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Wattie, J M
The Grammarian and his Material.  £8.00 
Newbolt, Henry
The Idea of an English Association.  £8.00 
Ward, Adolphus
On some Academical Experiences of the German Renascence: An Address Introductory to the Session 1878-9 of the Owens College, Manchester.  £14.00 
Associazione Dottorandi e Dottori di Ricerca Italiani: Cervelli in Fuga. Storie di Menti Italiane Fuggite all'Estero.  £14.00 
Pedley, Robin
Towards the Comprehensive University.  £18.00 
Swanton, Michael
Knapp, John
University Perspectives.  £18.00 
Poole, Reginald
A Lecture on the History of the University Archives.  £12.00 
Old Cliftonian Society
Clifton College Register 1862 to 1947.  £32.00 
Strettell, Dashwood
Wellington College Register, Seventh Edition. January 1859 to 1948.  £16.00 
Herklots, H G G
The New Universities. An External Examination.  £12.00 
Barker, Ernest
Universities in Great Britain. Their Position and Their Problems.  £6.00 
Arnold, Matthew
Higher Schools and Universities in Germany.  £14.00 
Chapman, Arthur
The Story of a Modern University. A History of the University of Sheffield.  £16.00 
Holt, J C
The University of Reading. The First Fifty Years.  £18.00 
Moss, G P
From Palace to College: An Illustrated Account of Queen Mary College (University of London)  £10.00 
Anderson, James Maitland
Supplement to the University of St Andrews: A Historical Sketch.  £10.00 
Sedgwick, Adam
A Discourse on the Studies of the University.  £6.00 
Buxton, John
Williams, Penry
New College, Oxford 1379 - 1979.  £10.00 
Topping, James
Beginnings of Brunel University: From Technical College to University.  £10.00 
Fiddes, Edward
Chapters in the History of Owens College and of Manchester University 1851 to 1914.  £68.00 
Stenton, Frank
The Education Department Through Fifty Years.  £16.00 
Mill, John Stuart
Inaugural address. Delivered to the University of St. Andrews, Feb. 1st 1867.  £36.00 
Gray, J H
The Queens' College of St. Margaret and St. Bernard in the University of Cambridge.  £16.00 
Shipley, A E
The Voyage of a Vice Chancellor.  £14.00 
Keylor, William
Academy and Community.The Foundation of the French Historical Profession.  £14.00 
Silver, Harold
Teague, John
The History of British Universities 1800 to 1969. A Bibliography.  £18.00 
University Grants Committee
University Development. Interim Report on the Years 1957 to 1961.  £10.00 
Ward, Adolphus
In Memoriam. Adolphus William Ward, Master of Peterhouse 1900 to 1924.  £16.00 
Sparrow, John
Mark Pattison and the Idea of a University. The Clark Lectures 1965.  £10.00 
Jarvis, Charles
The Teaching of History.  £18.00 
Evans, Iris
The Burroughs Wellcome Fund 1955 - 1985: Investment in Research.  £12.00 
Godwin, George
Queen Mary College. An Adventure in Education.  £14.00 
Cooper, Charles
Cooper, John
Annals of Cambridge. Volume 5.  £46.00 
Burgess, Tyrrell
Locke, Michael
Degrees East: Higher Education in East London, 1890-1992.  £10.00 
Beveridge, Janet
An Epic of Clare Market. The Birth and Early Years of the London School of Economics.  £10.00 
Gilbert-Carter, Humphrey
A Guide to the University Botanic Garden.  £12.00 
Selwyn College
Selwyn College Cambridge. 1882 - 1939.  £10.00 
Plommer, Hugh
The Ugciad. A History in Heroic Verse of the Corruptions in Our Higher Learning Together with a Prophecy of its Probable End.  £16.00 
Foster, Joseph
Oxford Men and their Colleges. Illustrated with Portraits and Views.  £80.00 
Magrath, John
The Queen's College. Volume 1: 1341 - 1646. Volume 2: 1646 - 1877.  £56.00 
Cambridge University
Praelections Delivered Before the Senate of the University Cambridge, 25, 26, 27 January 1906.  £18.00 
Skene, W B
Handbook of Certain Acts Affecting the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and the Colleges Therein.  £38.00 
Cambridge University
The Cambridge University Calendar for the Year 1948 - 1949.  £20.00 
Livingstone, Richard
Some Thoughts on University Education.  £6.00 
Mullinger, James
A History of the University of Cambridge.  £22.00 
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
McLean, Norman
M. Tulli Ciceronis Scripta quae Manserunt Omnia Partis IV. Vol. I. Continens Academica, de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum Libros, Tusculanas Disputationes.  £56.00 
Farmer, John
Gaudeamus. A Selection of Songs for Colleges and Schools.  £16.00 
Vogt, Carl
Köhlerglaube und Wissenschaft. Eine Streitschrift gegen Hofrath Rudolph Wagner in Göttingen.  £140.00 
Green, S J D
All Souls and The Wider World. Statesmen, Scholars, and Adventurers, c. 1850 to 1950.  £56.00 
Rook, Arthur
Cambridge and its Contribution to Medicine. Proceedings of the Seventh British Congress on the History of Medicine University of Cambridge, 10 to 13 September, 1969.  £10.00 
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