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Degering, Hermann
Husung, Max Joseph
Die Katharinen-Passie. Ein Druck von Ulrich Zell. In Nachbildung herausgegeben und untersucht von Hermann Degering und Max Joseph Husung.  £18.00 
Klarwill, Victor von
The Fugger News-Letters, being a further Selection Fugger Papers specially referring to Queen Elizabeth during the years 1568 - 1605. Second Series.  £16.00 
Gardiner, Samuel
The First Two Stuarts and the Puritan Revolution, 1603 - 1660. With four Maps.  £8.00 
Sunderland, F H
Marmaduke Lord Langdale of Holme-On-Spalding-Moor Yorkshire (Colonel-General) and Some Events of His Time (1598 - 1661)  £24.00 
Spenser, Edmund
The Works of Mr. Edmund Spenser. In Six Volumes. Volume the Sixth (ONLY)  £40.00 
Warren, Christopher
Literature and the Law of Nations 1580 - 1680.  £58.00 
Goodwin, Robert
Spain. The Centre of the World 1519 - 1682.  £20.00 
Dyson, Kenneth
States, Debt, and Power. 'Saints' and 'Sinners' in European History and Integration.  £80.00 
Lindsay, T M
A History of the Reformation. 2 Volumes.  £28.00 
Roth, Mitchell
An Eye For an Eye. A Global History of Crime and Punishment.  £12.00 
Fletcher, Catherine
Diplomacy in Renaissance Rome. The Rise of the Resident Ambassador.  £72.00 
Harmes, Marcus
Bladen, Victoria
Supernatural and Secular Power in Early Modern England.  £62.00 
Ross, Alan S
Daum's Boys. Schools and the Republic of Letters in Early Modern Germany.  £84.00 
Bireley, Robert
Ferdinand II, Counter-Reformation Emperor, 1578 - 1637.  £66.00 
Dean, Trevor
Lowe, K J P
Murder in Renaisaance Italy.  £58.00 
Butler, Katherine
Music in Elizabethan Court Politics.  £60.00 
Rochette, Jean
Commentaires sur la Coustume du Baillage de Troyes.  £560.00 
Pollnitz, Aysha
Princely Education in Early Modern Britain.  £56.00 
Tingle, Elizabeth
Willis, Jonathan
Dying, Death, Burial, and Commemoration in Reformation Europe.  £70.00 
Hill, Kat
Baptism, Brotherhood, and Belief in Reformation Germany. Anabaptism and Lutheranism, 1525 - 1585.  £70.00 
Cramsie, John
British Travellers and the Encounter with Britain 1450 - 1700.  £40.00 
Beale, Dorothea
Short Lives of Great Englishmen. An Historical Reading Book for Schools.  £32.00 
Winker, Elsa
Margarete von Österreich. Grande Dame der Renaissance.  £16.00 
Heinemann, Margot
Puritanism and Theatre. Thomas Middleton and Opposition Drama Under the Early Stuarts.  £16.00 
Markham, Gervase
The Last Fight of the Revenge and the Death of Sir Richard Grenville A.D.  £20.00 
Richard-Rossignol, Elisabeth
La Vie des Communautés Cisterciennes au XVIIe Siècle. 54 Cartes de Visite de Dom Dominique Georges.  £24.00 
Shakespeare, William
Case, R H
Antony and Cleopatra.  £12.00 
Donne, John
Gardner, Helen
The Divine Poems.  £36.00 
Ipswich Borough Council
The Triumphant Image. Tudor and Stuart Portraits at Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich.  £12.00 
Oberhuber, Konrad
Disegni di Tiziano e della sua Cerchia.  £14.00 
Sykes, Norman
The Church of England and Non-Episcopal Churches in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.  £8.00 
Brown, Beverly Louise
The Genius of Rome, 1592 - 1623.  £24.00 
Doran, Susan
Elizabeth. The Exhibition at the National Maritime Museum.  £14.00 
Peers, C R
In the National Gallery. A First Introduction to the Works of the Early Italian Schools.  £8.00 
Yonge, C M
Cameos from English History. Fifth Series: England and Spain.  £12.00 
Godwin, Joscelyn
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili. The Strife of Love in a Dream.  £10.00 
Caxton, William
Hodnett, Edward
The History and Fables of Aesop. Translated and Printed by William Caxton. Reproduced in facsimile from the copy in the Royal Library, Windsor Castle.  £110.00 
Caxton, William
Blades, William
The Biography and Typography of William Caxton, England's first Printer.  £24.00 
Wilson, Adrian
The Making of the Nuremberg Chronicle.  £88.00 
Kerridge, Eric
Trade and Banking in Early Modern England.  £24.00 
Harrison, G B
Shakespeare, William
Twelfth Night.  £10.00 
MacKie, J D
John Knox.  £6.00 
Kingdon, Roger
Geneva and the Coming of the Wars of Religion in France, 1555 - 1563.  £46.00 
Droz, E
La Veuve Berton et Jean Portau, 1573 - 1589.  £18.00 
Thickett, Dorothy
Bibliographie des Oeuvres d'Estienne Pasquier.  £28.00 
Dassonville, Michel
Ramus, Petrus
Dialectique (1555) Edition critique avec introduction, notes et commentaires de Michel Dassonville.  £46.00 
Leonardo da Vinci
Dankmeijer, J
Leonardo's Beeld van de Natuurlijke Mens.  £16.00 
Withington, Lothrop
Elizabethan England.  £8.00 
Bacigalupo, Marvyn Helen
A Changing Perspective: Attitudes Toward Creole Society in New Spain (1521 - 1610)  £56.00 
Bachour, Natalia
Oswaldus Crollius und Daniel Sennert im frühneuzeitlichen Istanbul.  £28.00 
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