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Beveridge, Janet
An Epic of Clare Market. The Birth and Early Years of the London School of Economics.  £10.00 
Gilbert-Carter, Humphrey
A Guide to the University Botanic Garden.  £12.00 
Selwyn College
Selwyn College Cambridge. 1882 - 1939.  £10.00 
Plommer, Hugh
The Ugciad. A History in Heroic Verse of the Corruptions in Our Higher Learning Together with a Prophecy of its Probable End.  £16.00 
Foster, Joseph
Oxford Men and their Colleges. Illustrated with Portraits and Views.  £80.00 
Magrath, John
The Queen's College. Volume 1: 1341 - 1646. Volume 2: 1646 - 1877.  £56.00 
Cambridge University
Praelections Delivered Before the Senate of the University Cambridge, 25, 26, 27 January 1906.  £18.00 
Skene, W B
Handbook of Certain Acts Affecting the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and the Colleges Therein.  £38.00 
Cambridge University
The Cambridge University Calendar for the Year 1948 - 1949.  £20.00 
Livingstone, Richard
Some Thoughts on University Education.  £6.00 
Mullinger, James
A History of the University of Cambridge.  £22.00 
Cicero, Marcus Tullius
McLean, Norman
M. Tulli Ciceronis Scripta quae Manserunt Omnia Partis IV. Vol. I. Continens Academica, de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum Libros, Tusculanas Disputationes.  £56.00 
Farmer, John
Gaudeamus. A Selection of Songs for Colleges and Schools.  £16.00 
Vogt, Carl
Köhlerglaube und Wissenschaft. Eine Streitschrift gegen Hofrath Rudolph Wagner in Göttingen.  £140.00 
Green, S J D
All Souls and The Wider World. Statesmen, Scholars, and Adventurers, c. 1850 to 1950.  £56.00 
Rook, Arthur
Cambridge and its Contribution to Medicine. Proceedings of the Seventh British Congress on the History of Medicine University of Cambridge, 10 to 13 September, 1969.  £10.00 
Linehan, Peter
St John's College Cambridge. A History.  £34.00 
Taub, Liba
Willmoth, Frances
The Whipple Museum of the History of Science: Instruments and Interpretations, to Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of R. S. Whipple's Gift to the University of Cambridge.  £36.00 
Mayall, W H
The Aesthetics of Industrial Design (Cambridge Research Volume 3 No 3 Apri 1968)  £12.00 
Ssiklos, S T C
Supervision in Mathematics.  £7.00 
Aarabi, Parham
The Art of Lecturing. A Practical Guide to Successful University Lectures and Business Presentations.  £12.00 
Leader, Daniel Riehl
A History of the University of Cambridge: Volume 1, The University to 1546.  £56.00 
United Kingdom
Special Report from the Select Committee on the Oxford and Cambridge Universities Education Bill. (HC 497)  £64.00 
Reading University
University of Reading. Calendar for the Session 1934 - 1935.  £24.00 
St Andrews University
The Expanding University. St Andrews University Appeal. A Progress Report.  £10.00 
Shafe, Michael
University Education in Dundee 1881-1981. A Pictorial History.  £18.00 
Childs, William
Making a University. An Account of the University Movement at Reading.  £36.00 
Lagarde, Paul
Aus dem deutschen Gelehrtenleben: Aktenstücke und Glossen.  £100.00 
Lamson, Edwin Ruthven
Yale Wit and Humor, being Selections from the Yale Record of 1889 - 1893.  £46.00 
Kelly, Herbert
On the Aim and Methods of Theological Study.  £14.00 
Kelley, James Herbert
The Alumni Record of the University of Illinois.  £36.00 
Peacock, George
Observations on the Statutes of the University of Cambridge.  £36.00 
Baylay, Corwall
Columbia in 1805. An English View.  £10.00 
Haight, G D
Hart House, University of Toronto.  £28.00 
DeWitt, William
The Work of the Church in Theological Seminaries in the United States of America.  £14.00 
Speculative Society
Report of the Proceedings at the Commencement of the Hundredth Session of the Speculative Society (1863)  £46.00 
Peddie, J R
Members of the University of Glasgow and The University Contingent of the Officers' Training Corps who served with the Forces of the Crown 1914 - 1919.  £56.00 
Leake, Martin
Materials for a Policy of Agricultural Education.  £8.00 
Leake, Martin
The Organization of Agricultural Research in India.  £8.00 
Allen, Peter
The Cambridge Apostles: The Early Years.  £16.00 
Home Office
Royal Commission on Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Report Presented to Parliament by Command of His Majesty.  £18.00 
Lewis, Dio
In a Nutshell: Suggestions to American College Students.  £12.00 
Cambridge University
The Cambridge University Calendar for the Year 1949-1950.  £24.00 
Addison, Innes
The Matriculation Albums of the University of Glasgow.  £64.00 
Cambridge University
List of Members of the Faculties and Roll of the Regent House. November 2008.  £10.00 
Yale University
Griswold, Whitney
Report of the President, 1961 - 1962.  £8.00 
Yale University
Report of the President, 1974 - 1975.  £8.00 
Yale University
Report of the President, 1975 - 1976.  £8.00 
Yale University
Report of the President. The Decade 1963 - 1973.  £8.00 
Allgemeiner Deutscher Neuphilologen-Verband
Festschrift zum 15. Neuphilologentage in Frankfurt am Main, 1912.  £34.00 
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