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Chadwick, Douglas
Ndoki, Last Place On Earth. National Geographic: Volume 188, No. 1. July 1995.  £8.00 
Thompson, Russell
Reading, Alison
Millington, Andrew
Human Tropical Environment.  £12.00 
Lal, R
Myths and Science of Soils of the Tropics.  £46.00 
Guedes, Amancio
Fragments from an Ironic Autobiography. Inaugural Lecture by Amancio d'Alpoim Guedes Professor and Head of the Department of Architecture University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg Delivered on the Twenty Fourth of August Nineteen Seventy Six.  £36.00 
Schapiro, Leonard
The Soviet Dream of Africa. (Encounter, February 1965, Volume 24, No 2)  £10.00 
Lewis, W Arthur
Beyond African Dictatorship. (Encounter, January 1965, Volume 25, No 2)  £10.00 
Lerner, Laurence
Talking to South Africans. (Encounter, March 1979, Volume 47, No 3)  £8.00 
Klarner, Erich
Die Schmach am Rhein. Montag, 1. August 1921. Monatsschrift des Deutschen Notbundes gegen die schwarze Schmach EV München.  £24.00 
Atkinson, Harold
Mauritian Creole.  £14.00 
Lockett, Cecily
South African Women Writing. Special Issue of Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature.  £14.00 
Companhia de Diamentes de Angola
Companhia de Diamentes de Angola. A Short Report on its work in Angola, 1963.  £16.00 
Harlan, Jack
Origins of African Plant Domestication.  £36.00 
No Author Etudes de Géographie Tropicale Offertes à Pierre Gourou.  £24.00 
Kayser, Bernard
L'Agriculture et la Société Rurale des Régions Tropicales.  £12.00 
Schnell, Raymond
Plantes Alimentaires et Vie Agricole de l'Afrique Noire: Essai de Phytogéographie Alimentaire.  £22.00 
Maigret, Julien
Afrique Equatoriale Française.  £30.00 
Brooks, C E P
Le climat du Sahara et de l'Arabie.  £26.00 
No Author Bulletin du Comité d'Études Historiques et Scientifiques de l'Afrique Occidentale Française. Volume 11, 1928.  £36.00 
Godard, Jean
L'Oasis Moderne. Essai d'Urbanisme Saharien.  £20.00 
Michiels, A
Lauder, N
Notre Colonie. Géographie et Notice Historique.  £14.00 
No Author Madagascar. Le Pays, la Production, la Vie Sociale.  £18.00 
Latourette, Kenneth
The Great Century in Norther Africa and Asia, 1800 - 1914. (A History of the Expansion of Christianity, 6)  £12.00 
Matucci, Mario
Le Dernier Visage de Rimbaud en Afrique.  £24.00 
Müller, D
Production Brute, Pertes par Respiration et Production Nette dans la Forêt Ombrophile Tropicale.  £18.00 
Soce, Ousmane
Karim. Roman Sénégalais.  £12.00 
Chevrier, Jacques
Littérature Nègre. Afrique, Antilles, Madagascar.  £12.00 
Hales, A G
Driscoll King of Scouts. A Romance of the South African War.  £46.00 
Cloete, Stuart
Storm Over Africa. A Study of the Mau Mau Rebellion, its Causes, Effects and Implications in Africa South of the Sahara.  £26.00 
Trimingham, J Spencer
Sudan Colloquial Arabic.  £36.00 
Green, Lawrence
When the Journey's Over.  £8.00 
Williams, Mervyn
The City of Cape Town. Official Guide.  £24.00 
Mutwa, Vusamazulu
Indaba, My Children.  £18.00 
Ardrey, Robert
African Genesis. A Personal Investigation into the Animal Origins and Nature of Man.  £12.00 
Mazrui, Ali
Towards a Pax Africana. A Study of Ideology and Ambition.  £14.00 
Msindo, Enocent
Ethnicity in Zimbabwe. Transformations in Kalanga and Ndebele Societies, 1860 - 1990.  £46.00 
Jamieson, Alan
Lords of the Sea. A History of the Barbary Corsairs.  £24.00 
Vigne, Randolph
Thomas Pringle. South African Pioneer, Poet, and Abolitionist.  £38.00 
Laumann, Dennis
Colonial Africa 1884 - 1994.  £14.00 
Irwin, Ryan
Gordian Knot. Apartheid and the Unmaking of the Liberal World Order.  £24.00 
Urton, N R
Guide to the Indigenous Trees of the Eastern Cape.  £18.00 
Rayner, A A
Saunders, A R
Statistical Methods, with Special Reference to Field Experiments (Third and Revised Edition).  £14.00 
Tadesse, Zenebeworke
Women and Technological Development in Agriculture: An Overview of the Problems of Developing Countries.  £18.00 
Kerslake, D McK
The Stress of Hot Environments.  £14.00 
Garrigue-Guyonnaud, Monique
Rimbaud au Harrar. Mort d'un Rêve, Naissance d'un Mythe.  £46.00 
Phillips, E P
The Genera of South African Flowering Plants.  £20.00 
Gourou, Pierre
Benveniste, Emile
L'Homme. Revue Française d'Anthropologie No. 9. Janvier - Mars 1969.  £16.00 
Kirkman, James
Fort Jesus Mombasa.  £10.00 
Taylor, John
East African Melting Pot. (Essay in Christian News-Letter, January 1956)  £10.00 
Poulton, John
Ku Fa Mulimu. Ku Itwaeza Bukombwa Bwa Si-Kreste.  £24.00 
Chesterman, Clement
Evans, E J
Tropical Hygiene for Schools. Eighth Revised Edition.  £14.00 
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