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Ariosto, Ludovico
Drei italienische Lustspiele aus der Zeit der Renaissance. Von Ariosto, Lorenzino de Medici, Machiavelli. Übersetzt von Paul Heyse.  £10.00 
Sarton, George
Six Wings. Men of Science in the Renaissance.  £10.00 
Erasmus, Desiderius
The Praise of Folly.  £22.00 
Minor, Andrew
Mitchell, Bonner
A Renaissance Entertainment: Festivities for the Marriage of Cosimo I, Duke of Florence in 1539.  £16.00 
Le Roy Ladurie, Emmanuel
Carnival: A People's Uprising at Romans 1579 - 1580.  £12.00 
Kosminsky, E A
The Hundred Rolls of 1279 - 80 as a Source for English Agrarian History.  £10.00 
Jacob, E F
The Fifteenth Century. Some Recent Interpretations.  £10.00 
Warnicke, Retha
The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn. Family Politics at the Court of Henry VIII.  £6.00 
Leadam, I S
Domesday of Inclosures, 1517 -1518. 2 Volumes.  £20.00 
Foster, C W
Lincoln Wills. Volume 3: A.D. 1530 to 1532.  £36.00 
Foster, C W
Lincoln Wills. Volume 2: A.D. 1505 to May 1530.  £36.00 
More, Sir Thomas
The Utopia of Sir Thomas More, with Roper's Life of More and Some of his Letters.  £8.00 
Venn, John
The Annals of Gonville and Caius College.  £32.00 
Marcombe, David
English Small Town Life. Retford 1520 - 1642.  £8.00 
Whitcomb, Merrick
A Literary Source-Book of the Renaissance (Second Edition with Select Bibliography)  £16.00 
Hall, Rupert
The Revolution in Science, 1500 to 1750.  £10.00 
Hardwick, Bess
Durant, David
Bess of Hardwick: Portrait of an Elizabethan Dynast.  £8.00 
Head, R P
Van Dyke and Hals.  £8.00 
Cundall, Joseph
Holbein.  £8.00 
Osler, Roscoe
Tintoretto.  £8.00 
Cartwright, Julia
Mantegna and Francia.  £8.00 
No Author Deutsche Lyriker des 17ten Jahrunderts (Ed. Ellingter); Betulius: Susanna (Ed. Bolte); Morus: Utopia (Ed. Michels); Hessus: Noriberga (Ed. Neff).  £46.00 
No Author Gnapheus: Acolastus (Ed. Bolte); Eckius: Dedolatus (Ed. Szamatolski); Naogeorgus: Pammachius (Ed. Bolte); Cordus: Epigrammata (Ed. Krause)  £46.00 
Cobbing, Beryl
Priestland, Pamela
Sir Thomas Stanhope of Shelford. Local Life in Elizabethan Times.  £10.00 
Elizabeth I
The Prayer-Book of Queen Elizabeth 1559, to which are Appended some Occasional Forms of Prayer Issued in her Reign.  £15.00 
Edward VI
The First Prayer-Book of King Edward VI, 1549. Reprinted from a Copy in the British Museum.  £15.00 
Edward VI
The Second Prayer-Book of King Edward VI, 1552. Reprinted from a Copy in the British Museum.  £15.00 
Collinson, Patrick
English Puritanism.  £6.00 
Outhwaite, R B
Inflation in Tudor and Early Stuart England.  £6.00 
Loades, David
The Tudor Court.  £6.00 
Gairdner, James
Henry the Seventh.  £14.00 
Stone, Lawrence
The Crisis of the Aristocracy 1558 - 1641.  £16.00 
Hill, Christopher
Oliver Cromwell, 1658 to 1958.  £6.00 
Borah, Woodrow
Griffiths, Gordon
Representative Institutions in the Spanish Empire in the Sixteenth Century.  £10.00 
Irwin, Margaret
The Stranger Prince. The Story of Rupert of the Rhine.  £12.00 
Ward, Adolphus
On some Academical Experiences of the German Renascence: An Address Introductory to the Session 1878-9 of the Owens College, Manchester.  £14.00 
Simon, Joan
Education and Society in Tudor England.  £22.00 
Cantle, A
The Pleas of Quo Warranto for the County of Lancaster.  £46.00 
Anglo, Sydney
The British History in Early Tudor Propaganda. With an Appendix on Manuscript Pedigrees of the Kings of England, Henry VI - Henry VIII.  £12.00 
Anglo, Sydney
The Courtier's Art. Systematic Immorality in the Renaissance. Inaugural Lecture.  £12.00 
Allen, P S
The Age of Erasmus.  £24.00 
Hartley, Harold
The Royal Society. Its Origins and Founders.  £18.00 
Erasmus, Desiderius
The Praise of Folly and Other Writings.  £10.00 
Winny, James
The Elizabethan Voyages. A Selection taken from the Literature of Elizabethan Travel and Discovery.  £12.00 
Burke, Peter
The Historical Anthropology of Early Modern Italy.  £28.00 
Trevor-Roper, Hugh
Queen Elizabeth's First Historian. William Camden and the Beginnings of English Civil History.  £14.00 
Dodwell, C R
Medieval Architecture and Sculpture in the North West.  £12.00 
Taylor, Thomas
On the Beautiful (Ennead I. 6); On Intelligible Beauty (Ennead V. 8)  £12.00 
Graves, Robert
Wife to Mr Milton. The Story of Marie Powell.  £6.00 
Crosby, Alfred
The Measure of Reality. Quantification and Western Society, 1250 to 1600.  £20.00 
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