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Tronchon, Henri
Romantisme et Préromantisme.  £20.00 
Rahn-Bechmann, Lilli
Der Darmstädter Freundeskreis: Ein Beitrag zum Verständnis der empfindsamen Seelenhaltung des 18. Jahrhunderts.  £24.00 
Fairclough, Mary
The Romantic Crowd. Sympathy, Controversy and Print Culture.  £64.00 
Morris, William
The Early Romances of William Morris.  £10.00 
Maurras, Charles
Tailhède, Raymond
Un Débat sur le Romantisme.  £12.00 
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Biographia Literaria.  £14.00 
Moreau, Pierre
Ames et Thèmes Romantiques.  £14.00 
Van Tieghem, Paul
Le Romantisme dans la Littérature Européene.  £28.00 
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Ashe, T
Miscellanies, Aesthetic and Literary: To which is added, The Theory of Life.  £16.00 
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Edited by E H Coleridge.  £36.00 
Wordsworth, Dorothy
MacLean, Catherine
Dorothy Wordsworth. The Earl Years.  £14.00 
Keats, John
The Poetical Works of John Keats. Ed. Francis Palgrave.  £8.00 
Peace, John
Axiomata Pacis.  £86.00 
Eichendorff, Joseph von
Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts. Edited by Carl Osthaus.  £8.00 
Wordsworth, William
The Prelude: A Parallel Text.  £6.00 
Cooper, Lane
A Concordance to the Poems of William Wordsworth. (Concordance Society)  £52.00 
Poulet, Georges
Trois Essays de Mythologie Romantique.  £12.00 
Toesca, Maurice
Le Chant Romantique: Anthologie réunie par Maurice Toesca.  £10.00 
Jack, Ian
English Literature 1815 - 1832.  £8.00 
Bellringer, Alan
Jones, C B
The Romantic Age of Prose: An Anthology.  £10.00 
Peek, Katherine Mary
Wordsworth in England: Studies in the History of His Fame.  £14.00 
Hazlitt, William
Lectures on the English Poets.  £8.00 
Newsome, David
Two Classes of Men: Platonism and English Romantic Thought.  £10.00 
Squarcia, Francesco
Scrittori Romantici.  £36.00 
Hörisch, Jürgen
Die fröhliche Wissenschaft der Poesie. Der Universalitätsanspruch von Dichtung in der frühromantischen Poetologie.  £22.00 
Pape, Walter
A View in the Rear-Mirror: Romantic Aesthetics, Culture, and Science Seen from Today - Festschrift for Frederick Burwick on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday.  £120.00 
Hemans, Felicia
The Poems of Felicia Hemans. A New Edition.  £24.00 
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Holmes, Richard
Coleridge: Early Visions.  £7.00 
Purkis, John
The World of the English Romantic Poets. A Visual Approach.  £14.00 
Buhmeer, K K
Izdanie klassicheskoi literatury. Russian Language.  £15.00 
Souriau, Maurice
Histoire du Romantisme en France. Tome 1, Parts 1 and 2. Du Romantisme sous l'Ancien Regime jusqu'a la Restauration.  £16.00 
Wadepuhl, Walter
Goethes Stellung zur französischen Romantik.  £22.00 
Hofmannsthal, Hugo von
Lustspiele. Band 2.  £8.00 
Gottfried, Leon
Matthew Arnold and the Romantics.  £12.00 
Eichendorff, Joseph von
Gabriel, Johannes
Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts. 4 CDs.  £8.00 
Riley, H T
Ovid's Heroides, Amours: Art of Love, Remedy of Love and Minor Works.  £14.00 
Carew, Jan
Black Midas.  £12.00 
Wordsworth, William
Bulkeley, Henry
With Courage: Some Sonnets of William Wordsworth written during and after the Napoleonic Crisis, and Sonnets and other Verses, mostly written during the present War by H J Bulkeley.  £16.00 
Blake, William
Songs of Innocence and of Experience. Ed. Margaret Bottrall.  £10.00 
Ando, Yukie
A Comparison of Keats's Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion.  £24.00 
Reeves, Nigel
Heinrich Heine: Poetry and Politics.  £8.00 
Gaskell, Elizabeth
Il castello di Crowley.  £6.00 
Gundolf, Friedrich
Romantiker, Neue Folge: Tieck, Immermann, Droste, Mörike.  £18.00 
Wilbrandt, Adolf
Hölderlin/ Reuter. Mit vier Bildnissen.  £15.00 
Musgrave, George
Paul and Thekla: A Love Story of the First Century.  £18.00 
Krogmann, Willy
Das Friederikenmotiv in den Dichtungen Goethes: Eine Motivanalyse.  £15.00 
Jones, Howard Mumford
Revolution and Romanticism.  £20.00 
March, Richard
Heinrich von Kleist.  £15.00 
Heine, Heinrich
Heinrich Heine: Gesammelte Werke, Eingeleitet von Bertha Badt-Strauss, Vols 1 - 2.  £12.00 
White, Henry Kirke
The Poetical Works and Remains of Henry Kirke White. With Life by R Southey.  £46.00 
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