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Joyce, James
Boldrini, Lucia
Medieval Joyce.  £48.00 
Bindoff, S T
Ket's Rebellion 1549.  £5.00 
Carr, J L
The Poor Man's Guide to the Revolt of 1381.  £10.00 
Jacobus de Voragine
The Golden Legend. Readings on the Saints. Volume 2.  £14.00 
Khayyam, Omar
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.  £10.00 
Burton, Janet
Monastic and Religious Orders in Britain, 1000 - 1300.  £10.00 
Julian of Norwich
A Book of Showings. Volumes 1 and 2. Complete Set.  £142.00 
Funkenstein, Amos
Theology and the Scientific Imagination. From the Middle Ages to the Seventeenth Century.  £28.00 
Bourdillion, Francis William
Aucassin and Nicolete. Translated from the Old French by Francis William Bourdillion.  £16.00 
Overton, Eric
A Guide to the Medieval Manor.  £8.00 
Branston, Brian
The Lost Gods of England.  £58.00 
Hilton, R H
The Decline of Serfdom in Medieval England.  £10.00 
Hoskins, W G
Provincial England. Essays in Social and Economic History.  £8.00 
Dante Alighieri
Butler, Arthur John
The Paradise / The Purgatory of Dante. Edited with Translation and Notes by J A Butler.  £28.00 
Dante Alighieri
Potter, C
Thirty-Nine Cantos from the Divina Commedia of Dante.  £46.00 
Jewson, Charles
People of Medieval Norwich.  £8.00 
Forester, Thomas
The Chronicle of Florence of Worcester with the two Continuations; Comprising Annals of English History. Translated from the Latin.  £36.00 
Riley, H T
Ingulph's Chronicle of the Abbey of Croyland with the Continuations by Peter of Blois and Anonymous Writers.  £22.00 
Lewis, Gertrud
Das Tier und seine dichterische Funktion in Erec, Iwein, Parzival und Tristan.  £18.00 
Smith, R A L
Beautyfying Canterbury Cathedral.  £10.00 
Watkin, Aelred
Farne Island and St Cuthbert.  £10.00 
Wood-Legh, Kathleen
The Chantries in some English Mediaval Towns.  £10.00 
Gislason, Konrad
Njala. Udgivet efter gamle Handskrifter af det kongelige nordiske Oldskrift-Selskab. Förste Bind.  £200.00 
Smits van Waesberghe, Joseph
Tres Tractatuli Guidonis Aretini. Guidonis "Prologus in Antiphonarium".  £24.00 
Sowa, Heinrich
Ein anonymer glossierter Mensuraltraktat 1279.  £48.00 
O'Day, Rosemary
Continuity and Change. Personnel and Administration of the Church in England 1500 - 1642.  £12.00 
Chailley, Jacques
Alia musica, traité de musique du IXe siècle. Édition critique commentée, avec une introduction sur l'origine de la nomenclature modale pseudo-grecque au moyen-age.  £64.00 
Bromiley, Geoffrey
Thomas's Tristan and the Folie Tristan d'Oxford.  £8.00 
Brown, Peter
The Body and Society. Men, Women, and Sexual Renunciation in Early Christianity.  £16.00 
Smits van Waesberghe, Joseph
De Numero Tonorum Litterae Episcopi A. Ad Coepiscopum E. Missae ac Commentum Super Tonos Episcopi E. (ad 1000)  £24.00 
Vivell, Cölestin
Commentarius anonymus in Micrologum Guidonis Aretini; Frutolfi: Breviarum de Musica et Tonarius.  £24.00 
Marongiu, Antonio
Note Fredericiane. Manifestazioni ed Aspetti Poci Noti della Politica di Frederico II.  £12.00 
Richardson, H G
The Chamber under Henry II.  £8.00 
Richardson, H G
Glanville Continued.  £12.00 
Vinaver, Eugène
A la Recherche d'une Poétique Médiévale.  £16.00 
Kishitani, Shoko
'Got' und 'Geschehen': Die Vermeidung des menschlichen Subjekts in der ritterlichen Sprache (Hartmann von Aue)  £24.00 
Türk, Egbert
Nugae Curialium. Le Règne d'Henri II Plantegenêt (1145-1189) et l'éthique Politique.  £24.00 
Pearsall, Derek
Landscapes and Seasons of the Mediaeval World.  £24.00 
Frappier, Jean
Amour Courtois et Table Ronde.  £18.00 
Frappier, Jean
Autour du Graal.  £34.00 
Hempel, Heinrich
Nibelungenstudien: Nibelungenlied, Thidrikssage und Balladen.  £18.00 
Greule, Albrecht
Studien zu Literatur, Sprache und Geschichte in Europa: Wolfgang Haubrichs zum 65. Geburtstag gewidmet.  £46.00 
Pickens, Rupert
The Welsh Knight: Paradoxicality in Chretien's Erec et Enide.  £18.00 
Olrik, Axel
Danmarks Helte Digtning. First Part: Rolf Krake og den Aeldre Skjoldungraekke.  £36.00 
Laurie, Helen
Two Studies in Chrétien de Troyes.  £24.00 
Bliss, A J
Sir Orfeo.  £12.00 
Muscatine, Charles
The Old French Fabliaux.  £20.00 
Pietzsch, Gerhard
Die Musik im Erziehungs- und Bildungsideal des ausgehenden Altertums und frühen Mittelalters.  £12.00 
Painter, Sidney
Castellans of the Plain of Poitou in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries.  £10.00 
Koppitz, Hans-Joachim
Studien zur Tradierung der weltlichen mittelhochdeutschen Epik im 15. und beginnenden 16. Jahrhundert.  £16.00 
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