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Pichette, Henri
Guerre et Poesie. Spectacle Poetique.  £24.00 
Defoe, Daniel
Memoirs of a Cavalier.  £10.00 
Lord Lloyd of Dolobran
The British Case. With an Introduction by Viscount Halifax.  £16.00 
Hales, A G
Driscoll King of Scouts. A Romance of the South African War.  £46.00 
Brown, John Rankine
Caesar's Invasion of Britain. (Gallic War IV, 20 - 38 - V, 1 - 23)  £14.00 
Grey, C G
British Fighter Planes.  £14.00 
Grey, C G
The Luftwaffe.  £12.00 
Grey, C G
See-Flyers.  £16.00 
Grey, C G
Bombers.  £12.00 
Linklater, Eric
The Highland Division.  £12.00 
Auswärtiges Amt
Die Durchführung des Versailler Vertrags. Vom 10 Januar 1920 bis zum 10 Januar 1922.  £64.00 
Armenian National Committee
The Frontier Between Armenia and Turkey as Decided by President Woodrow Wilson, November 22, 1920.  £24.00 
Cloete, Stuart
Storm Over Africa. A Study of the Mau Mau Rebellion, its Causes, Effects and Implications in Africa South of the Sahara.  £26.00 
Robson, E I
Arrian. History of Alexander and Indica. 2 Volume Set. Anabasis Alexandri Books I -IV, Anabasis Alexandri Books V - VII, Indica Book VIII.  £28.00 
Calamy, Edmund
An Abridgement of Mr. Baxter's History of his Life and Times. With an account of many others of those Worthy Ministers who were ejected, after the Restauration of King Charles the Second.  £320.00 
Joint Board on Scietific Information Policy
Radar: A Report on Science at War.  £12.00 
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
Documents Regarding the Situation in Greece, January 1945.  £12.00 
Royal Institute of International Affairs
China and Japan. Third Edition.  £16.00 
Royal Institute of International Affairs
The Italian Colonial Empire. With Chapters on the Dodecanese and Albania.  £14.00 
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano
Thirteenth Report to Congress on Lend-Lease Operations for the Period Ended November 30, 1943.  £14.00 
Hügel, Charles von
Charles von Hügel: April 25, 1795 - June 2, 1870.  £24.00 
Peacock, D L
The Christian Basis of Scouting.  £12.00 
No Author Otterburn Military Show, 1962.  £16.00 
Lloyd, A L
Portrait of an Ally.  £10.00 
Bennett, Richard
One World. A Discussion of the United Nations Charter.  £10.00 
Foreign Office
Great Britain the the European Crisis. Correspondence and Statements in Parliament, together with an Introductory Narrative of Events.  £24.00 
Brereton, J M
A History of the 4th / 7th Royal Dragoon Guards and their Predecessors, 1685 - 1980. Foreword by H R H The Duchess of Kent.  £36.00 
Hogg, Ian Vernon
Armour in Conflict. The Design and Tactics of Armoured Fighting Vehicles.  £10.00 
Willmott, H P
The Second World War in the East.  £18.00 
Macksey, Kenneth
Tank Warfare. A History of Tanks in Battle.  £12.00 
Shulman, Milton
Defeat in the West.  £10.00 
Beevor, Antony
Berlin. The Downfall 1945.  £14.00 
Ogorkiewicz, Richard
Armoured Forces. A History of Armoured Forces and their Vehicles.  £10.00 
Urban, Mark
The Man Who Broke Napoleon's Codes. The Story of George Scovell.  £12.00 
Icks, Robert
Famous Tank Battles. From World War I to Vietnam.  £10.00 
Overy, Richard
Why the Allies Won.  £10.00 
Tugwell, Maurice
Airborne to Battle. A History of Airborne Warfare 1918 - 1971.  £12.00 
Ellis, Chris
German Tanks and Fighting Vehicles of World War II.  £14.00 
Fitzsimons, Bernard
Tanks and Weapons of World War I.  £16.00 
Mayer, S L
Signal. Years of Retreat 1943 - 44.  £16.00 
Barker, A J
Afrika Korps.  £14.00 
Woodman, Richard
The Sea Warriors. Fighting Captains and Frigate Warfare in the Age of Nelson.  £12.00 
Prebble, John
Culloden.  £12.00 
Quarrie, Bruce
German Paratroops in the Med. World War Photo Album No. 7.  £12.00 
Collier, Basil
Japan at War. An Illustrated History of the War in the Far East, 1931 - 45.  £14.00 
Perrett, Bryan
German Armoured Cars and Reconnaissance Half Tracks 1939 - 45.  £12.00 
Buss, Philip
Mollo, Andrew
Hitler's Germanic Legions. An Illustrated History of the Western European Legions with the SS, 1941 - 1943.  £12.00 
Smyth, John
Leadership in War 1939 - 1945.  £10.00 
Brammall, R
The Tenth. A Record of the 10th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment 1942 - 1945 and The 10th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (T.A.) (County of London) 1947 - 1965.  £88.00 
Edwards, Roger
German Airborne Troops.  £10.00 
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