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Macmillan, Margaret
The War that Ended Peace. The Road to 1914.  £14.00 
Wilkins, Adam
Holland, Frank
O, for the Wings of a Dove. The Life of Frank "Dutch" Holland.  £52.00 
Piggott, F S G
Broken Thread.  £12.00 
Ure, John
Prince Henry the Navigator.  £8.00 
Merriman, Henry Seton
Barlasch of the Guard.  £12.00 
Valluy, Jean Étienne
Jean Étienne Valluy, 1899 - 1970. Morceaux Choisis.  £18.00 
Hasek, Jaroslav
The Good Soldier Svejk.  £10.00 
Stewart-Murray, Katharine
Searchlight on Spain by Duchess of Atholl.  £10.00 
Herbert, A P
The Secret Battle.  £10.00 
Kingsley, Charles
Hereward the Wake.  £10.00 
Armstrong, Anthony
Livestock in Barracks.  £6.00 
Bethell, L A
Blackwood Tales From the Outpost. Volume 7: Soldiers' Tales.  £8.00 
Jeffery, Keith
Ireland and War in the 20th Century. The Parnell Lecture 2003 - 04.  £12.00 
Spender, Stephen
Hamilton, Alastair
The Appeal of Fascism. A Study of Intellectuals and Fascism 1919 - 1945.  £36.00 
Tombs, Robert
Chabal, Emile
Britain and France in Two World Wars. Truth, Myth, and Memory.  £14.00 
Jankowski, Paul
Verdun. The Longest Battle of the Great War.  £22.00 
Wheatcroft, Sue
Worth Saving. Disabled Children During the Second World War.  £58.00 
Heathorn, Stephen
Haig and Kitchener in Twentieth-Century Britain. Remembrance, Representation and Appropriation.  £94.00 
Gilmour, John
Stephenson, Jill
Hitler's Scandinavian Legacy. The Consequences of the German Invasion for the Scandinavian Countries, Then and Now.  £88.00 
Reece, Henry
The Army in Cromwellian England, 1649 - 1660.  £66.00 
Gray, Peter
Sheffield, Gary
Changing War. The British Army, the Hundred Days Campaign and the Birth of the Royal Air Force, 1918.  £98.00 
Coombs, Benjamin
British Tank Production and the War Economy, 1934 - 1945.  £88.00 
Kennedy, Catriona
Narratives of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Military and Civilian Experience in Britain and Ireland.  £54.00 
Taylor, Miles
The Victorian Empire and Britain's Maritime World, 1837 - 1901. The Sea and Global History.  £48.00 
Zerbe, Britt
The Birth of the Royal Marines, 1664 - 1802.  £58.00 
Kennedy, Catriona
McCormack, Matthew
Soldiering in Britain and Ireland, 1750 -1850.  £66.00 
Gale, Tim
The French Army's Tank Force and Armoured Warfare in the Great War.  £98.00 
Davies, Ross
'A Student in Arms'. Donald Hankey and Edwardian Society in War.  £88.00 
Humphries, Mark Osborne
Maker, John
Germany's Western Front. Translations From the German Official History of the Great War.  £358.00 
Taylor, David
Memory, Narrative and the Great War. Rifleman Patrick MacGill and the Construction of Wartime Experience.  £74.00 
Snape, Michael
Madigan, Edward
The Clergy in Khaki. New Perspectives on British Army Chaplaincy in the First World War.  £98.00 
Nehring, Holger
Politics of Security. British and West German Protest Movements and the Early Cold War, 1945-1970.  £88.00 
Service, Hugo
Germans to Poles. Communism, Nationalism, and Ethnic Cleansing after the Second World War.  £54.00 
Donaldson, Peter
Remembering the South African War. Britain and the Memory of the Anglo-Boer War, from 1899 to the Present.  £64.00 
Daly, Gavin
The British Soldier in the Peninsular War. Encounters with Spain and Portugal, 1808-1814.  £60.00 
Cobb, Stephen
Preparing for Blockade 1885 - 1914. Naval Contingency for Economic Warfare.  £102.00 
Gow, James
War and War Crimes.  £18.00 
Krause, Jonathan
Early Trench Tactics in the French Army. The Second Battle of Artois, May - June 1915.  £86.00 
Emsley, Clive
Soldier, Sailor, Beggarman, Thief. Crime and the British Armed Service since 1914.  £82.00 
Stockings, Craig
Connor, John
Before the Anzac Dawn. A Military History of Australia to 1915.  £32.00 
Blaxland, John
The Australian Army from Whitlam to Howard.  £32.00 
James, Leighton
Witnessing the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in German Central Europe.  £58.00 
Lubin, David
Grand Illusions. American Art and the First World War.  £22.00 
Stevenson, Robert
To Win the Battle. The 1st Australian Division in the Great War, 1914-1918.  £42.00 
Buttgieg, Emanuel
Phillips, Simon
Islands and Military Orders, c.1291 - c.1798.  £78.00 
Suderland, Maja
Inside Concentration Camps.  £16.00 
Tec, Nechama
Resistance. Jews and Christians Who Defied the Nazi Terror.  £14.00 
Forst, Rainer
Toleration in Conflict. Past and Present.  £58.00 
Ingrao, Christian
Believe and Destroy. Intellectuals in the SS War Machine.  £20.00 
Hagemann, Karen
Forrest, Alan
Francois, Etienne
War Memories. The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in Modern European Culture.  £24.00 
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