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Diringer, David
The Alphabet Throughout the Ages and in all Lands.  £10.00 
No Author The Bibliotheck. A Scottish Journal of Bibliography and Allied Topics. Volume 1 - 11.  £260.00 
Stanbrook Abbey Press
Stanbrook Abbey Press. Price List, 1977 - 1978.  £30.00 
Dickson, William
The Glasgow University Library. Notes on its History, Arrangements and Aims.  £14.00 
University of Oxford
Report of the Committee on University Libraries.  £12.00 
Dreyfus, John
Stanbrook Abbey Press
An Exhibit of Productions from Stanbrook Abbey Press, 1876 - 1966.  £20.00 
Oliphant, Mrs
William Blackwood and his Sons. Their Magazine and Friends. Annals of a Publishing House. Volume 1 ONLY.  £14.00 
Baker, Alfred
The Life of Sir Isaac Pitman, Inventor of Phonography.  £16.00 
Bolitho, Hector
A Batsford Century.  £16.00 
Porritt, Arthur
More and More of Memories.  £14.00 
Christie, Mary
Carlyle and the London Library. Account of its Foundation: Together with Unpublished Letters of Thomas Carlyle to W D Christie.  £18.00 
Foat, F E K
The Story of W H Smith and Son. This Edition, brought up to date and Revised by F E K Foat, based on the First Edition (1921) written by R Pocklington.  £14.00 
Couper, W J
The Millers of Haddington, Dunbar and Dunfermline: A Record of Scottish Bookselling.  £36.00 
Maclehose, James
The Glasgow University Press 1638 - 1931. With some Notes on Scottish Printing in the last Three Hundred Years.  £20.00 
Kilgour, R
Estes and Lauriat: A History, 1872 - 1898. With a Brief Account of Dana Estes and Company, 1898 - 1914.  £20.00 
Dent & Sons
Memoirs of J M Dent 1849 - 1926.- With some Additions by Hugh R Dent.  £14.00 
Thrush, Arthur
Representative Majority. Twenty-One Years of the B. P. R. A.  £12.00 
Rivington, Septimus
The Publishing House of Rivington.  £34.00 
Austen-Leigh, R A
The Story of a Printing House: Being a Short Account of the Strahans and Spottiswoodes.  £12.00 
Kaser, David
Messrs Carey and Lea of Philadelphia: A Study in the History of the Booktrade.  £14.00 
Priestland, Gerald
The Dilemmas of Journalism.  £12.00 
Hayden, John
Christian Bookshop Manager's Handbook.  £18.00 
Hayden, John
Christian Bookshop Manager's Handbook.  £18.00 
Blyton, Enid
The Boy with the Loaves and Fishes. Illustrated by Elsie Walker.  £14.00 
Clowes, W B
Family Business, 1803 - 1953.  £10.00 
St Andrews University
St Andrews University. Library Reports.  £46.00 
Library Association
Library Association Rare Books Group Newsletter. Rare Books Newsletter. No 21 (1983) - No 58 (1998)  £88.00 
Harnack, Adolf
Neue Untersuchungen zur Apostelgeschichte und zur Abfassungszeit der Synoptischen Evangelien. (Beiträge zur Einleitung in das Neue Testament, 4)  £24.00 
Cameron, Ron
The Other Gospels: Non-Canonical Gospel Texts.  £12.00 
Gill, Eric
Gray, John
Park: A Fantastic Story.  £360.00 
Beedham, R J
Wood Engraving. With an Introduction and Appendix by Eric Gill.  £12.00 
Gill, Eric
Shewring, Walter
The Letters of Eric Gill.  £26.00 
Gill, Eric
The Passion of our Lord.  £120.00 
Cambridge University Library
Jarvis, Anne
A Journey Around the World Mind.  £12.00 
The Bible of Every Land. A History of the Sacred Scriptures in Every Language and Dialect into which Translations have been Made: Illustrated by Specimen Portions in Native Characters, Series of Alphabets, Coloured Ethnographical Maps, etc.  £120.00 
Ritschl, Friedrich
Tafeln zu Friedrich Ritschl's Epigraphisch-Grammatischen Abhandlungen. Opuscula Philologica, Band 4.  £40.00 
Norton, David
The King James Bible. A Short History from Tyndale to Today.  £10.00 
Pole, Herbert
The Book of Common Prayer. Its Scriptural Foundation and its Suitability to the Needs of Public Worship.  £36.00 
Barrow, R H
A Selection of Latin Inscriptions.  £14.00 
Dindorf, Wilhelm
Poetarum Scenicorum Graecorum, Aeschyli, Sophoclis, Euripidis, et Aristophanis Fabulae Superstites et Perditarum Fragmenta. Ed. Quinta.  £28.00 
Eliot, George
Karo Library
The Works of George Eliot. Volume 12: Essays and Leaves from a Note-Book.  £24.00 
Lackington, James
Memoirs of the first forty-five years of the life of James Lackington: The Present Bookselller in Chiswell-street, Moorfields, London.  £68.00 
Halm, Karl
Die deutschen Handschriften der K Hof und Staatsbibliothek zu Muenchen nach J A Schmellers kürzerem Verzeichnis. Teil 1, 2.  £88.00 
Johnson, John
Gibson, Strickland
Print and Privilege at Oxford to the Year 1700.  £26.00 
Gerring, Charles
Notes on Printers and Booksellers. With a Chapter on Chap Books.  £50.00 
Knight, Charles
William Caxton, the First English Printer.  £18.00 
Duckworth & Co
Fifty Years, 1898 - 1948.  £14.00 
Pintress, V G
State Control and State Aid for Libraries. Statements of the Case.  £24.00 
Knight, Charles
Shadows of the Old Booksellers.  £24.00 
Pintress, V G
Buying Print for Librarians, Curators and those Enaged in the Book Business.  £24.00 
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