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Kanneh, Kadiatu
African Identities. Race, Nation and Culture in Ethnography, Pan-Africanism and Black Literatures.  £20.00 
Thomas, Helen
Romanticism and Slave Narratives.  £24.00 
Sévy, Gabriel
Terre Ngbaka. Étude des aspects de la culture matérielle d'une population forestière de République Centrafricaine.  £56.00 
Leonard Cheshire Disability
Shaw, Diana
UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: A Call for Action on Poverty, Discrimination, and Lack of Access. Conference by Leonard Cheshire Disability and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa, 20 - 22 May 2008.  £46.00 
South Africa
Bacon's Large-Scale Map of the Transvaal and Orange Free State, Showing the entire British Frontier.  £124.00 
Bouladon, J
Les Gisements de Plomb et de Zinc en Afrique du Nord.  £20.00 
Bouladon, J
Etude Préliminaire des Pegmatites à Muscovite et Beryl du Sud de la Plaine de Tazenakht.  £24.00 
Bouladon, J
Le Gisement de Tasdremt (Haut Sous): Un Gîte Sédimentaire de Managnèse Plombifère dans le Mésocrétace Transgressive.  £24.00 
Gaudefroy, C
Etude Cristallographique de la Vanadinite du Tadaout, pres du Taouz, Maroc sud-oriental.  £10.00 
Kolbe, P
Geochemical Investigation of the Cape Granite, South-Western Cape Province, South Africa.  £12.00 
Takeuchi, Yukio
Jiyu boeki shugi to daiei teikoku: Afurika bunkatsu no seiji keizaigaku.  £24.00 
Williams, Burney
The Impact of Slave Trades in Africa Today: Mega Holocaust in Africa.  £24.00 
Berry, John
Africa Speaks. A Prose Anthology with Comprehension and Summary Questions.  £24.00 
No Author Souvenir of Saint Helena.  £10.00 
Fairhead, James
Leach, Melissa
Science and the Policy Process: Perspectives from the Forest. (Special Issue of IDS Bulletin)  £20.00 
Mellor, F H
Holiday in Tangier.  £12.00 
Martin, Alfred
A la Frontière du Maroc. Les Oasis Sahariennes (Gourada - Touat - Tidikelt)  £88.00 
Abrahams, Peter
Tell Freedom.  £14.00 
Keegan, Timothy
Colonial South Africa: The Origins of the Racial Order.  £12.00 
Fortes, Meyer
Mayer, Doris
Psychosis and Social Change among the Tallensi of Norther Ghana.  £12.00 
Yates-Benyon, John
Laurence Green: Memories of Friendship.  £20.00 
Bulpin, T V
The Golden Republic. The Story of the South African Republic from its Foundation until 1883.  £22.00 
Ministry of Information
The First to be Freed. The Record of British Military Administration in Eritrea and Somalia, 1941 - 1943.  £12.00 
Camfed International
I Have a Story to Tell: Celebrating Ten Years of CAMFED International.  £12.00 
Blundell, Michael
So Rough a Wind. The Kenya Memoirs of Sir Michael Blundell.  £32.00 
Paice, Edward
Where Warriors Met. The Story of Lewa Downs, Kenya.  £16.00 
Stradling, L E
A Bishop on Safari.  £8.00 
Adams, R J
Patel, Diana
Chirambahuyo. A Case Study in Low-Income Housing.  £24.00 
Chideya, N T
Chikomba, C E M
The Role of the University and its Future in Zimbabwe. International Conference Papers.  £16.00 
Manning, Peter
The United Nations Plan for Elections in Namibia: Envisaged in UN Security Council Resolution 435 (1978)  £10.00 
Catholic Institute for International Relations
Torture in South Africa: Recent Documents.  £14.00 
Christianse, Yvette
Imprendehore.  £24.00 
Venter, Denis
South Africa and the African Comity of Nations: From Isolation to Integration.  £16.00 
Chiume, Kanyama
Kwacha: An Autobiography.  £26.00 
Shipanga, Andreas
Interviews in Depth. Namibia, SWAPO 1; Interview with Andreas Shipanga, Director - SWAPO Information Service Member of the National Executive.  £12.00 
International Defence and Aid Fund
A Nation in Peril. Health in Apartheit Namibia.  £14.00 
International Defence and Aid Fund
Remember Kassinga, and Other Papers on Political Prisoners and Detainees in Namibia.  £12.00 
No Author SWAPO: Political Program of the South West African People's Organisation  £12.00 
Cuvelier, J
L'Ancien Royaume de Congo. Fondation, Découverte, première Evangélisation de l'Ancien Royaume de Congo, Règne du Grand Roi Affonso Mvemba Nzinga (1541).  £46.00 
Klose, Heinrich
Le Togo en 1884 sous Drapeau Allemand (1894 - 1897) selon Heinrich Klose.  £40.00 
Marguerat, Yves
La Naissance du Togo selon des Documents de l'Epoque. Première Période: L'Ombre de l'Angleterre.  £30.00 
Fio Agbanon II
Histoire de Petit-Popo et du Royaume Guin (1934)  £30.00 
Martet, Jean
Lestrade, Claude
Regards Francais sur le Togo des Annees 1930.  £30.00 
Zöller, Hugo
Le Togo en 1884 selon Hugo Zöller.  £30.00 
Liniger-Goumaz, Max
De la Guinée Equatoriale Nguemiste. Élements pour le Dossier de l'Afro-Fascisme.  £16.00 
Liniger-Goumaz, Max
Guinée Equatoriale. De la Dictature des colons à la dictature des colonels.  £16.00 
Lovejoy, Paul
Slavery and its Abolition in French West Africa: The Official Reports of G Poulet, E Roume, and G Deherme.  £36.00 
Meillassoux, Claude
L'Esclavage en Afrique Précoloniale - Dix-sept études.  £44.00 
Jules-Rosette, Benetta
Symbols of Change: Urban Transition in a Zambian Community.  £26.00 
Latour de Veiga Pinto, Françoise
Le Portugal et le Congo au XIXe Siècle. Etude d'histoire de relations internationales. Préface de Jacques Freymond.  £26.00 
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