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New Zealand
Land of the Mist: The Story of Urewera National Park.  £12.00 
Currie, George
Report of the Commission on Education in New Zealand.  £46.00 
Tate, Frank
Some Lessons from Rural Denmark. Being Results of Observations made during an Official Visit to Europe in 1923.  £36.00 
Filer, Colin
Research in Melanesia. Volume 18, 1994.  £12.00 
Bellwood, Peter
Indo-Pacific Prehistory 1990. Proceedings of the 14th Congress Held at Yogyakarta. Vol 1 & 2.  £30.00 
Stembridge, Jasper
The British Isles. The New Oxford Geographies 4, Part 2.  £8.00 
Gibbs, Adrian
Meischke, Roger
Pests and Parasites as Migrants.  £16.00 
Hardy, Margaret
Carter, H B
Studies in the Biology of the Skin and Fleece of Sheep. Part 4: Merino Foetus. (Commonwealth of Australia, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Bulletin 215)  £10.00 
Hardy, Margaret
The Group Arrangement of Hair Follicles in the Mammalian Skin. Part 1: Notes on the Follicle Group Arrangement in Thirteen Australian Maruspials.  £10.00 
Lipski, Sam
Soviet Jewry and the Australian Communist Party. Documents.  £8.00 
Noack, F W
The Theory of Evolution in the Light of Scripture and Nature.  £12.00 
Australian Pastors
Quiet Moments: A Collection of Devotional Meditations, one for each day of the year.  £18.00 
Priebbenow, C
The E.L.C.A. [Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia] at the Crossroads in 1965. A Report on two pressing problems, compiled especially for laymen and issued by the Parish Education Committee.  £14.00 
Shelley, J E
The Evolution Question.  £10.00 
Stembridge, Jasper
The Southern Continents. The New Oxford Geographies 2.  £8.00 
Arndt, H W
A Course Through Life, Memoirs of an Australian Economist.  £12.00 
Miley, Caroline
Trinity College Chapel, An Appreciation.  £12.00 
Dakin, William
The Great Barrier Reef. And Some Mention of Other Australian Coral Reefs.  £8.00 
Lipsey, R G
World Inflation.  £8.00 
Groves, R H
Australian Vegetation.  £48.00 
Ivory, Michael
Essential Explorere: Australia.  £8.00 
Cleverley, John
The First Generation. School and Society in Early Australia.  £8.00 
Coombs, H C
The Return of Scarcity. Strategies for an Economic Future.  £10.00 
Roderick, Colin
Australian Round - Up. Stories from 1790 to 1950. Illustrated by Broadhurst.  £8.00 
Morgan, Sally
My Place.  £12.00 
Gerson, Noel
The Imposter.  £10.00 
Porter, Hal
The Paper Chase.  £14.00 
Douglas, John
Australian Painting Today.  £8.00 
Murray, Denise
Integrating Citizenship Content in Teaching Adult Immigrants English: An Evaluation of Let's Participate: A Course in Australian Citizenship.  £12.00 
Marshall, Alan
These Were my Tribesmen.  £8.00 
Milan, F A
The Human Biology of Circumpolar Populations.  £32.00 
Smith, Margaret
New Keyneton Recipe Book.  £6.00 
Owen, M
Wyborn, D
Geology and Geochemistry of the Tantangara and Brindabella Area.  £14.00 
O'Loghlen, Frank
Beef Cattle in Australia: A Survey of the Australian Beef Cattle.  £5.00 
Irving, Helen
The Centenary Companion to Australian Federation.  £28.00 
No Author Wellington Guide April 1967.  £5.00 
Prest, Wilfrid
The Economics of Federal - State Finance. The Joseph Fisher Lecture in Commerce Given in Adelaide on September 2, 1954.  £7.00 
Scott, W J
Reading, Film and Radio. Tastes of High School Boys and Girls.  £12.00 
Neutze, G M
Economic Policy and the Size of Cities.  £6.00 
Hunter, George
The Economics of Australian Industry. Studies in Environment and Structure.  £5.00 
Walker, E Ronald
The Australian Economy in War and Reconstruction.  £16.00 
Challen, D W
Hagger, A J
Modelling the Australian Economy.  £12.00 
Andrees Allgemeiner Handatlas
Australien. [Map of Australia.] single double sized map in colour from Andrees Allgemeiner Handatlas, 4th Edition, Ed. A Scobel. Scale: 1:10.000.000.  £9.00 
Perry, Grace
Poetry Australia. No 7, December 1965.  £4.00 
Perry, Grace
Poetry Australia. No 6, October 1965.  £4.00 
Poetry Society of Australia
Poetry Magazine. No 4, 1963. (The Poetry Society of Australia)  £4.00 
Perry, Grace
Poetry Australia No 35.  £4.00 
Campbell, A E
Educating New Zealand.  £8.00 
University of Melbourne
Chai: Criticism, Heresy and Interpretation. Volume 1, No 1. Anthropology.  £5.00 
Hagger, A J
Price Stability, Growth and Balance. Australia's Economic Objectives.  £8.00 
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