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Jones, Eldred Durosimi
Africa, America and the Carribean. Special Issue of 'African Literature Today'.  £8.00 
Jones, Eldred Durosimi
The Novel in Africa. Special Issue of 'African Literature Today'  £8.00 
Fugard, Athol
Drama in Africa. Special Issue of 'African Literature Today'.  £14.00 
Breitinger, Eckhard
Sander, Reinhard
Litteratures Africaines Francophones (Bayreuth African Studies, Number 3)  £14.00 
Mwanangonze, Eli
Journal of African Marxists. Issue 2.  £7.00 
Mwanangonze, Eli
Journal of African Marxists. Issues 1, 2 and 3.  £20.00 
Hall, A L
Asbestos in the Union of South Africa.  £46.00 
Frommurze, H F
The Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Karibib Area, South West Africa. An Explanation of Sheet No. 79 (Karibib, S.W.A.)  £46.00 
Partridge, F C
The Analusite Sands of the Western Transvaal.  £10.00 
Mercer, Samuel
The Ethiopic Liturgy: Its Sources, Development, and Present Form.  £28.00 
Burtt-Davy, J
Proposal for an Organized Botanical Survey of South Africa.  £12.00 
Huxley, Julian
The Conservation of Wild Life and Natural Habitats in Central and East Africa. Report on a Mission Accomplished for Unesco July-September 1960.  £12.00 
Elkan, W
Migrants and Proletarians. Urban Labour in the Economic Development of Uganda.  £10.00 
Mountjoy, Alan
Embleton, Clifford
Africa. A Geographical Study.  £12.00 
Powell, Enoch
Foot, Dingle
Empire to Commonwealth 1910-70. The Round Table. The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs No. 240.  £26.00 
Metuh, Emefie Ikenga
God and Man in African Religion. A Case Study of the Igho of Nigeria.  £75.00 
Huxley, Julian
Huxley, Juliette
Wild Lives of Africa.  £14.00 
Schumann, C G W
Van Den Bogaerde, F
Economic Diagnosis and Business Forecasting. With Special Reference to South Africa.  £36.00 
St George's Grammar School, Cape Town
The Georgian. Collection of 11 Issues of this School Magazine.  £48.00 
Sender, John
Smith, Sheila
The Development of Capitalism in Africa.  £10.00 
Driver, C J
Holiday Haiku. July-August, 1996.  £16.00 
Gardner, Brian
The African Dream.  £14.00 
Cranefield, Paul
Science and Empire. East Coast Fever in Rhodesia and the Transvall.  £18.00 
Young, Crawford
Revisiting Nationalism and Ethnicity in Africa.  £18.00 
Cesaire, Aime
Some African Poems in English. Munger Africana Library Notes, Issue 62, November 1981.  £14.00 
Baumann, Hermann
Afrikanische Plastik und sakrales Königstum. Ein sozialer Aspekt traditioneller afrikanischer Kunst.  £18.00 
Binns, C T
Dinuzulu. The Death of the House of Shaka.  £16.00 
Kirk, J W C
A Grammar of the Somali Language with Examples in Prose and Verse and an Account of the Yibir and Midgan Dialects.  £18.00 
Ellison, Gabriel
Olsthoorn, B
Zambian Wildlife Viewer.  £18.00 
Elgström, Ole
Foreign Aid Negotiations: The Swedish-Tanzanian Dialogue.  £75.00 
Segal, Ronald
African Profiles.  £6.00 
Olivier, Roland
Atmore, Anthony
Africa Since 1800. Third Edition.  £7.00 
Perrott, D V
Swahili.  £8.00 
Hayes, Margaret
Missing - Believed Killed.  £8.00 
Rowan, David
Banking in Nigeria. A Studi in Colonial Financial Evolution.  £10.00 
Thomson, W Burns
Reminiscences of Medical Missionary Work.  £6.00 
Roscoe, John
Twenty-Five Years in East Africa.  £36.00 
Fraser, Donald
African Idylls: Portraits and Impressions of Life on a Central African Mission Station.  £12.00 
Bruun, Laurids
Van Zantens glückliche Zeit/ Van Zantens Insel der Verheißung.  £14.00 
Bourlon, A
L'Évolution politique du Sénegal (1962 - 1964)  £14.00 
Parkinson, Northcote
The Rise of the Port of Liverpool.  £120.00 
Johnson, Charles
Patterns of Negro Segregation.  £44.00 
Peter, Chris Maina
Foreign Private Investment in Tanzania. A Study of the Legal Framework.  £46.00 
Busschau, W J
The Measure of Gold.  £18.00 
Russell, James
Leprosy as a Social Problem in Norther Rhodesia. A Student's Impressions.  £20.00 
Dregne, Harold
Arid Lands in Transition.  £16.00 
Molesworth, J H
A Soldier of God. The Ideals of War. A Memory of Lord Kitchener.  £24.00 
Ibn Battuta
Voyages. III, Inde, Extrême-Orient, Espagne et Soudan.  £12.00 
Rubin, Vera
Tuden, Arthur
Comparative Perspectives on Slavery in New World Plantation Societies.  £24.00 
Speke, John Hanning
Journal of the Source of the Discovery of the Nile.  £24.00 
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