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Goldrick, J V P
Naval Officer Training. A Comparative Study.  £28.00 
Harker, Janet
Ephemeroptera of Eastern Australia.  £8.00 
Katzenellenbogen, Simon
Southern African Mining Interests in Australia before 1939.  £8.00 
Duggan, Eileen
Correspondence School Book of Verse, 1937.  £18.00 
Tooley, R V
One Hundred Foreign Maps of Australia 1773-1887. Map Collectors' Series No 12.  £16.00 
Edwards, A B
On the Occurrence of Almandine Garnets in some Devonian Igneous Rocks in Victoria.  £14.00 
Moyles, Richard
Tongan Music.  £90.00 
Bishop, D G
The Geology of the Clinton District, South Otago.  £20.00 
Wright, J B
Iron-Titanium Oxides in some New Zealand Ironsands.  £12.00 
Jones, H A
Marine Geology of the Northwest Australian Continental Shelf.  £26.00 
Sheats, Paul
A Report on University Adult Education in Australia and New Zealand.  £10.00 
Cumberland, K B
Southwest Pacific: A Geography of Australia, New Zealand, and their Pacific Island Neighbourhoods. First Edition.  £16.00 
Crone, G R
The Explorers: An Anthology of Discovery.  £12.00 
No Author Argument of Empire.  £12.00 
MacDonald, J R
Geography of New Zealand.  £10.00 
Baker, Richard
Smith, Henry
A Research on the Pines of Australia.  £120.00 
Chandrasekhar, S
Asia's Population Problems: With a discussion of population and immigration in Australia.  £18.00 
Kay, Rupert
Westland's Golden Century 1860 - 1960. An Official Souvenir of Westland's Centenary.  £14.00 
Henderson, R F
Principles of Monetary Policy.  £7.00 
Henderson, R F
Monetary Policy in Australia, 1960 - 1961.  £7.00 
Beckwith, Martha
Polynesian Anthropological Studies. A collection of special articles by various authors, issued in the Polynesian Journal during 1940, the Centennial year of European and Hexacentennial Year of the "Fleet" Maori occupation of New Zealand.  £36.00 
Dutton, Geoffrey
Modern Australian Writing.  £10.00 
MacInnes, Colin
June in her Spring.  £20.00 
Nolan, Sidney
Nolan's Gallipoli.  £11.00 
Gifford, J K
Australian Banking.  £12.00 
Starke, J G
The Australian Law Journal. Volume 64, No 10.  £12.00 
Nossal, G J V
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research: Annual Review 1979 - 1980.  £14.00 
Love, Wilton
Intercolonial Medical Congress of Australasia. Transactions of the Fifth Session Held in Brisbane, Queensland, September, 1899.  £68.00 
Pockley, F A
Australasian Medical Congress Transactions of the Ninth Session, Held in Sydney, New South Wales, September 1911. In Two Volumes, Volume 2 only.  £60.00 
Nimmo, J F
Australia and New Zealand Developments in Trade and Finance. A Lecture delivered on Wednesday, December 8, 1948, in the Beaver Hall of the Hudson's Bay Company.  £10.00 
Macintyre, Martha
Recent Australian Feminist History (Paper in History Workshop: A Journal of Socialist Historians, No. 5, 1978)  £10.00 
Gillies, William
Nature Studies in Australia. Revised Edition.  £15.00 
Eddy, W H C
Orr. First Edition.  £16.00 
Champion, L G
Outlook for Christianity.  £8.00 
Woldendorp, Richard
Walkabout in Australia.  £12.00 
Fallding, Harold
Word of the Tangling Fire. First Edition Inscribed.  £14.00 
Lipson, Reg
The Living Ocean.  £28.00 
Pizzey, Graham
The Story of Australian Birds.  £28.00 
Gordon, Adam Lindsay
Poems: Sea Spray and Smoke Drift, Bush Ballads and Galloping Rhymes, Miscellaneous Poems, Ashtaroth: A Dramatic Lyric, The Roll of the Kettledrum (Illustrated). First Edition.  £24.00 
Tew, Brian
Wealth and Income: An Analysis of the Economic and Financial Systems of Australia and Great Britain.  £7.00 
Leonard, John
Contemporary Australian Poetry. An Anthology.  £16.00 
Crocker, W R
Australian Ambassador.  £16.00 
Wellman, H W
The Geology between Bruce Bay and Haast River south Westland.  £32.00 
Russo, Perce
Learn or Teach Australian Swimming Methods.  £14.00 
Kirk, R L
The Distribution of Genetic Markers in Australian Aborigines.  £12.00 
Turnbull, Clive
Jack, Kenneth
The Charm of Hobart.  £8.00 
Oxford Duden
A Series of 12 Early Australian Prints Illustrating the First 50 Years of Australia's History.  £35.00 
Stannard, Bruce
Australia II: The Official Record.  £40.00 
Lehmann, John
New Poems from Australia, Ed. Charles Osborne, (The London Magazine, Vol 6, No 1, 1959)  £8.00 
Keegan, Desmond
Naidu, Som
Mitchell, Ian
Distance Education. Journal of the Australian and South Pacific External Studies Association / Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia. Vol 5 (1984) - Vol 23 (2002)  £240.00 
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