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Fraser, Malcolm
Common Ground. Issues that Should Bind and Not Divide Us.  £26.00 
Gladwin, Michael
Anglican Clergy in Australia 1788 - 1850.  £42.00 
Woollacott, Angela
Settler Society in the Australian Colonies. Self-Government and Imperial Culture.  £58.00 
Stevens, David
In All Respects Ready. Australia's Navy in World War One.  £56.00 
Haddon, Frank
Oliver, Tony
Australian Birds and Mammals.  £22.00 
Stevenson, Adlai
The Wit and Wisdom of Adlai Stevenson.  £10.00 
Schorn, Richard
Tasmania. An Island Paradise.  £10.00 
Hudson, W J
Casey.  £32.00 
Parker, John
Parkinson, Cecilia
Profiles. 24 New Zealand Potters.  £28.00 
Barr, Mary
Rita Angus.  £18.00 
Ponder, W Frank
A Man From the Ministry. The Tales of a New Zealand Architect.  £26.00 
Male, Kevyn
The Dunny Door and Some More. A Celebration of Kiwi Loos, Longdrops and Little Houses.  £18.00 
Ihimaera, Witi
Kingfisher Come Home.  £16.00 
O'Sullivan, Vincent
An Anthology of Twentieth Century New Zealand Poetry.  £12.00 
Wevers, Lydia
Yellow Pencils. Contemporary Poetry by New Zealand Women.  £22.00 
Frame, Janet
Living in the Maniototo.  £40.00 
Hocken, Thomas Morland
Contributions to the Early History of New Zealand. Settlement of Otago.  £28.00 
McFarlane, Shona
Whitemoas and Artichokes. Paintings, Prose, and Preserves.  £26.00 
Bowen, Godfrey
New Zealand and its Sheep.  £12.00 
Barker, Richard
Geology of the Coromandel Peninsula.  £14.00 
Rannali, Timo
Aotearoa New Zealand. A Land to Love.  £30.00 
Lee-Johnson, Eric
Lee-Johnson, Elizabeth
OPO. The Hokianga Dolphin.  £28.00 
Reed, A H
With Anthony Trollope in New Zealand 1872.  £10.00 
Bennett, Joe
Unmuzzled.  £10.00 
Bell, George
Bean, C E W
On the Wool Track.  £24.00 
Binns, R A
Granitic Intrusions and Regional Metamorphic Rocks of Permian Age from the Wongwibinda Distric, North-Eastern New South Wales.  £14.00 
Divall, Richard
Steele, Bruce
Frederick Septimus Kelly: 24 Monographs for Pianoforte.  £36.00 
Divall, Richard
Steele, Bruce
Frederick Septimus Kelly: 12 Studies for Pianoforte.  £36.00 
Divall, Richard
Steele, Bruce
Frederick Septimus Kelly: Music from the Great War.  £26.00 
Hughes, Robert
The Art of Australia.  £20.00 
Smith, Bernard
European Vision and the South Pacific, 1768 - 1850: A Study in the History of Art and Ideas.  £20.00 
Lunney, Daniel
Zoology in Court.  £24.00 
Lunney, Daniel
Future of the Fauna of Western New South Wales.  £20.00 
Lunney, Daniel
Ayers, Danielle
Herpetology in Australia. A Diverse Discipline.  £38.00 
Frawley, K J
Semple, N
Australia's Ever Changing Forests: Proceedings of the First National Conference on Australian Forest History.  £42.00 
Dargavel, John
Libbis, Brenda
Australia's Ever Changing Forests IV: Proceedings of the Fourth National Conference on Australian Forest History.  £24.00 
Adam, Paul
Australian Rainforests.  £24.00 
McMahon, Don
Eucalypts for Enthusiasts: A Guide to the Identification of Eucalypts Found in South Eastern Australia  £14.00 
Lunney, Daniel
Recher, Harry
Natural Legacy: Ecology in Australia. Second Edition.  £26.00 
Christensen, P E S
The Karri Forest: Its Conservation and Management.  £26.00 
Lunney, Daniel
Conservation of Australia's Forest Fauna.  £24.00 
Shapcott, Thomas
Australian Poetry Now : The Sun Poetry Series.  £12.00 
Williams, William
A Dictionary of the New Zealand Language.  £14.00 
O'Connor, Julia
States, Markets, Families. Gender, Liberalism, and Social Policy in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and the United States.  £12.00 
Jones, Michael
The Australian Welfare State. Evaluating Social Policy.  £18.00 
Fairbairn, Steve
Fairbairn of Jesus. Being the Personal Reminiscences of Steve Fairbairn in Australia, Cambridge and Elsewhere. With a Foreword by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch.  £36.00 
Stockings, Craig
Connor, John
Before the Anzac Dawn. A Military History of Australia to 1915.  £32.00 
Blaxland, John
The Australian Army from Whitlam to Howard.  £32.00 
Stevenson, Robert
To Win the Battle. The 1st Australian Division in the Great War, 1914-1918.  £42.00 
Chamberlain, Jan
Shrapnel and Semaphone.  £12.00 
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