Books by Rouse, Mary

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The Florilegium Angelicum: Its Origin, Content and Influence.

55p offprint, well preserved, with appendix


John of Salisbury and the Doctrine of Tyrannicide.

14p essay, stapled booklet, very good copy


The Medieval Circulation of the De Chorographia of Pomponius Mela.

50p offprint, white cover, very well preserved, as new


The Texts Called Lumen Anime.

113p offprint from Archivum Fratrum Praedicatorum, with plate, very well preserved, with library ...


The Vocabulary of Wax Tablets.

12p essay, for sale is the entire issue of Harvard Library Bulletin (Vol 1, No 3) for 1990, larger ...


Statim Invenire. Schools, Preachers and New Attitudes to the Page.

15p offprint, faint green paper cover, stapled, a very good copy


viii 518p green cloth with gilt décor fresh and tight, as new, with illustrations, error ...


Biblical Distinctiones in the Thirteenth Century.

12p offprint, brown card cover, very good (from Archives d'Histoire Doctrinale et Litteraire du ...


xxxiv 597p burgundy cloth fresh, transparent jacket present, gilt lettering to spine, clean and ...


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