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Baudis, Dominique
La Mort en Keffieh.  £16.00 
Forbes, Duncan
A Dictionary, Hindustani and English. The Second Edition, Greatly Enlarged and Much improved.  £76.00 
Atkinson, Fred
Hall, Stephen
Oil and the British Economy.  £16.00 
Third World Magazine
Lebanese War. Historical and Social Background.  £14.00 
Ibn Battuta
Voyages. III, Inde, Extrême-Orient, Espagne et Soudan.  £12.00 
Mzali, Mohamed
Lettre ouverte à Habib Bourguiba, Président de la République Tunisienne.  £12.00 
Neuberger, Günter
Opperskalski, Michael
CIA im Iran. Die Geheimdokumente aus der Teheraner US- Botschaft.  £12.00 
Bernoyer, François
Tortel, Christian
Avec Bonaparte en Egypte en en Syrie, 1798 - 1800.  £24.00 
Lemaud, Charles
Bound Collection (Photocopies) of essays on Nasser, An 60 (2x) and En Partant pour la Syrie (4x)  £12.00 
Mazaheri, Aly
Kushiyar (Abu al-Hasan al-Gili) 971-1029 apres J.C.: Les Origines Persanes de l'Arithmtique. Problemes d'histoire interculturelle.  £98.00 
Lemaud, Charles
Bound Collection (Photocopies) of essays on Quatar, and Certitudes Orientales (1-5)  £12.00 
Khadjenouri, Mahmoud
Revue Iranienne des Relations Internationales / Iranian Review of International Relations. No. 2, Summer 1975.  £24.00 
Arberry, A J
Fitzgerald, Edward
The Romance of the Rubaiyat. Edward Fitzgerald's First Edition Reprinted with Introduction and Notes.  £18.00 
LaRouche, Lyndon
The Final Defeat of Ayatollah Khomeini.  £56.00 
Williams, L F Rushbrook
The State of Israel.  £8.00 
Farahmand, Sohrab
Der Wirtschaftsaufbau des Iran. Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Tätigkeit der Planbehörde.  £14.00 
Diehl, Charles
Guillard, Rodolphe
Figures Byzantines.  £20.00 
Podzorski, Patricia
Their Bones Shall Not Perish: An Examination of Predynastic Human Skeletal Remains from Naga-ed-Dêr in Egypt.  £46.00 
Shehadeh, Radi
Mr Ego & Sons Ltd. A Coma Tragedy.  £24.00 
Kinglake, A W
Pritchett, V S
Eothen.  £10.00 
Husain, Azim
Fazl-i-Husain. A Political Biography.  £68.00 
Monteil, Vincent
L'Arabe Moderne.  £16.00 
Baer, Gabriel
Population and Society in the Arab East.  £12.00 
Canitz, Christa
Wieland, Gernot
From Arabye to Engelond: Medieval Studies in Honour of Mahmoud Manzalaoui.  £18.00 
Costello, V F
Urbanization in the Middle East.  £6.00 
Hyvernat, Henri
Études sur les Versions Coptes de la Bible.  £56.00 
Stark, Freya
The Southern Gates of Arabia.  £7.00 
Reinhardt, B M
On the Genesis and Emplacement of Ophiolites in the Oman Mountains Geosyncline.  £16.00 
Bigsby, Robert
Memoir of the Illustrious and Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, From the Capitulation of Malta in 1798, to the Present Period.  £180.00 
Rydh, Hanna
The Land of the Sun-God. Description of Ancient and Modern Egypt.  £24.00 
Asch, Schalom
Im Lande der Väter. Bilder und Dichtungen aus Palästina.  £28.00 
Benndorf, Paul
Märchen aus Tausend und einer Nacht. Neu bearbeitet für die Jugend. Mit 6 Farbdruckbildern nach Original-Aquarellen von E Offterdinger.  £36.00 
Pesce, Angelo
Gemini Space Photographs of Libya and Tibesti: A Geological and Geographical Analysis.  £24.00 
Holden, David
Farewell to Arabia.  £14.00 
Tighe, Desmond
The Arab World. The Journal of the Anglo-Arab Association. No 13, Spring 1967.  £12.00 
Fisher, W B
The Middle East. A Physical, Social and Regional Geography.  £16.00 
Bonné, Alfred
State and Economics in the Middle East. A Society in Transition.  £14.00 
Schattner, Isaac
The Lower Jordan Valley. A Study in the Fluviomorphology of an Arid Region.  £14.00 
Galpern, Steven
Money, Oil, and Empire in the Middle East: Sterling and Postwar Imperialism, 1944 - 1971.  £46.00 
Miller, Miranda
A Thousand and One Coffee Mornings: Scenes from Saudi Arabia.  £10.00 
Ghadaffi, Moammar
Isratin: al-Kitab al-abyad? Isratine (White Book). Initiatives. With CD.  £74.00 
Rashid, Salah
Jalal Talibani. Mam Jalal. From a Peshmarga to a President.  £120.00 
Fain, W Taylor
American Ascendance and British Retreat in the Persian Gulf Region.  £42.00 
Council on Foreign Relations
Foreign Affairs. An American Quarterly Review. January 1962.  £14.00 
Eban, Abba
Reality and Vision in the Middle East.  £14.00 
Nehru, Jawaharlal
Changing India.  £14.00 
Saulcy, F de
Narrative of a Journey Round the Dead Sea and in Bible Lands in 1850 and 1851. Including an Account of the Discovery of the Sites of Sodom and Gomorrah. New Edition. Vol 1 only.  £36.00 
Trumbull, Henry Clay
Kadesh-Barnea. Its Importance and Probable Site, including, Studies of the Route of the Exodus and the Southern Boundary of the Holy Land.  £68.00 
Schumacher, Gottlieb
Across the Jordan: Being an Exploration and Survey of Part of Hauran and Jaulan.  £86.00 
Meyer, Karl
Bruysac, Shareen
Kingmakers: The Invention of the Modern Middle East.  £14.00 
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