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Brittain, Frederick
A Short History of Jesus College Cambridge.  £14.00 
Attwater, Aubrey
Pembroke College Cambridge: A Short History.  £10.00 
Reyes, Alfonso
Marginalia. Segunda Serie (1909 - 1954)  £34.00 
Ostrogorsky, George
Fontes Byzantini Historiam Populorum Jugoslaviae Spectantes. Tomus III. Serbocroatia interpretati et commentariis ornati.  £36.00 
Quataer, Jean
The Gendering of Human Rights in the International Systems of Law in the Twentieth Century.  £14.00 
Lisicar, Vicko
Lopud: Historicki i Savremeni Prikaz.  £18.00 
Cuvelier, J
L'Ancien Royaume de Congo. Fondation, Découverte, première Evangélisation de l'Ancien Royaume de Congo, Règne du Grand Roi Affonso Mvemba Nzinga (1541).  £46.00 
Bernard, K L
Flashes of Kerala History. Third Edition.  £26.00 
Schiffczyk, Dieter
Die intellektuelle Revolution im europäischen Krankenhausbau um 1800: Zur systematischen Entwicklung neuzeitlicher Bauformen vor dem Hintergrund des mittelalterlichen Hospitaltypus.  £120.00 
Tabatabai, Hossein
Le Chiisme dans l'Islam.  £30.00 
Mason, Michael
Foundations of the Bida Kingdom.  £40.00 
Randles, W G L
L'Empire du Monomotapa du 15e au 19e Siècle.  £16.00 
Ajayi, J F
Milestones in Nigerian History.  £15.00 
Stern, Alfred
The Irreversibility of History.  £14.00 
Garcia Granados, Rafael
Filias y Fobias. Opusculos Historicos.  £40.00 
González Ramírez, Manuel
Carlos Pereyra: El Hombre y su Obra.  £24.00 
Reyes, Alfonso
Quince Presencias 1915 - 1954.  £36.00 
Reyes, Alfonso
El Suicida. Libro de Ensayos.  £36.00 
Reyes, Alfonso
Al Yunque, 1944 - 1958.  £36.00 
Velázquez, Primo Feliciano
Historia de San Luis Potosí.  £300.00 
Carlyle, Thomas
The French Revolution. A History.  £10.00 
Malkiel, Yakov
Theory and Practice of Romance Etymology: Studies in Language, Culture and History.  £68.00 
Neale, Kenneth
An Essex Tribute. Essays presented to Frederick G Emmison as a tribute to his life and work for Essex history and archives.  £12.00 
Gonzalez de Cossio, Francisco
Xalapa. Breve Resena Historica.  £46.00 
Velázquez, Primo Feliciano
Historia de San Luis Potosí.  £280.00 
Reyes, Alfonso
El Cazador. Ensayos y Divagaciones [1910-1921].  £24.00 
Ruiz Fowler, Luis
Monografia Historico-Geografica de Departamento de Ayacucho.  £120.00 
Reyes, Alfonso
Ancorajes.  £28.00 
Reyes, Alfonso
Marginalia. Primera Serie (1946 - 1951); Segunda Serie (1909 - 1954); Tercera Serie (1940 - 1959)  £86.00 
Reyes, Alfonso
Sirtes (1932 - 1944). (La Atlántida Castigada. Un Paseo por la Prehistoria. El Enigma de Segismundo. Algo de Semántica. Sobre el Sistema histórico de Toynbee).  £24.00 
Duby, Georges
A History of Private Life. Revelations of the Medieval World.  £12.00 
Dube, Saurabh
Rao, Anupama
Crime Through Time.  £20.00 
Jones, Clyve
Institutional Practice and Memory. Parliamentary People, Records and Histories. Essays in Honour of Sir John Sainty.  £16.00 
Thapar, Romila
Readings in Early Indian History.  £32.00 
Royal Historical Society
Transactions of the Royal Historical Society. Sixth Series, Volume 23.  £14.00 
Salber Phillips, Mark
Caine, Barbara
Rethinking Historical Distance.  £58.00 
Cherniss, Joshua
A Mind and Its Time. The Development of Isaiah Berlin's Political Thought.  £78.00 
Suny, Ronald
The Structure of Soviet History.  £30.00 
Lukacs, John
History and the Human Condition. A Historian's Pursuit of Knowledge.  £18.00 
Cullen, Jim
Sensing the Past. Hollywood Stars and Historical Visions.  £8.00 
Karlekar, Malavika
Visual Histories. Photography in the Popular Imagination.  £18.00 
Patrick, Benjamin
The How and Why Wonder Book of Heraldry.  £36.00 
Creasy, Edward
The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World.  £22.00 
Bruce, Alastair
Calder, Julian
Keepers of the Kingdom. The Ancient Offices of Britain.  £16.00 
Sainty, J C
Peerage Creations 1649 - 1800. A Chronological List of Creations in the Peerage of England and Great Britain.  £14.00 
Clare, Wallace
ffolliott, Rosemary
A Simple Guide to Irish Genealogy.  £6.00 
Burtchaell, George
Sadleir, Thomas
Alumni Dublinenses. A Register of the Students, Graduates, Professors, and Provosts of Trinity College, in the University of Dublin.  £340.00 
Reuter, Timothy
The New Cambridge Medieval History Volume 2: c.700 - c.900.  £42.00 
Galindo, Miguel
Historia Pintoresca de Colima.  £26.00 
Rodgers, John
Old Public Schools of England.  £8.00 
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