Pierre des Maizeaux (1673 - 1745), Journalist and English Correspondent for Franco-Dutch Periodicals, 1700 - 1720.

Author: Almagor, Joseph

Publisher: Amsterdam: APA Holland University Press 1989. (Studies of the Institute Pierre Bayle)

Description: xii 289p large paperback, light blue cover, many tables, listings and illustratations, this copy has been read by a reader who made a habit of marking every paragraph read and digested with a fiant line along the margin, which leaves you with a copy that has a faint line along the fext for many or most paragraphs. At least it is a faint line only. But a line. Uncommon title. Priced for condition and scarcity (ISBN: 9030210206)

Order No: PIP 188021

Language: English

This book has been catalogued with the following subject terms: 18th Century, Biography, Book History, France, Journals, Letters, Netherlands, United Kingdom

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