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Taub, Liba
Archaia Meteorologia.  £20.00 
Dannemann, Friedrich
Plinius und seine Naturgeschichte in ihrer Bedeutung für die Gegenwart.  £14.00 
Raabe, Paul
Mass, Zahl und Gewicht. Mathematik als Schlüssel zu Weltverständnis und Weltbeherrschung. Ausstellungskatalog der Herzog August Bibliothek.  £22.00 
Feigl, Herbert
Maxwell, Grover
Scientific Explanation, Space, and Time.  £24.00 
Körner, Stephan
Observation and Interpretation: A Symposium of Philosophers and Physicists. Proceedings of the Ninth Symposium of the Colston Research Society held in the University of Bristol April 1st – April 4th, 1957.  £24.00 
Hunter, Michael
John Aubrey and the Realm of Learning.  £14.00 
Kulviecas, Liubomiras
Razvitie poniatiia vesa v klassicheskoi mekhanike (xvii - xx v.v.)  £20.00 
Nesmeianov, A N
Aleksandr Ivanovich Oparin. Izdanie Tret'e, Dopolnennoe.  £26.00 
Bykhovski, B E
Razvitie Biologii v SSSR.  £84.00 
Logunov, A A
Nauka i Chelovechestvo 1981. Mezhdunarodnyi Yezhegodnik.  £88.00 
Giurescu, Constantin
Contributions to the History of Romanian Science and Technique from the 15th to the early 19th Century.  £20.00 
Musgrave, Alan
Common Sense, Science and Scepticism: A Historical Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge.  £12.00 
Huxley, Andrew
Pochetnyi Diplom.  £120.00 
Vvedenskiy, N V
Ivan" Mikhailovich" Sechenov". Nekrolog".  £46.00 
Cunningham, Andrew
French, Roger
The Medical Enlightenment of the Eighteenth Century.  £18.00 
Feigl, Herbert
Maxwell, Grover
Scientific Explanation, Space, and Time.  £24.00 
Landa, Nicasio
Muertos y Heridos y Otros Textos.  £16.00 
Elkana, Yehuda
The Theory and Practice of Cross- Cultural Contacts in Science: Queries and Presuppositions.  £46.00 
Cappelletti, Vincenzo
Physis. Rivista Internazionale di Storia della Scienza. Nuova Serie. Anno 34, 1997, Fasc. 1 - 2.  £24.00 
Khromchenko, M
V Strane Bio….  £36.00 
Cunningham, Andrew
Grell, Ole Peter
Health Care and Poor Relief in 18th and 19th Century Northern Europe.  £20.00 
Hudson, P S
Richens, R H
The New Genetics in the Soviet Union.  £24.00 
Hales, Stephen
Vegetable Staticks. Edited by M A Hoskin.  £6.00 
No Author Forschung Frankfurt - Sonderband zur Geschichte der Universität. Wissenschaftsmagazin der Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität.  £22.00 
Forrester, John
Psychoanalysis and History. Volume 7 (2009) to Volume 16 (2015)  £200.00 
Forrester, John
Sabbadini, Andrea
Psychoanalysis and History. Volume 5 (2007) to Volume 16 (2015)  £240.00 
Huxley, Leonard
Life and Letters of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker. Based on Materials Collected and Arranged by Lady Hooker. Volume 2 ONLY.  £22.00 
Schiebinger, Londa
Nature's Body: Sexual Politics and the Making of Modern Science.  £12.00 
Magnusson, Einar
Allmogeurmakeriet i Västergötland och i västra Småland.  £18.00 
Schultz, W
Nos Montres et nos Horloges et des soins a leur donner.  £12.00 
No Author Interchron. Bulletin commun des associations nationales pour l'histoire de la mesure du temps. Gemeinsame Schrift der nationalen Gesellschaften für die Geschichte der Zeitmessung. Number 1.  £12.00 
Wühr, Hans
Alte Uhren.  £10.00 
Neue Uhrmacher-Zeitung
Antike Uhren / Antique Clocks / Montres Antiques.  £20.00 
National Physical Laboratory
National Physical Laboratory: Report for the Years 1940 - 1945.  £24.00 
Haeckel, Ernst
Natürliche Schöpfungsgeschichte. Gemeinverständliche wissenschaftliche Vorträge über die Entwicklungslehre im allgemeinen und diejenige von Darwin, Goethe und Lamarck im Besonderen.  £28.00 
Schuessler, Philipp
Physics and Chemistry of Volatile Species in Hermetic Electronic Devices.  £46.00 
Goodman, D C
Science and Religious Belief, 1600-1900 - A Selection of Primary Sources.  £14.00 
Faraday, Michael
Chemical Manipulation, being Instructions to Students in Chemistry. New Edition.  £120.00 
Neuburger, Albert
Von Morse bis Marconi. Die Telegraphie und ihre Rolle im Dienste der Weltwirtschaft und Weltpolitik.  £14.00 
Spurzheim, G
A View of the Philosophical Principles of Phrenology. Third Edition, Greatly Improved.  £64.00 
Gillispie, Charles Coulston
Dictionary of Scientific Biography. 16 Volumes plus two Supplement Volumes.  £380.00 
Douglas, Janet Mary (Mrs Stair)
The Life and Selections from the Correspondence of William Whewell by Mrs Stair Douglas.  £36.00 
Collier, Leslie
The Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine: A Concise History.  £18.00 
Porter, Roy
Berrios, German
History of Psychiatry.  £360.00 
Arber, Agnes
The Mind and the Eye: A Study of the Biologist's Standpoint.  £10.00 
Sisco, Anneliese
Réaumur, R A F
Reaumur's Memoirs on Steel and Iron. A Translation from the Original Printed in 1722.  £30.00 
Rousseau, George
The Languages of Psyche: Mind and Body in Enlightenment Thought.  £24.00 
Crosland, Maurice
Mémoires de Physique et de Chimie de la Société d'Arcueil (Volumes 1, 2 and 3)  £126.00 
Crosland, Maurice
Historical Studies in the Language of Chemistry.  £26.00 
Merton, Robert
Science, Technology and Society in Seventeenth-Century England.  £86.00 
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