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Freeman, Philip
Esdaile, Charles
Burgos in the Peninsular War, 1808 - 1814. Occupation, Siege, Aftermath.  £58.00 
van Atta, John
Wolf by the Ears. The Missouri Crisis, 1819 - 1821.  £12.00 
Bourdieu, Pierre
Fernbach, David
Chartier, Roger
The Sociologist and the Historian.  £10.00 
Kornberg, Jacques
The Pope's Dilemma. Pius XII Faces Atrocities and Genocide in the Second World War.  £30.00 
Dancy, J Ross
The Myth of the Press Gang. Volunteers, Impressment and the Naval Manpower Problem in the Late Eighteenth Century.  £78.00 
Burk, Kathleen
The Lion and the Eagle. The Interaction of the British and American Empires 1783 - 1972.  £20.00 
Garipzanov, Ildar
Graphic Signs of Authority in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, 300 - 900.  £62.00 
White-Spunner, Barney
Of Living Valour. The Story of the Soldiers of Waterloo.  £34.00 
Koreman, Megan
The Escape Line. How the Ordinary Heroes of Dutch-Paris Resisted the Nazi Occupation of Western Europe.  £20.00 
McManus, John
Hell Before Their Very Eyes. American Soldiers Liberate Comcentrate Camps in Germany, April 1945.  £10.00 
Lee, Roger
British Battle Planning in 1916 and the Battle of Fromelles. Case Study of an Evolving Skill.  £72.00 
Hodgkinson, Peter
British Infantry Battalion Commanders in the First World War.  £72.00 
Holborn, Andrew
The D-Day Landing on Gold Beach. 6 June 1944.  £50.00 
Kelly, John
Never Surrender. Winston Churchill and Britain's Decision to Fight Nazi Germany in the Fateful Summer of 1940.  £16.00 
Adams, Michael C C
The Best War Ever. America and World War II.  £14.00 
Broderick, Suzanne
Real War vs. Reel War. Veterans, Hollywood, and WWII.  £22.00 
Venning, Timothy
An Alternative History of Britain. The English Civil War.  £10.00 
Wiseman, E M
Kikuyu Martyrs.  £12.00 
Edling, Max
A Hercules in the Cradle. War, Money, and the American State, 1783 - 1867.  £28.00 
Black, Jeremy
Clio's Battles. Historiography in Practice.  £28.00 
Cameron, James
The Double Game. The Demise of America's First Missile Defense System and the Rise of Strategic Arms Limitation.  £28.00 
Pettegrew, John
Light It Up. The Marine Eye for Battle in the War for Iraq.  £16.00 
Kert, Faye
Privateering. Patriots and Profits in the War of 1812.  £26.00 
Stevens, David
In All Respects Ready. Australia's Navy in World War One.  £56.00 
Hamley, Edward
The War in the Crimea.  £16.00 
Angell, Norman
The Great Illusion.  £10.00 
MacAndrew, Rennie
The Red Light. Intimate Hygiene for Men and Women of H M Forces (and Others)  £18.00 
Moss, Stanley
A War of Shadows.  £22.00 
Buchan, John
Nelson's History of the War. 24 Volume Complete Set.  £140.00 
Barclay, Thomas
The Turco-Italian War and Its Problems, with Appendices Containing the Chief State Papers Bearing on the Subject.  £22.00 
Gonzalez Lonzieme, Enrique
Evocacion Hacia el Futuro. La Armada en la Vida de los Argentinos.  £36.00 
Duignan, Peter
Gann, L H
Colonialism in Africa 1870 - 1960. Volumes 1 and 2. Complete Set.  £42.00 
Preston, Paul
The Spanish Holocaust. Inquisition and Extermination in Twentieth Century Spain.  £12.00 
McAulay, Lex
Against All Odds. RAAF Pilots in the Battle for Malta 1942.  £16.00 
Shute, Nevil
On the Beach.  £8.00 
No Author Notes for Instructors on the Principles of Instruction 1943.I.  £4.00 
Gibson, Ian
García Lorca, Federico
The Assassination of Federico Garcia Lorca.  £10.00 
Reed, Arthur
Beamont, Roland
Typhoon and Tempest at War.  £22.00 
Sitek, Alois
Gliding and Soaring.  £30.00 
Meteorological Office
Meteorological Handbook for Pilots and Navigators. Second Edition.  £12.00 
Hayward, P H C
Jane's Dictionary of Military Terms.  £10.00 
Arts Council
British Artists of the Second World War.  £8.00 
Wintringham, Tom
Blashford-Snell, John
Weapons and Tactics.  £10.00 
US Engineers
Engineer History. Mediterranean Theater. Fifth Army. Volume 3: Appendices.  £120.00 
US Engineers
Engineer History. Mediterranean Theater. Fifth Army Volume 1.  £78.00 
Yonge, C M
Cameos from English History. Fifth Series: England and Spain.  £12.00 
Dickens, Gerald
The Dress of the British Sailor.  £6.00 
May, W E
The Dress of Naval Officers.  £6.00 
Graham, Dominich
Cassino. Battle Book Number16.  £10.00 
Jenkins, David
'I Hope to Have Good Passage'. The Business Letters of Captain Daniel Jenkins, 1902 - 11.  £72.00 
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