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Vanderputten, Steven
Imagining Religious Leadership in the Middle Ages. Richard of Saint-Vanne and the Politics of Reform.  £28.00 
Stauter-Halsted, Keely
The Devil's Chain. Prostitution and Social Control in Partitioned Poland.  £28.00 
Allen, W S
Vox Graeca. The Pronunciation of Classical Greek.  £14.00 
Black, Matthew
Aland, Kurt
Martini, Carlo
The Greek New Testament.  £12.00 
Orthbandt, Eberhard
Die Zeit der Staufer.  £14.00 
Gibbons, Michael
Barre, Remi
Science in Tomorrow's Europe.  £10.00 
Thomas, Shirley
Greetings from Malta.  £18.00 
McAulay, Lex
Against All Odds. RAAF Pilots in the Battle for Malta 1942.  £16.00 
Hofer, Tamas
Fel, Edit
Art Populaire Hongrois.  £46.00 
de Rivas, Michel
The Swiss Banknote 1907 - 1997. Le Billet de Banque Suisse 1907 - 1997.  £360.00 
Pounds, N J G
An Historical Geography of Europe 450 BC - AD 1330.  £24.00 
Cinotti, Mia
Tout l'oeuvre peint de Bruegel L'Ancien.  £14.00 
Cinotti, Mia
Tout l'oeuvre peint de Jérome Bosch.  £16.00 
Vandevivere, Ignace
Juan de Flandes. Europalia 85, Espana.  £22.00 
Taylor, Margaret
Greek Philosophy. An Introduction.  £10.00 
Roberts-Jones, Philippe
150 Ans d'Art Belge dans les Collections des Musée Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique.  £10.00 
Aktan, Resat
Analysis and Assessment of the Economic Effects. Public Law 480 Tile I Program.  £26.00 
Stejskal, Karel
Velislai Biblia Picta.  £68.00 
Fauchereau, Serge
Kupka.  £52.00 
Mavropoulou-Tsioumi, C
Thessaloniki and its Monuments.  £36.00 
Scrase, David
The Golden Century. Dutch Master Drawings from the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.  £22.00 
Shaw, James Byam
Guardi, Tiepolo, and Canaletto from the Royal Museum, Canterbury and Elsewhere.  £32.00 
Christopher Hull Gallery
Renos Loizou. An Exhibtion of Paintings 1987.  £24.00 
Christopher Hull Gallery
Renos Loizou. An Exhibtion of Paintings 1989.  £28.00 
British and European Art. Tuesday 21 March 2017. Knightsbridge, London.  £10.00 
Braham, Allan
Rubens. Themes and Painters in the Natioanl Gallery, Number 8.  £6.00 
Langenohl, Andreas
Town Twinning, Transnational Connections, and Trans-Local Citizenship Practices in Europe.  £56.00 
Victoria & Albert Museum
The Art of Lee Miller. 15 September 2007 - 6 January 2008.  £18.00 
Fowler, Peter
Farming in the First Millennium AD. British Agriculture between Julius Caesar and William the Conqueror.  £22.00 
Fram.  £8.00 
Cockfield, Arthur
The European Union. Creating the Single Market.  £48.00 
Rethinking International Trade.  £14.00 
Usherwood, Stephen
War With France. History Work Unit 13. Autumn Term 1965. A Series of broadcasts provided by the BBC for the Schools Broadcasting Council for the United Kingdom.  £10.00 
Malaparte, Curzio
The Volga Rises in Europe.  £10.00 
Leigh, Norman
Thirteen Against the Bank.  £8.00 
Ortega y Gasset, José
The Revolt of the Masses.  £8.00 
Andrzeyevski, George
Ashes and Diamonds.  £8.00 
Moore, Lynden
The Growth and Structure of International Trade Since the Second World War.  £10.00 
Seers, Dudley
The Second Enlargment of the EEC in Historical Perspective.  £10.00 
Hallam, Henry
View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages.  £26.00 
Donaldson, Gordon
The Auld Alliance: The Franco-Scottish Connection.  £22.00 
Sandoval, Jose
Azcarate, Manuel
Spain 1936 - 1939.  £10.00 
Commission of the European Communities
The European Community: Member States, Regions, and Administrative Units.  £14.00 
Poole, David
Readman, Peter
Davies, Jonathan
Hoare, Michael
The European Money Puzzle.  £26.00 
Taylor, Paul
The Limits of European Integration.  £28.00 
Anderson, Perry
Socialism and Pseudo-Empiricism. New Left Review Number 35.  £8.00 
Jugoslavenske Akademije Znanosti I Umjetnosti
Rad Jugoslavenske Akademije Znanosti i Umjetnosti. Knjiga 397.  £22.00 
Jones, E L
Woolf, S J
Agrarian Change and Economic Development. The Historical Problems.  £12.00 
Talbot, Ross
The Four World Food Agencies in Rome.  £48.00 
Clay, Edward
Shaw, John
World Food Aid. Experiences of Recipients and Donors.  £16.00 
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