Books on Romanticism

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Riede, David
Oracles and Hierophants. Constructions of Romantic Authority.  £14.00 
Raine, Kathleen
William Blake.  £6.00 
Marquess, William
Lives of the Poets. The First Century of Keats Biography.  £8.00 
Blake, William
Blake. The Faber Gallery. Ed. Geoffrey Keynes.  £6.00 
Waldstein, Edith
Bettine von Arnim and the Politics of Romantic Conversation.  £14.00 
Chambers, E K
Samuel Taylor Coleridge. A Biographical Study.  £12.00 
Dunbar, Clement
A Bibliography of Shelley Studies 1823 - 1950.  £10.00 
Blackstone, Bernard
The Consecrated Urn. An Interpretation of Keats in Terms of Growth and Form.  £14.00 
Scott, Winifred
Jefferson Hogg.  £10.00 
Franzero, Carol Maria
A Life in Exile. Ugo Foscolo in London 1816 - 1827.  £7.00 
De Quincey, Thomas
Confessions of an English Opium-Eater.  £4.00 
Jugaku, Bunsho
A Bibliographical Study of William Blake's Note-Books.  £18.00 
Jamil, Tahir
Transcencentalism in English Romantic Poetry.  £12.00 
Everest, Kelvin
Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Percy Bysshe Shelley. Bicentenary Essays.  £12.00 
Fraser, G S
Keats: Odes. A Selection of Critical Essays.  £12.00 
Bowles, William Lisle
Sonnets, and Other Poems. To which is added, Hope, an allegorical sketch on recovering slowly from sickness. 7th Edition.  £24.00 
Bygrave, Stephen
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  £5.00 
Displaying 151 to 167 (of 167 books) Page  1  2  3  4