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Arnove, Anthony
Iraq Under Siege. The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War.  £10.00 
Benson, James
Prisoner's Base and Home Again.  £12.00 
Joly, Cyril
Take These Men.  £22.00 
Hunt, David
A Don at War.  £24.00 
Reid, Douglas
Lest We Regret.  £16.00 
Clifton, George
The Happy Hunted.  £16.00 
Moon, Penderel
Wavell: The Viceroy's Journal.  £24.00 
Varley, F J
Cambridge During the Civil War 1642 - 1646.  £18.00 
Penn, Richard
Maxims and Hints on Angling, Chess, Shooting and other Matters. Also, Miseries of Fishing. With Wood-Cuts.  £120.00 
Moorman, Charles
Knyght There Was: Evolution of the Knight in Literature.  £16.00 
Pechel, Rudolf
Deutscher Widerstand.  £24.00 
Dumézil, Georges
Aspekte der Kriegerfunktion bei den Indogermanen.  £22.00 
Mahan, A T
The Influence of Sea Power upon the French Revolution and Empire 1793 - 1812. Volumes 1 and 2 (complete). Fifth Edition.  £38.00 
Deaton, Cecil
The Years Between. Diaries 1939 - 44.  £14.00 
Verity, Hugh
We Landed by Moonlight: Secret RAF Landings in France, 1940 - 1944.  £24.00 
Hartmann, Cyril
Clifford of the Cabal: A Life of Thomas, First Lord Clifford of Chudleigh, Lord High Treasurer of England. (1630 - 1673)  £36.00 
MacPhee, A Marshall
Kenya.  £12.00 
Cheadle, Walter Butler
Viscount Milton
The North-West Passage by Land. Being the Narrative of an Expedition from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Fifth Edition.  £56.00 
Bailey, Geoffrey
The Conspirators.  £20.00 
War Office
Animal Management, 1933. Prepared in the Veterinary Department of the War Office.  £14.00 
Gardiner, Samuel
The First Two Stuarts and the Puritan Revolution, 1603 - 1660. With four Maps.  £8.00 
Baker, Richard
The Terror of Tobermory: An Informal Biography of Vice-Admiral Sir Gilbert Stephenson.  £16.00 
Fortescue, John
Six British Soldiers.  £14.00 
Tute, Warren
The Admiral.  £14.00 
Morton, J B
Blitz.  £12.00 
Sassoon, Siegfried
Sherston's Progress.  £8.00 
Allcroft, A H
Masom, W F
Gaius Iulius Caesar
Caesar Gallic War, Book 2.  £12.00 
Geyer, Michael
Tooze, Adam
The Second World War. Volume 3: Total War. Economy, Society, and Culture.  £92.00 
Sanchez, Rafael Torres
Constructing a Fiscal Military State in Eighteenth Century Spain.  £90.00 
Department of State
Toward "Thorough, Accurate, and Reliable". A History of the Foreign Relations of the United States.  £44.00 
Aparicio, Angel Alloza
Diplomacia Caníbal. España y Gran Bretaña en la pugna por el dominio del mundo, 1638-1660.  £58.00 
Epkenhans, Michael
Hillmann, Jorg
Nagler, Frank
Jutland. World War I's Greatest Naval Battle.  £40.00 
Howell, David
Mosley and British Politics 1918 - 32. Oswald's Odyssey.  £60.00 
Nord, Philip
France 1940. Defending the Republic.  £10.00 
Smith, Merril
The World of the American Revolution. 2 volume Complete Set.  £160.00 
Richmond, Douglas
Conflict and Carnage in Yucatán. Liberals, the Second Empire, and Maya Revolutionaries 1855 - 1876.  £38.00 
Hickey, Donald
Glorious Victory. Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans.  £10.00 
Woodward, Guy
Culture, Northern Ireland, and the Second World War.  £20.00 
Wold, Atle
Scotland and the French Revolutionary War, 1792 - 1802.  £46.00 
No Author The Euromissile Crisis and the End of the Cold War.  £38.00 
Brewer, Keagan
Prester John. The Legend and its Sources.  £480.00 
Rousso-Rossman, Martine
1939 - 1945. Une Démographie dans la Tourmente.  £28.00 
Grey, Jeffrey
The War With the Ottoman Empire.  £96.00 
Beaken, Robert
The Church of England and the Home Front 1914 - 1918.  £22.00 
Lyon, James
Serbia and the Balkan Front, 1914. The Outbreak of the Great War.  £16.00 
Rosenfeld, Gavriel
Hi Hitler! How the Nazi Past is Being Normalized in Contemporary Culture.  £18.00 
Rhodes, Richard
Hell and Good Company. The Spanish Civil War and the World It Made.  £16.00 
Drogula, Fred
Commanders and Command in the Roman Republic and Early Empire.  £30.00 
Dowd, Gregory Evans
Groundless. Rumors, Legends, and Hoaxes on the Early American Frontier.  £22.00 
Fergusson, Bernard
The Watery Maze. The Story of Combined Operations.  £14.00 
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