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Maurice, Frederick Denison
The Friendship of Books and other Lectures.  £18.00 
Cowley, A E
Neubauer, Adolf
The Original Hebrew of a Portion of Ecclesiasticus (XXXIX.15 to XLIX.11) together with the Early Version and an English Translation: Followed by the Quotations from Ben Sira in Rabbinical Literature.  £15.00 
Burkitt, Francis Crawford
Gwillliam, G H
Biblical and Patristic Relics of the Palestinian Syriac Literature: From MSS. in the Bodleian Library and in the Library of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai.  £56.00 
Minnis, A J
Medieval Theory of Authorship. Scholastic Literary Attitudes in the Later Middle Ages.  £18.00 
Hermann, Pernille
Literacy in Medieval and Early Modern Scandinavian Culture.  £12.00 
Graff, Harvey
Literacy and Social Development in the West: A Reader.  £8.00 
Walther, Ingo
Siebert, Gisela
Codex Manesse. Die Miniaturen der Grossen Heidelberger Liederhandschrift.  £24.00 
Crusemann, Frank
The Torah. Theology and Social History of Old Testament Law.  £16.00 
Chrétien de Troyes
Wilmotte, Maurice
Guillaume d'Angleterre. Roman du XIIieme Siècle.  £10.00 
Thomas of Britain
Wind, Bartina
Les Fragments du Roman de Tristan. Poème du XIIeme Siècle.  £10.00 
Stubbings, Frank
The Graham Watson Collection of Colour Plate Books at Emmanuel College.  £24.00 
Stubbings, Frank
Askew, Anthony
"Anthony Askew's Liber Amicorum" Reprinted from the Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliography Society.  £16.00 
Cambridge University
Parker, Matthew
Matthew Parker's Legacy. Books and Plate.  £8.00 
Ansell, Evelyn
Bloomfield, Diana
Twenty-Five Poems.  £360.00 
Roberts, Eirlys
Which? March 1961.  £8.00 
Roberts, Eirlys
Which? December 1962.  £8.00 
Doughty, D W
St Andrews University Library. Printing and Illustration Exhibition.  £10.00 
Birkett, Norman
The Use and Abuse of Reading.  £8.00 
Illich, Ivan
Sanders, Barry
The Alphabetization of the Popular Mind.  £16.00 
Goody, Jack
Literacy in Traditional Societies.  £16.00 
Coulmas, Florian
Ehlich, Konrad
Writing in Focus.  £36.00 
Starkey, Kathryn
Reading the Medieval Book. Word, Image, and Performance in Wofram von Eschenbach's Willehalm.  £12.00 
Kleindienst, Therese
Le Livre et L'Art. Études offertes en hommage à Pierre Lelièvre réunies par Thérèse Kleindienst.  £18.00 
Harris, Roy
The Origin of Writing.  £8.00 
Taylor, Jane
Smith, Lesley
Women, the Book and the Worldly. Selected Proceedings of The St Hilda's Conference, 1993 Volume 2.  £16.00 
Bluhm, R K
A Guide to the Archives of the Royal Society and to Other Manuscripts in its Possession (Reprinted from Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London Vol. 12 No. 1 August 1956)  £10.00 
Sytin, Ivan
My Life for the Book. The Memoirs of a Russian Publisher.  £30.00 
Proust, Marcel
Burford, William
Autret, Jean
On Reading.  £14.00 
Ni Chathain, Proinseas
Fitzpatrick, Siobhan
Pathfinders to the Past. The Antiquarian Road to Irish Historical Writing.  £38.00 
Burns, Jane
Bodytalk. When Women Speak in Old French Literature.  £16.00 
Garcia, Palma Martinez-Burgos
Erasmo en Espana. La Recepciondel Humanismo en el Primer Renacimiento Espanol.  £40.00 
Barker, Nicolas
The Book Collector. Volume 17, No 3 (Autumn 1968).  £6.00 
Berner, Andrew
The University Club Library Quarterly.  £20.00 
Fiszel, Roland
Impressions. Bulletin de l'Imprimerie Nationale. No. 32.  £10.00 
University of Newcastle
Student Guide 1972. Newcastle University Library.  £10.00 
University of London
A Reader's Guide to the University Library.  £8.00 
Hall, J T D
Manuscript Treasures in Edinburgh University Library.  £12.00 
National Library of Scotland
Treasure From Scottish Libraries. Catalogue of an exhibition held in the Library of Trinity College Dublin 3 July - 1 August 1964.  £10.00 
British Museum
A Guide to the Use of the Reading Room.  £8.00 
Torbet, D M
Public Libraries 1869 - 1969. Centenary Exhibition.  £12.00 
Kishimoto, Kojiro
Libraries and Library Adult Education in Japan.  £10.00 
Arabie, Phipps
Aust, E
Von Daten zu Wissen. From Data to Knowledge. Theoretische und praktische Aspekte von Klassifikation, Datenanalyse und Wissensverarbeitung. Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization.  £12.00 
Pizan, Christine de
Gorostiaga, Dolores
La Ciudad de las Damas, 1405 - 2005.  £48.00 
Lambert, F W
Garnier, Pierre
Spatial Poetry (Typos 2)  £36.00 
Batsford, Harry
Batsford Books.  £6.00 
Loram, Ian
Goethe and his Publishers.  £14.00 
Cox, Trenchard
English Printed Textiles 1720 - 1836.  £12.00 
Wilson, Oliver
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. A Survey of the Important Editions of one of the Outstanding Book Rarities of the 19th Century.  £24.00 
Zola, Émile
Documents Littéraires. Études et Portraits.  £14.00 
Mauclair, Camille
Servitude et Grandeur Littéraires.  £16.00 
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