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Prest, John
The Garden of Eden. The Botanic Garden and the Re-Creation of Paradise.  £36.00 
Macdonald, Helen
Human Remains. Dissection and its Histories.  £16.00 
Waley-Cohen, Joanna
The Sextants of Beijing. Global Currents in Chinese History.  £8.00 
Jung, C G
Read, Herbert
Hull, R F C
Mysterium Coniunctionis. An Inquiry into the Separation and Synthesis of Psychic Opposites in Alchemy. The Collected Works of C G Jung, Volume Fourteen.  £120.00 
Jung, C G
Read, Herbert
Hull, R F C
Alchemical Studies. The Collected Works of C G Jung, Volume Thirteen.  £56.00 
Jung, C G
Read, Herbert
Hull, R F C
Psychology and Alchemy. The Collected Works of C G Jung Volume, Twelve.  £36.00 
Coulton, G G
Life in the Middle Ages. Volumes 1 and 2: Religion, Folk-Lore and Superstition, Chronicles, Science and Art. Volumes 3 and 4: Men and Manners, Monks, Friars and Nuns.  £16.00 
Berry, Diana
Mackenzie, Campbell
Richard Bright 1789 - 1858. Physician in an Age of Revolution and Reform.  £10.00 
James, Frank
The Development of the Laboratory. Essays on the Place of Experiment in Industrial Civilisation.  £36.00 
Uvarov, E B
A Dictionary of Science.  £6.00 
Hector, James
Report of the Third Meeting of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science. Held at Christchurch, New Zealand, in January, 1891.  £46.00 
Schrader, Carlos
La Paz de Calias: Testimonios e Interpretacion.  £68.00 
Semenov, Vladislav
Malachite. Volume 1: Poetika Kamnia / Poetics of Stone. Volume 2: Khronika, Dokumenty, Lomentarii / Chronicles, Documents, Commentaries.  £120.00 
Waddington, C H
The Scientific Attitude.  £8.00 
Hull, L W H
History and Philosophy of Science. An Introduction.  £10.00 
Knight, Charles
The Menageries: Quadrupeds, described and drawn from living Subjects. Part 3.  £46.00 
Cockcroft, J D
The Story of the Atom.  £12.00 
The Works of Aristotle The Famous Philosopher, Containing His Complete Masterpiece, and Family Physician; His Experienced Midwife, His Book of Problems. And His Remarks on Physiognomy.  £36.00 
Arabie, Phipps
Aust, E
Von Daten zu Wissen. From Data to Knowledge. Theoretische und praktische Aspekte von Klassifikation, Datenanalyse und Wissensverarbeitung. Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization.  £12.00 
Anderson, R G W
Lawrence, Christopher
Science, Medicine and Dissent: Joseph Priestley (1733 - 1804) Papers celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Priestley.  £24.00 
Gillispie, Charles Coulston
The Montgolfier Brothers and the Invention of Aviation 1783 - 1784. With a Word on the Importance of Ballooning for the Science of Heat and the Art of Building Railroads.  £28.00 
Taton, René
Pomerans, A J
Reason and Chance in Scientific Discovery.  £10.00 
Hall, Rupert
Newton, Isaac
Tilling, Laura
The Correspondence of Isaac Newton. Volume 7: 1718 - 1727.  £48.00 
Duff, J D
T Lucreti Cari: De Rerum Natura. Liber Quintus.  £10.00 
The Meaning of Science.  £12.00 
Collins, Harry
Pinch, Trevor
The Golem. What Everybody should Know About Science.  £12.00 
Bass, Thomas
Camping with the Prince and Other Tales of Science in Africa.  £14.00 
Pereira, Jonathan
Selecta e Praescriptis: Selections from Physicians Prescriptions. To which is Added a Key, Containing the Prescriptions in an Unabbreviated Form, with a Literal Translation; For the Use of Medical and Pharmaceutical Students.  £34.00 
Historical Manuscripts Commission
The Manuscript Papers of British Scientists, 1600 - 1940.  £10.00 
Jordanova, Ludmilla
Porter, Roy
Images of the Earth. Essays in the History of Environmental Sciences.  £14.00 
Ziman, John
Public Knowledge: An Essay Concerning the Social Dimension of Science.  £8.00 
Lee, J H W
T Lucreti Cari De Rerum Natura. Libri I - III. Edited with Introduction and Notes.  £10.00 
Wurtz, Adolphe
A History of Chemical Theory.  £18.00 
Douglas, Janet Mary (Mrs Stair)
The Life and Selections from the Correspondence of William Whewell by Mrs Stair Douglas.  £88.00 
Stewart, Balfour
Lessons in Elementary Physics.  £86.00 
Roscoe, H E
Schorlemmer, Carl
A Treatise on Chemistry. Volume 1: The Non-Metallic Elements.  £240.00 
Schilovsky, P P
The Gyroscope: Its Practical Construction and Application Treating of the Physics and Experimental Mechanics of the Gyroscope, and Explaining the Method of its Application to the Stabilization of Monorailways, Ships, Aeroplanes, Marine Guns, etc.  £480.00 
Hall, Rupert
The Revolution in Science, 1500 to 1750.  £10.00 
Sullivan, J W N
Limitations of Science.  £10.00 
Crowther, J G
The Progress of Science. An Account of Recent Fundamental Researches in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  £14.00 
Svedberg, The
Pedersen, Kai
The Svedberg, 1884 - 1944.  £8.00 
Pedersen, Kai
Sunderlöf, Lars-Olof
Physical Chemistry. Development and Research until about 1950.  £10.00 
Jones, Ewart
Report of a Joint Panel of the Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering and Technology Committees to the University Science and Technology Board.  £18.00 
Kamminga, Harmke
The International Union of Crystallograpy: Its Formation and Early Development.  £8.00 
King, Roger
The History of Dentistry. Technique and Demand.  £16.00 
Peperkamp, Ben
Vermij, Rienk
Wetenschap en Literatuur. (Special Issue of Gewina, Volume 29, No 4)  £12.00 
McClelland, Charles
State, Society and University in Germany, 1700 - 1914.  £36.00 
Berman, Morris
Social Change and Scientific Organisation. The Royal Institution 1799 - 1844.  £10.00 
Kohlstedt, Sally
Formation of the American Scientific Community: American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1848 - 1860.  £24.00 
Bernstein, Jeremy
Science Observed.  £10.00 
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