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Smiles, Samuel
Thrift.  £12.00 
Wright, Evelyn
St. Michaels Woburn Sands, the Church, the Parish and the People.  £18.00 
Johnson, R Brimley
The Cambridge Colleges. With 25 Illustrations.  £12.00 
Morgan, Philip
Domesday Book 31: Lincolnshire. Part Two.  £14.00 
Skipp, Victor
Crisis and Development: An Ecological Case Study of the Forest of Arden 1570 - 1674.  £14.00 
Seymour, John
About Pembrokeshire: Gwlad Yr Hud - The Land of Enchantment.  £8.00 
Golding, Claud
South London.  £10.00 
Golding, Claud
London: The City.  £10.00 
Butler, J R M
Henry Montagu Butler. Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1886-1918.  £10.00 
Powys, A R
The English Parish Church.  £10.00 
Wilson, Vernon
British Regional Geology. East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.  £10.00 
Sherlock, R L
British Regional Geology. London and Thames Valley. Third Edition.  £7.00 
Smith, Bernard
George, Neville
British Regional Geology. North Wales. Third Edition.  £6.00 
Worssam, B C
Geology of the Country Around Cambridge.  £18.00 
Emmison, F G
Archives and Local History. Second Revised Edition.  £10.00 
Emmison, F G
Archives and Local History.  £10.00 
Northwood Preparatory School
The Terryer. The Magazine of the Northwood Preparatory School. No 6, Summer 1980.  £10.00 
Northwood Preparatory School
The Terryer. The Magazine of the Northwood Preparatory School. No 9, Summer 1983.  £8.00 
Northwood Preparatory School
The Terryer. The Magazine of the Northwood Preparatory School. No 12, Summer 1986.  £8.00 
Walker, John
Bryan, Peter
Cambridgeshire High School for Boys. - Hiills Road Sixth Form College. The Second Half Century.  £12.00 
No Author Karlsruhe Stadtplan.  £8.00 
Döring, Oscar
Braunschweig.  £12.00 
Scott, Forrest
Earl Waltheof of Northumbria.  £24.00 
Bicha, Karel Denis
The Plains Farmer and the Prairie Province Frontier, 1897 - 1914.  £24.00 
Breedlove, Geoffrey
My Ancestors Were Baptists: How Can I Find Out More About Them?  £6.00 
Moynihan, Liz
Around about Ashwell.  £8.00 
Seale, Richard
St Mary Magdalene Madingley, 1092 - 1992. The History.  £18.00 
Cooper, Charles
Cooper, John
Annals of Cambridge. Volume 5.  £46.00 
Ball, W W Rouse
Cambridge Notes. Chiefly Concerning Trinity College and the University.  £40.00 
Cambridge University
Praelections Delivered Before the Senate of the University Cambridge, 25, 26, 27 January 1906.  £18.00 
Russell, G W E
A Londoner's Log-Book.  £10.00 
Loftie, W J
London.  £14.00 
Pevsner, Nikolaus
The Buildings of England: Buckinghamshire.  £8.00 
Alldridge, H C
Lorettonian Magazine. Number 25. December 1998.  £12.00 
Spooner, Ruth
Ruth Spooner's Memories.  £34.00 
Cerutti, Lino
Il Lago d'Orta nella Letteratura.  £22.00 
Werner, Fritz
Das Gesicht der Hansestadt Hamburg im Wandel der Jahre 1939 - 1945. Bilder aus Vorkriegs- und Kriegszeit.  £8.00 
Newman, John Henry
Lectures on the Present Position of Catholics in England: Addressed to the Brothers of the Oratory in the Summer of 1851.  £12.00 
Stuart, Gordon
Arizona 1900 and Bits of the West.  £24.00 
Docking, J W
Victorian Schools and Scholars. Church of England Elementary Schools in Nineteenth Century Coventry.  £6.00 
Ministry of Home Security
Tragedy at Bethnal Green. Report on an Inquiry into the Accident at Bethnal Green Tube Station Shelter.  £10.00 
Smith, Gavin
Hackney from Stamford Hill to Shoreditch.  £10.00 
Pevsner, Nikolaus
The Buildings of England: Middlesex.  £8.00 
Johnson, W Branch
Carrington, John
The Hertfordshire Pepys. John Carrington of Bramfield and his Diary from 1797 to 1810.  £24.00 
Smith, T D
Wetherall, Rose
Standon Hertfordshire. New Edition.  £8.00 
Mandelli, Vittorio
I Comune di Vercelli nel Medio Evo. Studi Storici. Tomo 4.  £46.00 
Regan, Jim
What did you do in the War Grandma? The story of some of the women of the Parish of Our Lady and St. Paulinus, Dewsbury.  £16.00 
Mameli, Giacomo
Non avevo un Soldo: La Sardegna di ieri, la Sardegna Operosa di oggi.  £24.00 
Malone, Michael
Powell, Peter
Montana, Past and Present. Papers Read at a Clark Library Seminar, 1975.  £15.00 
Marlborough College
The Marlburian. June 1934. Volume LXIX. No 936.  £14.00 
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