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Philip, Alexander
Filing and Preserving Stock and Records in Libraries and other Institutions including Museums and Art Galleries. Volume 2: Office Requisites and Consumable Stores.  £16.00 
Zvetaieff, Iohannes
Sylloge Inscriptionum Oscarum ad Archetyporum et Librorum Fidem. Pars Prior: Textum Interpretationem Glossarium Continens.  £46.00 
Baker Book House
The Baker Book House Story, 1939 - 1989.  £10.00 
No Author The Fellowship of Books.  £12.00 
Craig, Ailsa
The Design and Spacing of Lettering.  £10.00 
Crutchley, Brooke
Preparation of Manuscripts and Correction of Proofs. Sixth Edition.  £5.00 
Elizabeth I
The Prayer-Book of Queen Elizabeth 1559, to which are Appended some Occasional Forms of Prayer Issued in her Reign.  £15.00 
Edward VI
The First Prayer-Book of King Edward VI, 1549. Reprinted from a Copy in the British Museum.  £15.00 
Edward VI
The Second Prayer-Book of King Edward VI, 1552. Reprinted from a Copy in the British Museum.  £15.00 
McLuhan, Marshall
Fiore, Quentin
The Medium is the Massage. An Inventory of Effects.  £16.00 
Lock, Muriel
Modern Maps and Atlases: An Outline Guide to Twentieth Century Literature.  £14.00 
Denuce, Jean
Les Origines de la Cartografie Portugaise et les Cartes des Reinel.  £18.00 
D A Talboys & Co
Bibliotheca Classica. A Catalogue of Greek and Latin Classics and Books Connected with Classical Literature ... on sale at reduced prices by D A Talboys & Co.  £24.00 
Gutch, John
Collectanea Curiosa; Or Miscellaneous Tracts, Relating to the History and Antiquities of England and Ireland, and a Variety of Other Subjects. Collected from the Manuscripts of Archbishop Sancroft.  £38.00 
Richardson, Herbert
The Old English Newspaper.  £8.00 
Stevenson, Robert Louis
Essays in the Art of Writing.  £8.00 
Roskell, J S
The Problem of the Attendance of the Lords in Medieval Parliaments.  £12.00 
Galbraith, V H
The Autograph MS of Ranulph Higden's Polychronicon.  £14.00 
Jenkinson, Hilary
The Use of Arabic and Roman Numerals in English Archives.  £14.00 
Stephen, Gwendolen
The Coronis.  £12.00 
Guppy, Henry
A Brief Summary of the History of the First-Folio Edition of Shakespeare's Dramas, 1623 - 1923.  £14.00 
Hammarström, M
Beiträge zur Geschichte des etruskischen, lateinischen und griechischen Alphabets.  £24.00 
Magnusson, Eirikr
A Fragment of the Old Danish Version of the Legend of St. Christina, &c., in Collotype Facsimile.  £14.00 
Hewitt, J F
Just Published, 2 Volumes, Cloth: Primitive Traditional History.  £12.00 
Waugh, Evelyn
Scoop. A Novel about Journalists.  £8.00 
Fordham, Herbert George
Maps, Their History, Characteristics and Uses. A Handbook for Teachers.  £10.00 
Dawson Book Services
Dawson Book Services. Catalogue 16: Bibliography and other Reference Works.  £8.00 
Slater, E C
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta: The Story of a Biochemical Journal.  £18.00 
Barton, M
A Junior History Book List.  £16.00 
Wallis, P J
Publications in Historical Biobibliography.  £8.00 
Stitch, Wilhelmina
The Fragrant Hour.  £10.00 
Thompson, Edward Maunde
An Introduction to Greek and Latin Palaeography.  £68.00 
Chekhov, Anton
Tchekoff. Five Famous Plays.  £10.00 
Petrie, W M F
Growth of the Gospels: As Shewn by Structural Criticism.  £10.00 
Emmison, F G
Archives and Local History. Second Revised Edition.  £10.00 
Emmison, F G
Archives and Local History.  £10.00 
Morgan, Paul
Oxford Libraries Outside the Bodleian. A Guide.  £8.00 
Johnstone, Verney
Evans, Ernest
The Story of the Prayer Book.  £8.00 
Daly, Reginald Aldworth
Our Mobile Earth.  £30.00 
Pitman's School Manual of Business Training.  £24.00 
Powell, L S
A Guide to the Use of Visual Aids.  £22.00 
Hesse, Hermann
Gesta Romanorum. Das älteste Märchen- und Legendenbuch des christlichen Mittelalters.  £14.00 
Halm, Philipp Maria
Berliner, Rudolf
Das Hallesche Heiltum.  £28.00 
Paul Breman Ltd
Catalogue 179.  £10.00 
Alston, Jean
Handwriting Review 1990.  £24.00 
Furlong, Agnes
The School Library Mystery.  £8.00 
Continental Manuscripts and Printed Books, Science and Medicine Including a Major Collection of Spanish Documents Tuesday 21st November 1989.  £12.00 
Student Representative Council
Libraries in Cambridge.  £16.00 
Michael, Ian
Literature in School. A Guide to the Early Sources 1700 - 1830.  £18.00 
Konstam, Kenneth
Enquire Within: A History and Guide to Card Playing.  £12.00 
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