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Zlatarski, Vasil Nikolov
Balgarija pod Vizantijsko Vladicestvo (1018 - 1187)  £68.00 
Todorov, Nikolai
Osvoboditelnata borba na Balgarite v Makedonija i Odrinsko 1902 / 1904: Diplomaticeski dokumenti = La lutte de Liberation des Bulgares de Macedoine et de la Region d'Andrinople 1902 - 1904.  £86.00 
Cuk, Ruza
Srbija i Venecija u XIII i XIV Veku. / Serbia and Venice in the 13th and 14th Century.  £40.00 
Cubrilovic, Vasa
Verre Medieval aux Balkans. Srednjovekovno staklo na Balkanu: V - XV vek.  £86.00 
Bajraktarevic, Fehim
Dubrovacka Arabica. Les Documents Arabes aux Archives d'Etat a Dubrovnik.  £46.00 
Lisicar, Vicko
Lopud: Historicki i Savremeni Prikaz.  £18.00 
Fiskovic, Cvito
Prvi Poznati Dubrovacki Graditelji.  £36.00 
Pelekanides, Stylianos
Syntagma ton Palaiokhristianikon Psephidoton Dapedon tes Hellados, 1.  £86.00 
Bokotopulos, Panagiotes
He Ekklesiastike Architektonike eis ten Dytiken Sterean Hellada kai ten Epeiron: Apo tu telus tu 7. mechri tu telus tu 10. Aionos.  £86.00 
Thiriet, Freddy
La Romanie Vénétienne au moyen âge: Le développement et l'exploitation du domaine colonial Vénitien, 12e - 15e siècles.  £28.00 
Thiriet, Freddy
Régestes des Délibérations du Sénat de Venise Concernant la Romanie (Volume 1 ONLY)  £24.00 
Yavuz, Hakan
Islamic Political Identity in Turkey.  £64.00 
Lucic, Josip
Dubrovacki Horizonti, No 28, 1988. Ovaj Broj Posvecen Je 20. Godisnjici Naseg Drustva.  £18.00 
Tenèze, Marie-Louise
Hüllen, Georg
Begegnung der Völker im Märchen. Rencontre des peuples dans le conte. Band 1: Frankreich - Deutschland. France - Allemagne.  £18.00 
Motley, John
The Rise of the Dutch Republic.  £34.00 
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Dawn of Modern Banking.  £36.00 
Mickiewicz, Adam
Grazyna. Novella lituana. Traduzione dal polacco con proemio e note di A. Palmieri ed uno studio di Roman Pollak.  £24.00 
Chiappelli, Fredi
The Fairest Flower: The Emergence of Linguistic National Consciousness in Renaissance Europe. International Conference of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of California.  £36.00 
Stern, Bernhard
Medizin, Aberglaube und Geschlechtsleben in der Türkei. Mit Berücksichtigung der moslemischen Nachbarländer und der ehemaligen Vasallenstaaten. Volume 1 ONLY.  £58.00 
Knoop, Otto
Volkssagen, Erzählungen Aberglauben, Gebräuche und Märchen aus dem östlichen Hinterpommern.  £58.00 
Millien, Achille
Chants Populaires de la Grèce, de la Serbie et du Monténégro.  £68.00 
Chiappelli, Fredi
The Fairest Flower: The Emergence of Linguistic National Consciousness in Renaissance Europe. International Conference of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of California.  £24.00 
No Author Bolzano or Botzen. Alto Adige Horizons Old and New.  £16.00 
Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Italy
German-Speaking Inhabitants of the Alto-Adige.  £24.00 
Macmillan, Margaret
The War that Ended Peace. The Road to 1914.  £14.00 
Wilkins, Adam
Holland, Frank
O, for the Wings of a Dove. The Life of Frank "Dutch" Holland.  £52.00 
Ure, John
Prince Henry the Navigator.  £8.00 
Merriman, Henry Seton
Barlasch of the Guard.  £12.00 
Williams, Hywel
Emperor of the West.  £14.00 
Neruda, Pablo
44 Poetas Rumanos Traducidos por Pablo Neruda.  £36.00 
Frank, Istvan
Trouvères et Minnesänger. Recueil de textes pour servir a l'étude des rapports entre la poésie lyrique romane et le minnesang au XIIième siècle.  £12.00 
Hindley, Geoffrey
The Medieval Establishment 1200 - 1500.  £8.00 
Coulton, G G
The Chronicler of European Chivalry. "Studio" Special Winter Number.  £12.00 
James, John
Almanach de Gotha 2013. Volume 1: Parts 1 and 2.  £64.00 
Dafis, Spyros
Rehabilitation of the Degraded Forest Ecosystems. International Meeting of Professors of Silviculture August 28 - September 3, 1989 Chania. Proceedings. Division 1: Forest Environment and Silviculture.  £28.00 
Spender, Stephen
Hamilton, Alastair
The Appeal of Fascism. A Study of Intellectuals and Fascism 1919 - 1945.  £36.00 
Jankowski, Paul
Verdun. The Longest Battle of the Great War.  £22.00 
Harris, Tim
Taylor, Stephen
The Final Crisis of the Stuart Monarchy. The Revolutions of 1688 - 91 in Their British, Atlantic, and European Contexts.  £74.00 
Young, Ernest
Ecclesiastical Colony. China's Catholic Church and the French Religious Protectorate.  £56.00 
Nehring, Holger
Politics of Security. British and West German Protest Movements and the Early Cold War, 1945-1970.  £88.00 
Cabantous, Alain
Le Dimanche, Une Histoire. Europe Occidentale (1600-1830)  £18.00 
Swenson, Astrid
The Rise of Heritage. Preserving the Past in France, Germany, and England, 1789-1914.  £58.00 
Jankowski, Tomek
Eastern Europe! Everything You Need to Know About the History (And More) of a Region that Shaped Our World and Still Does.  £16.00 
Schui, Florian
Rebellious Prussians. Urban Political Culture Under Frederick the Great and His Successors.  £66.00 
Service, Hugo
Germans to Poles. Communism, Nationalism, and Ethnic Cleansing after the Second World War.  £54.00 
Eddie, S A
Freedom's Price. Serfdom, Subjection, and Reform in Prussia, 1648 - 1848.  £70.00 
Vester, Matthew
Sabaudian Studies. Political Culture, Dynasty, and Territory, 1400 - 1700.  £36.00 
Goldsworthy, Vesna
Inventing Ruritania. The Imperialism of the Imagination.  £14.00 
Daly, Gavin
The British Soldier in the Peninsular War. Encounters with Spain and Portugal, 1808-1814.  £60.00 
Cobb, Stephen
Preparing for Blockade 1885 - 1914. Naval Contingency for Economic Warfare.  £102.00 
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