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Hollands, David
Eagles, Hawks and Falcons of Australia.  £48.00 
Heylen, Jill
Jellett, Celia
Someone is Flying Balloons.  £12.00 
Carron, L T
A History of Forestry in Australia.  £48.00 
Sutherland, Struan
Venomous Creatures of Australia. A Field Guide with Notes on First Aid.  £16.00 
Reed, A W
Concise Maori Encyclopedia.  £10.00 
Benson, W N
The Basic Igneous Rocks of Eastern Otago and their Tectonic Environment. Part 1 - 5.  £20.00 
Hawkeswood, Trevor
Calodema.  £14.00 
Brady, R P
Spink, H M
New Ventures in Geography. Vol 2: Southern Lands.  £8.00 
Laborde, E D
Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. Second Edition.  £12.00 
Darwin, Leonard
What is Eugenics?  £20.00 
Ball, W Macmahon
Japan Enemy or Ally?  £14.00 
Stuart, Anderson
The Majority of the Medical School of the University of Sydney, being an Account of the Rise and Progress of the School.  £20.00 
Baker, George
Petrology of the No 3 Tunnel, Kiewa Hydro-Electric Scheme, Bogong, Victoria.  £14.00 
Cesaro, G
Sur une Méthode simple pour chercher la Variation de l'Angle d'Extinction dans les différentes Faces d'une mème zone. Application a la Zone verticale de l'Axinite.  £12.00 
Baker, George
The Present State of Knowledge of the "Age on Earth" and the "Age of Formation" of Australites.  £16.00 
Edwards, A B
The San Remo Peninsula.  £14.00 
Edwards, A B
The North-West Coast of Tasmania.  £14.00 
Kleeman, A W
The Nature and Origin of the so-called Diorite Inclusions in the Granite of Granite Island.  £12.00 
Steiner, A
Petrogenic Implications of the 1954 Ngauruhoe Lava and its Xenoliths.  £12.00 
Baker, George
Cause of Wear in Sheeps' Teeth.  £12.00 
Bartrum, J A
The Igneous Rocks of North Auckland, New Zealand.  £16.00 
Coombs, D S
The Geology of the Northern Taringatura Hills, Southland.  £12.00 
Bryan, W H
An Unusual Tourmaline-Albite Rock from Enoggera, Queensland.  £12.00 
Conacher, H R J
Coorongite and its Occurrence.  £14.00 
Joplin, Germaine
The Ben Bullen Plutonic Complex, NSW.  £8.00 
Chapman, F
Thiele, A O
On a Limburgite Rock Occuring as a Vulcanic Plug at Balwyn, near Doncaster.  £12.00 
Edwards, A B
Baker, G
The Composition of the Lead-Zinc Ores at Captain's Flat, NSW II.  £24.00 
Joplin, Germaine
Collection of Four Offprints: Lawsonite in New Caledonia, Magnesian Limestones at Ben Bullen, Diorite Limestone, Ben Bullen Plutonic Complex.  £18.00 
Goldrick, J V P
Naval Officer Training. A Comparative Study.  £28.00 
Harker, Janet
Ephemeroptera of Eastern Australia.  £8.00 
Katzenellenbogen, Simon
Southern African Mining Interests in Australia before 1939.  £8.00 
Duggan, Eileen
Correspondence School Book of Verse, 1937.  £18.00 
Tooley, R V
One Hundred Foreign Maps of Australia 1773-1887. Map Collectors' Series No 12.  £16.00 
Edwards, A B
On the Occurrence of Almandine Garnets in some Devonian Igneous Rocks in Victoria.  £14.00 
Moyles, Richard
Tongan Music.  £90.00 
Bishop, D G
The Geology of the Clinton District, South Otago.  £20.00 
Wright, J B
Iron-Titanium Oxides in some New Zealand Ironsands.  £12.00 
Jones, H A
Marine Geology of the Northwest Australian Continental Shelf.  £26.00 
Sheats, Paul
A Report on University Adult Education in Australia and New Zealand.  £10.00 
Cumberland, K B
Southwest Pacific: A Geography of Australia, New Zealand, and their Pacific Island Neighbourhoods. First Edition.  £16.00 
Crone, G R
The Explorers: An Anthology of Discovery.  £12.00 
No Author Argument of Empire.  £12.00 
MacDonald, J R
Geography of New Zealand.  £10.00 
Baker, Richard
Smith, Henry
A Research on the Pines of Australia.  £120.00 
Chandrasekhar, S
Asia's Population Problems: With a discussion of population and immigration in Australia.  £18.00 
Kay, Rupert
Westland's Golden Century 1860 - 1960. An Official Souvenir of Westland's Centenary.  £14.00 
Henderson, R F
Principles of Monetary Policy.  £7.00 
Henderson, R F
Monetary Policy in Australia, 1960 - 1961.  £7.00 
Beckwith, Martha
Polynesian Anthropological Studies. A collection of special articles by various authors, issued in the Polynesian Journal during 1940, the Centennial year of European and Hexacentennial Year of the "Fleet" Maori occupation of New Zealand.  £36.00 
Dutton, Geoffrey
Modern Australian Writing.  £10.00 
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