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No Author Membership of the European Communities.  £12.00 
No Author Legal and Constitutional Implications of United Kingdom Membership of the European Communities.  £14.00 
Lewis, Harrison
Lewis, Hilda Bruhm
Ancient Malta. A Study of Its Antiquities.  £8.00 
Muller, Max
Souvenir Book of Switzerland.  £6.00 
Mompalo de Piro, Joseph
The Amateur Gardener in Malta.  £8.00 
Sultana, Joe
Gauci, Charles
Ingram, Rodney
A New Guide to the Birds of Malta.  £10.00 
Storace, Joseph
Lost Treasures of the Past: The Hand of the Baptist (Essay in Heritage: An Encyclopedia of Maltese Culture and Civilization, April 1983)  £8.00 
Steiner, George
Karl Kraus and Period - Piece Love. (Encounter, January 1975, Volume 44, No 1)  £10.00 
Gumnior, Helmut
Däniken and His Flying Machines. (Encounter, June 1977, Volume 48, No 6)  £10.00 
Miroiu, Mihai
English - Rumanian Conversation Book.  £16.00 
Laferla, A V
British Malta. Volume 1: 1800 - 1872. With an Introduction by Sir Harry Luke, Lieutenant-Governer of Malta.  £120.00 
Bennett, Peter
Good Clinical Practice and Ethics in European Drug Research.  £10.00 
Burnet, G
Some Letters Containing an Account of What Seemed Most Remarkable in Switzerland, Italy, &c. .  £88.00 
Maurois, André
Malte.  £8.00 
Newman, Michael
Britain and the European Economic Community: Effects of Membership.  £10.00 
Bittlestone, Marie
The European Community and the Third World: The Lomé Agreement.  £10.00 
Central Office of Information
British Membership of the European Community.  £10.00 
Great Britain
The United Kingdom and the European Communities. Presented to Parliament by the Prime Minister by Command of Her Majesty, July 1971.  £10.00 
Great Britain
Britain and the European Communities. An Economic Assessment.  £8.00 
Thomas, Alfred
The Czech Chivalric Romances Vévoda Arnost and Lavryn in their Literary Context.  £36.00 
Foreign Office
Direct Elections to the European Assembly.  £14.00 
Hazard, Paul
La Crise de la Conscience Européenne (1680 - 1715).  £56.00 
Fitchett, W H
How England Saved Europe: The Story of the Great War (1793 - 1815) in four Volumes, Volume 2 (ONLY): The Struggle for the Sea.  £20.00 
European Union of Federalists
European Federation Now.  £20.00 
Marvin, F S
Science and Civilization. Essays Arranged and Edited by F S Marvin.  £14.00 
No Author Deutsche Handel- und Wirtschafts- Hochschule in Aussig.  £24.00 
Bautier, Robert-Henri
The Economic Development of Medieval Europe.  £8.00 
Lengyel, Jozsef
The Bridgebuilders.  £16.00 
Crouzet, Francois
Léon, Pierre
L'Industrialisation en Europe au XIXe Siècle. Cartographie et Typologie. Lyon 7-10 Octobre 1970.  £28.00 
Juillard, Etienne
La Région: Contribution à une Géographie Générale des Espaces Régionaux.  £24.00 
Kayser, Bernard
Exode Rural et Attraction Urbaine en Grèce.  £46.00 
Dussart, F
L'Habitat et les Paysages Ruraux d'Europe. Comptes rendus du Symposium tenu a Liege du 29 Juin au 5 Juillet 1969.  £24.00 
Lauterpacht, E
The Contemporary Practice of the United Kingdom in the Field of International Law - 1962.  £24.00 
Boult, K F
Asgard and the Norse Heroes Retold.  £16.00 
Barker, Ernest
Clark, George
The European Inheritance. 3 Volumes.  £28.00 
Dasent, George Webbe
The Story of Burnt Njal from the Icelandic of the Njals Saga.  £14.00 
Sismondi, J C L Simonde de
A History of the Italian Republics being a View of the Origin Progress and Fall of Italian Freedom.  £12.00 
Carlyle, Thomas
Sartor Resartus. On Hero Worship and the Heroic in History.  £12.00 
Sturlason, Snorre
Heimskringla. The Olaf Sagas.  £14.00 
No Author Svetova Literatura. No 3, 1969.  £18.00 
Somlyo, Györgi
Arion 3.  £24.00 
Havel, Vaclav
Dálkový Výslech: Rozhovor s Karlem Hvízdalou.  £68.00 
Armenian National Committee
The Frontier Between Armenia and Turkey as Decided by President Woodrow Wilson, November 22, 1920.  £24.00 
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
Documents Regarding the Situation in Greece, January 1945.  £12.00 
No Author The Dollar Gap: Six Special Articles and a Controversial Series of Letters to the Editor Reprinted from The Times.  £14.00 
Royal Institute of International Affairs
South-Eastern Europe. A Brief Survey.  £14.00 
Fryde, E B
The Great Revolt of 1381.  £6.00 
Norman, Diana
Siena, Florence and Padua. Art, Society and Religion 1280 - 1400. Volume 1: Interpretative Essays.  £14.00 
Stearns, Peter
Old Age in European Society.  £8.00 
Open University
A207 From Enlightenment to Romanticism, c. 1780 - 1830.  £16.00 
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