseller and Three of His Artist Sons.  £14.00 
Trinity College Dublin
Twelve Illustrations From the Book of Kells.  £14.00 
Cooke, Thomas
Honeycutt, Benjamin
The Humor of the Fabliaux. A Collection of Critical Essays.  £10.00 
Sturlusonar, Snorra
Jonsson, Gudni
Edda Snorra Sturlusonar. Nafnathulur og Skaldatal.  £24.00 
No Author Livres Français d'Erudition 1965 - 1970.  £12.00 
Le Goff, Jacques
Les Intellectuals au Moyen Age.  £6.00 
Doucette, Leonard
Emery Bigot. Seventeenth-Century French Humanist.  £12.00 
Watkins, William
Patent Trolls. Predatory Litigation and the Smothering of Innovation.  £14.00 
Everyman's Library
The 'Milton' Bookmark.  £10.00 
Fairclough, Mary
The Romantic Crowd. Sympathy, Controversy and Print Culture.  £64.00 
Stanton, H U W
The Teaching of the Qur'an, With an Account of its Growth and a Subject Index.  £10.00 
Hudson, Derek
Rackham, Arthur
Arthur Rackham. His Life and Work.  £16.00 
De Quincey, Thomas
The English Mail Coach and other Essays.  £8.00 
Timins, Douglas
Sherlock Holmes. A Catalogue of an Exhibition held at Abbey House, Baker Street, London. May - September 1951.  £18.00 
Legg, Marie Louise
Newspapers and Nationalism. The Irish Provincial Press 1850 - 1892.  £44.00 
McKendrick, Scot
Lowden, John
Doyle, Kathleen
Royal Manuscripts. The Genius of Illumination.  £36.00 
Carter, Will
Carter's Caps. An Alphabet of Capital Letters Cut by Will Carter and Printed From the Wood With Commentary.  £36.00 
Conan Doyle, Arthur
Through the Magic Door.  £24.00 
Jackson, W T H
The Anatomy of Love. The Tristan of Gottfried von Strassburg.  £14.00 
Telesin, Julius
Inside "Samizdat". (Encounter, February 1973, Volume 40, No 2)  £10.00 
Ayer, A J
Humanism and Reform. (Encounter, June 1966, Volume 26, No 6)  £10.00 
Corrigan, Matthew
Malcolm Lowry, New York Publishing and the New Illiteracy. (Encounter, July 1970, Volume 35, No 1)  £10.00 
Briggs, Asa
Moral Amusements. (Encounter, April 1979, Volume 52, No 4)  £10.00 
Larkin, Philip
Special Book Section: A Neglected Responsibility. (Encounter, July 1979, Volume 53, No 1)  £10.00 
Darwin, Charles
Herbert, Sandra
The Red Notebook of Charles Darwin.  £16.00 
Waterhouse, David
Japanese Prints Through Western Eyes.  £10.00 
Grolier, Eric de
Histoire du Livre.  £6.00 
Lowell, James Russell
Among My Books.  £10.00 
Levi, Annalina
The Medieval Map of Rome in the Ambrosian Library's Manuscript of Solinus (C 246 Inf)  £14.00 
Wallace-Hadrill, Mike
Nettle Range Bladefear.  £24.00 
Curwen, Henry
A History of Booksellers. The Old and the New.  £20.00 
Blackwell Publishing
Blackwell House Style Guide.  £10.00 
Ker, W P
Epic and Romance. Essays on Medieval Literature.  £10.00 
Elsevier Publisher
Books and Periodicals Check-List. Summer 1972. Biochemisty, Biology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, Sugar Technology, Brewing.  £8.00 
No Author The Riscatype Catalogue of Popular Typefaces.  £14.00 
Buschinger, Danielle
Figures de l'Écrivain au Moyen Age: Actes du Colloque du Centre d'Études Médiévales de l'Université de Picardie, Amiens, 18-20 Mars 1988.  £36.00 
Norton, P H
A Handbook for Hospital Librarians on Simple Repairs and Case-Making.  £12.00 
Kries, F W von
Thomasin von Zerclaere: Der Welsche Gast. Volume 4: Die Illustrationen des Welschen Gasts: Kommentar mit Analyse der Bildinhalte und den Varianten der Schriftbandtexte. Verzeichnisse, Namenregister, Bibliographie.  £46.00 
Gröchenig, Hans
Die Vorauer Novelle und die Reuner Relationen. In Abbildungen herausgegeben.  £14.00 
Sommer, Cornelius
Der arme Heinrich. Fassung der Handschrift Bb. Abbildungen aus dem Kaloczaer Kodex.  £14.00 
Fritz, Gerd
Abbildungen zur Neidhart-Überlieferung I. Die Berliner Neidhart-Handschrift R und die Pergamenfragmente Cb, K, O und M.  £16.00 
Kries, F W von
Thomasin von Zerclaere: Der Welsche Gast. Volume 3: Die Varianten der Redaktion S**.  £18.00 
Kries, F W von
Thomasin von Zerclaere: Der Welsche Gast. Volume 2: Die Varianten der Hss. GFAD, der Büdinger und Sibiuer Fragmente Buch 1-10.  £15.00 
Schnell, Rüdiger
Liber Alexandri Magni: Die Alexandergeschichte der Handschrift Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, n.a.l. 310.  £24.00 
Woodcroft, Bennet
Alphabetical Index of Patentees of Inventions.  £38.00 
Hempel, Wolfgang
Übermuot diu alte. Der Superbia - Gedanke und seine Rolle in der deutschen Literatur des Mittelalters.  £18.00 
No Author Instruction Book for the Imperial 66.  £10.00 
British Library
The British Library at St Pancras.  £16.00 
Donne, John
Keynes, Geoffrey
A Bibliography of Dr John Donne.  £24.00 
McColvin, Lionel
Libraries in Britain.  £16.00 
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