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Edwards, A B
Tertiary Tholeiite Magma in Western Australia. Theoleiite Basalts from Cape Gosselin, Western Australia.  £12.00 
Edwards, A B
Easton, J G
The Igneous Rocks of North-Eastern Benambra.  £12.00 
Edwards, A B
The Crinanite Laccolith of Circular Head, Tasmania.  £12.00 
Edwards, A B
The Cainozoic Volcanic Rocks of the Gisborne District, Victoria.  £12.00 
Edwards, A B
On the Dacite-Granodiorite Contact Relations in the Warburton Area.  £12.00 
Edwards, A B
The Geology and Petrology of the Warburton Area, Victoria.  £12.00 
Edwards, A B
Jurassic Arkose in Southern Victoria.  £12.00 
Edwards, A B
The Geology and Petrology of the Black Spur Area (Healesville).  £12.00 
Collett, Anne
Kunapipi. Journal of Postcolonial Writing.  £160.00 
Foxcroft, Albert Broadbent
A Catalogue of English Books and Fragments from 1477 to 1535 in the Public Library of Victoria.  £24.00 
Marshall, P
The Sequence of Lavas at the North Head, Tago Harbour.  £6.00 
Thomson, J A
Thomson, M
Scientific Research in New Zealands. Report on the Activities of the Various Organisations, Governing Departments, and Private Individuals Conducting the same.  £12.00 
Maiden, J H
The Prickly Pears of Interest to Australians. No 1 and No 2.  £12.00 
Osborn, T G B
On the Growth and Reaction to Grazing of the Perennial Saltbush, Atriplex Vesicarium. An Ecological Study of the Biotic Factor.  £12.00 
Lummis, Herb
Rabbit on a Shovel: Aussies Cooking Around the Campfire.  £18.00 
Locke, Elsie
Paul, Janet
Mrs Hobson's Album.  £40.00 
Powell, Enoch
Foot, Dingle
Empire to Commonwealth 1910-70. The Round Table. The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs No. 240.  £26.00 
McLaren, John
Not in Tranquility. A Memoir.  £25.00 
Turner, G W
The English Language in Australia and New Zealand.  £24.00 
Vallance, T G
Moore, D T
Geological Aspects of the Voyage of HMS Investigator in Australian Waters.  £10.00 
Wilson, Brian
Byrne, Eileen
Women in the University: A Policy Report.  £36.00 
Aplin, Graeme
Global Environmental Crises: An Australian Perspective.  £14.00 
Griffiths, Tom
Hunters and Collectors: The Antiquarian Imagination in Australia.  £18.00 
Turner, J W
Newcastle as a Convict Settlement: The Evidence before J T Bigge in 1819 - 1821.  £24.00 
Calvert, Albert
My Fourth Tour in Western Australia.  £46.00 
Burnley, I H
Urbanization in Australia. The Post-War Experience.  £8.00 
Holmes, Charles
Browne, G S
Australian Cavalcade.  £18.00 
International Court of Justice
Certain Phosphate Lands in Nauru (Nauru v Australia) Memorial of the Republic of Nauru. Volume 1. April 1990. Counter-Memorial of the Government of Australia. March 1993.  £88.00 
Magoffin, Richard
Down Another Track.  £18.00 
Caughley, Graeme
Shepherd, Neil
Kangaroos. Their Ecology and Management in the Sheep Rangelands of Australia.  £36.00 
Caley, George
Currey, J E B
Reflections on the Colony of New South Wales.  £12.00 
Moore, T Inglis
Australia Writes. An Anthology Edited for the Canberra Fellowship of Australian Writers.  £12.00 
Magoffin, Richard
Waltzing Matilda. Second Edition Commemorating our Song's 110th Anniversary.  £16.00 
O'Connor, Colin
Spanning Two Centuries. Historic Bridges of Australia.  £36.00 
Davey, Keith
Our Arid Environment. Animals of Australia's Desert Regions.  £24.00 
Blakers, M
Davies, S J J F
Reilly, P N
The Atlas of Australian Birds.  £46.00 
Durack, Mary
Kings in Grass Castles.  £10.00 
Stewart, Douglas
Davis, Beatrice
Best Australian Short Stories.  £20.00 
Foslie, M
The Lithothamnia of the Percy Sladen Trust Expedition, in HMS Sealark.  £8.00 
Ewart, Alfred
On bitter Pit and the Sensitivity of Apples to Poison.  £12.00 
Bartrum, J A
Pillow-Lavas, Peridotites and Associated Rocks of Northernmost New Zealand.  £14.00 
Delbridge, A
Bernard, J R L
The Macquarie Encyclopedic Dictionary. The National Dictionary.  £64.00 
Strahan, Ronald
The Australian Museum Complete Book of Australian Mammals.  £28.00 
Walton, J T
Keeping Australian Parakeets. A Guide for Beginners.  £14.00 
Blackall, Simon
The Official Book of Australian Place Names.  £14.00 
White, Patrick
The Living and the Dead. Proof Copy.  £24.00 
Magoffin, Richard
McClure, Alan
We Bushies. Modern Australian Ballads.  £16.00 
Grigg, Gordon
Shine, Richard
Ehmann, Harry
Biology of Australasian Frogs and Reptiles.  £72.00 
Stackhouse, John
Australia's Venomous Wildlife.  £12.00 
Lawson, Alan
Goodwin, Ken
The Macmillan Anthology of Australian Literature.  £18.00 
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