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No Author The Hierarchy of the St Thomas Christians in Malabar under his Holiness the Pope.  £12.00 
Simpson, John
Letters from China: Quaker Relief Work in Bandit Country 1944 - 46.  £14.00 
Rice, Oliver
Sajak2 Melayu Baru / Modern Malay Verse 1946 - 61.  £12.00 
Wilson, Jeyaratnam
Politics in Sri Lanka 1947-1973.  £14.00 
Wernstedt, Frederick
The Philippine Island World: A Physical, Cultural, and Regional Geography.  £24.00 
Jenkins, Shirley
American Economic Policy Toward the Philippines.  £18.00 
Palmer, Ingrid
The New Rice in the Philippines.  £24.00 
Kungnip Kogung Pangmulgwan (Korea)
Yongch'inwang ilga poksik = The Costume of Imperial Prince Yeong Family.  £240.00 
Ferguson, J P
Kashmir: A Historical Introduction.  £12.00 
Evans, Barbara
Caduceus in Saigon: A Medical Mission to South Vietnam.  £12.00 
Woon Hah Pak
Aphids of Korea.  £34.00 
Cheng-Hung Liao
Chun-Chieh Huang
The Development of Agricultural Policies in Post-War Taiwan. Historical and Sociological Perspectives.  £28.00 
Pollard, Elizabeth
Kuching Past and Present.  £24.00 
Faure, David
Siu, Helen
Down to Earth. The Territorial Bond in South China.  £16.00 
Das Gupta, Bidhu Bhusan
Gujarati Self-Taught (English Medium)  £12.00 
Yoshimura, Shyuki
The Denkar-Ma. An Oldest Catalogue of the Tibetan Buddhist Canons with Introductory Notes.  £120.00 
Chavannes, Édouard
De l'Expression des Voeux dans l'Art Populaire Chinois.  £28.00 
Jouannin, Joseph Marie
van Gaver, Jules
Turquie. L'Univers - Histoire et description de tous les peuples.  £88.00 
Sunar, Ilkay
State and Society in the Politics of Turkey's Development.  £34.00 
Onulduran, Ersin
Political Development and Political Parties in Turkey.  £34.00 
Yilmaz, Kemal
Savulun Amerikali Geliyor: Usaktan ihtilale kadar mücadele.  £46.00 
Sachau, Eduard
Vom asiatischen Reich der Türkei.  £22.00 
Coomaraswamy, Ananda
On the Traditional Doctrine of Art.  £12.00 
Elwood, Paul
Korea: Economic, Political and Social Issues.  £34.00 
Northeast Asian History Foundation
Opening Historical Reconciliation in East Asia through Historical Dialogue.  £28.00 
Rodger, Alexander
A Handbook of the Forest Products of Burma.  £36.00 
Peacock, Alan
Paying the Piper: Culture, Music and Money.  £10.00 
Widdess, D R
Wolpert, R F
Music and Tradition: Essays on Asian and other Musics Presented to Laurence Picken.  £20.00 
International Commission of Jurists
Leary, Virginia
Ethnic Conflict and Violence in Sri Lanka. Report of a Mission to Sri Lanka in July-August 1981 on behalf of the ICJ.  £18.00 
Bailey, Sydney
Ceylon.  £10.00 
Ghai, Dharam
Portrait of a Minority: Asians in East Africa.  £24.00 
Maung, Maung
Burma in the Family of Nations. Second Edition.  £18.00 
Fitzgerald, C P
The Third China: The Chinese Communities in South-East Asia.  £24.00 
Smith, T E
The Background to Malaysia.  £15.00 
Hindley, Donald
The Communist Party of Indonesia, 1951 - 1963.  £15.00 
Grant, Bruce
Indonesia.  £7.00 
Ministry of Defence
Treatment of British Prisoners of War in Korea.  £8.00 
Roxby, Percy Maude
China.  £6.00 
Peterson, A D C
The Far East: A Social Geography.  £12.00 
Kameneff, S
George, W
Im Alten Pekin (In Old Pekin). 10 Impressions for Pianoforte.  £25.00 
Aiken, Robert
Development and Environment in Peninsular Malaysia.  £24.00 
Wandel, Gerhard
Beiträge zur Kenntnis der jurassischen Molluskenfauna von Misul, Ost-Celebes, Buton, Seran und Jamdena.  £42.00 
Hoekstra, Piet
River outflow, depositional processes and coastal morphodynamics in a monsoon-dominated deltaic environment, East Java, Indonesia.  £86.00 
Royal Institute of International Affairs
China and Japan.  £8.00 
Chancellor of the Exchequer
The Colombo Plan. First, Fourth, Seventh, and Ninth Annual Reports (4 vols) of the Consultative Committee for Co-operative Economic Development in South and South-East Asia.  £20.00 
Butler, Rohan
Woodward, E L
Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919 - 1939. Second Series, Vol 1 only.  £20.00 
Butler, Rohan
Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919 - 1939. Second Series, Vol 7 only. 1929 - 34.  £25.00 
Slemeck, Peggy
MU News: The Monthly Review of the Mothers' Union. Number 6.  £8.00 
Kleindorfer, Julian
Suh, Susanna
The Yale Journal of International Law. Volume 19, Nummber 2.  £12.00 
Chalk, Laura
The Yale Journal of International Law. Volume 20, Number 1 and 2.  £25.00 
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