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Muir, William
The Caliphate. Its Rise, Decline, and Fall. From Original Sources. A New and Revised Edition by T H Weir.  £68.00 
Margoliouth, David
The Table-Talk of a Mesopotamian Judge.  £88.00 
Brightman, Frank Edward
Liturgies Eastern and Western: Volume 1: Eastern Liturgies.  £84.00 
Lane, W H
Babylonian Problems.  £20.00 
Skinner, James
A Fragment of a Journal in the East: Detailing the Last Days of the Rev W Withers Ewbank.  £120.00 
Thompson, Herbert
A Family Archive from Siut, from Papyri in the British Museum, including an Account of a Trial before the Laocritae in the Year BC 170.  £640.00 
Mariès, Louis
Brière, Maurice
Hippolyte de Rome: Commentaire sur les Bénédictions d'Isaac, de Jacob et de Moïse. Texte Grec. Versions Arménienne et Géorgienne. Traduction Française.  £68.00 
Ibn At-Tiqtaqâ
Al-Fakhrî. Histoire des Dynasties Musulmanes depuis la mort de Mahomet jusqu'à la chute du khalifat 'Abbasîde de Baghdâdz (11-656 de l'hégire = 632-1258 de J.-C.)  £140.00 
Nielssen, Dietlef
Handbuch der altarabischen Altertumskunde.  £38.00 
Kirk, George
The Short History of the Middle East: From the Rise of Islam to Modern Times.  £24.00 
Heisenberg, August
Wenger, Leopold
Byzantinische Papyri in der K. Hof und Staatsbibliothek zu München.  £46.00 
Egypt Exploration Fund
An Atlas for Ancient Egypt, with Complete Index, Geographical and Historical Notes, Biblical References, etc.  £48.00 
Czermak, Wilhelm
Der Rhythmus der koptischen Sprache und seine Bedeutung in der Sprachgestaltung.  £18.00 
Devaud, Eugene
Études d'Étymologie Copte.  £46.00 
Strothmann, Werner
Die Anfänge der Syrischen Studien in Europa.  £12.00 
Baumstark, Anton
Die christlichen Literaturen des Orients. Volume 1 & 2.  £16.00 
Worrell, William
The Coptic Manuscripts in the Freer Collection.  £84.00 
Grüneisen, Wladimir de
Les Charactéristiques de l'Art Copte.  £160.00 
Woolley, Leonard
MacIver, Randall
Areika. With a Chapter on Meroitic Inscriptions by F Ll Griffith.  £88.00 
Clarke, Somers
Christian Antiquities in the Nile Valley. A Contribution Towards the Study of the Ancient Churches, with Maps and Plans.  £220.00 
Stark, Freya
The Southern Gates of Arabia.  £6.00 
Hutton, William
Cooper, Sydney
Constantinople. The Story of the old Capital of the Empire.  £24.00 
Leipoldt, Johannes
Saidische Auszüge aus dem 8. Buche der Apostolischen Konstitutionen.  £46.00 
Thesiger, Wilfred
Marsh Dwellers of Southern Iraq. (=The National Geographic Magazine)  £10.00 
Shor, Jean
Iraq - Where Oil and Water Mix. (=The National Geographic Magazine)  £10.00 
Shor, Franc
Iran's Shah Crowns Himself and His Empress. (=The National Geographic Magazine)  £10.00 
Burkitt, Francis Crawford
Early Christianity Outside the Roman Empire.  £18.00 
Mercer, Samuel
The Ethiopic Liturgy: Its Sources, Development, and Present Form.  £28.00 
Sathas, Constantine
The History of Psellus.  £46.00 
Labourt, J
Le Christianisme dans l'Empire Perse sous la Dynastie des Sassanides, 224 - 632.  £64.00 
Leake, Martin
The Agricultural Value of Rainfall in the Tropics.  £8.00 
Leake, Martin
Rainfall and Crop Condition. A Review of Rawson's Evaluation of the Sugar Crop of Barbados from the Rainfall, 1847 - 1874.  £8.00 
Leake, Martin
Further Studies in Tropical Land Tenure.  £14.00 
Leake, Martin
Studies in Tropical Land Tenure.  £20.00 
Leake, Martin
Report on the Maintenance and Improvement of the Quality of Egyptian Cotton and the Increase of its Yield.  £20.00 
Brockelmann, Carl
Préçis de Linguistique Sémitique. Traduit de l'Allemand par Marçais & Cohen.  £14.00 
Leipoldt, Johannes
Scriptores Coptici Textus: Sinuthii Archimandritae Via et Opera Omnia.  £124.00 
Forget, Jacques
Synaxarium Alexandrinum.  £240.00 
Amelineau, E
La Géographie de l'Egypte à l'époque Copte.  £260.00 
Horner, George
Coptic Version of the New Testament in the Northern Dialect. Volumes 1 - 3.  £360.00 
Bute, John Patrick
The Coptic Morning Service for the Lord's Day. Translated by John, Marquis of Bute.  £24.00 
Bute, John Patrick
The Coptic Morning Service for the Lord's Day. Translated by John, Marquis of Bute.  £20.00 
Erman, Adolph
Aegyptische Chrestomathie. Zum Gebrauch auf Universitäten und zum Selbstunterricht.  £24.00 
Erman, Adolph
Aegyptische Grammatik mit Schrifttafel, Litteratur, Lesestücken und Wörterverzeichnis. Zweite Auflage.  £24.00 
Steindorff, Georg
Koptische Grammatik mit Chrestomathie, Wörterverzeichnis und Literatur.  £26.00 
Mikhail, Kyriakos
Copts and Moslems under British Control. A Collection of Facts and a Résumé of Authoritative Opinions on the Coptic Question.  £34.00 
Scott-Moncrieff, Philip David
Paganism and Christianity in Egypt.  £18.00 
Erman, Adolph
Aegyptisches Glossar: Die häufigeren Worte der aegyptischen Sprache.  £24.00 
Schmidt, Carl
Pistis Sophia. Neu Herausgegeben mit Einleitung nebst Griechischem und Koptischem Wort- und Namensregister.  £124.00 
Vis, Henri de
Homélies Coptes de la Vaticane. Volume 1 & 2.  £146.00 
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