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Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
The Journal of the Ministry of Agriculture. Volume 49, Number 3, December 1942.  £18.00 
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
The Journal of the Ministry of Agriculture. Volume 49, Number 2, September 1942.  £16.00 
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
The Journal of the Ministry of Agriculture. Volume 49, Number 1, June 1942.  £18.00 
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
The Journal of the Ministry of Agriculture. Volume 48, Number 1, June 1941.  £20.00 
Food and Agriculture Organization
United Nations, Food and Agriculture Organization. A Collection of 7 UK Government Pamphlets.  £36.00 
Bamforth, A W
Industrial Crystallization.  £16.00 
Bercé, Yves-Marie
History of Peasant Revolts. The Social Origins of Rebellion in Early Modern France.  £10.00 
Jefferies, Richard
A Classic of English Farming. Hodge and his Masters.  £8.00 
Urton, N R
Guide to the Indigenous Trees of the Eastern Cape.  £18.00 
Williams, Watkin
Genetical Principles and Plant Breeding.  £14.00 
Rayner, A A
Saunders, A R
Statistical Methods, with Special Reference to Field Experiments (Third and Revised Edition).  £14.00 
Molitoris, H P
Fungal Viruses: XIIth International Congress of Microbiology, Mycology Section, Munich, 3-8 September, 1978.  £20.00 
Tompkins, R G
Ditton and Covent Garden Laboratories. Ditton Laboratories. Annual Reports.  £56.00 
Maxwell-Lefroy, Harold
Scale Insects of the West Indies.  £15.00 
Tadesse, Zenebeworke
Women and Technological Development in Agriculture: An Overview of the Problems of Developing Countries.  £18.00 
Querrien, Armelle
Parcellaires Antiques et Médiévaux du Berry. (Journal des Savants)  £28.00 
Scott, J W Robertson
The Countryman: A Quarterly Non-Party Review and Miscellany of Rural Life and Industry (October - December 1934)  £20.00 
Rackham, Oliver
The History of the Countryside.  £8.00 
Cushing, D H
Marine Ecology and Fisheries.  £14.00 
Chisholm, Michael
Rural Settlement and Land Use.  £16.00 
Saxena, K G
Land Management in Marginal Mountain Regions: Adaptation and Vulnerability to Global Change.  £56.00 
Watts, Sheldon
A Social History of Western Europe, 1450 - 1720: Tensions and Solidarities Among Rural People.  £8.00 
Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Farmer Boy.  £8.00 
Duncker, Georg
Variation-Statistics in Zoology. (Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress, Vol 15, No 93, 1899)  £16.00 
Smith, Robert
On the Study of Plant Association (Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress, Vol 14, No 84, 1899)  £20.00 
Axe, Wortley
The Horse: Its Treatment in Health and Disease, with a Complete Guide to Breeding, Training and Management. Volume 1 (ONLY)  £16.00 
Barclays Bank DCO
Wool.  £10.00 
Whitlock, Ralph
Thinking About Rural Development.  £10.00 
Richardson, H G
Historical Revision No C: The Medieval Plough Team.  £6.00 
Baumgaertner, J U
Ives, P M
Coccinellids (Coleoptera) and Aphids (Homoptera)  £18.00 
Lebeau, R
La Vie Rurale dans les Montagnes du Jura Méridional: Étude de Géographie Humaine.  £46.00 
Julliard, Etienne
Structures Agraires et Paysages Ruraux: Un Quart de Siècle de Recherches Françaises; publié à l'occasion du Colloque International de Géographie et d'Histoire Agraires, Nancy 1957.  £24.00 
Gottmann, Jean
Documents pour Servir a l'Étude de la Structure Agraire dans la Moitie Occidentale de la France.  £24.00 
Houée, Paul
Les Étapes du Développement Rural. 1: Une Longue Évolution (1815 - 1950). 2: La Révolution Contemporaine (1950 - 1970)  £20.00 
No Author I Paesaggi Rurali Europei. Atti del Convegno Internazionale Indetto a Perugia dal 7 al 12 Maggio 1973 dalla Conférence Europèenne Permanente pour l'Etude du Paysage Rural.  £34.00 
Lubbock, David
The Boyd Orr View - From the Old World to the New, with Proposal for Action to Banish Hunger. The late Lord Boyd Orr's Testament by David Lubbock.  £24.00 
Lambton, Ann
Landlord and Peasant in Persia: A Study of Land Tenure and Land Revenue Administration.  £20.00 
Agricultural Economics Research Institute
Country Planning: A Study of Rural Problems.  £8.00 
James, N D G
Tree Felling on Active Service.  £14.00 
Jenkin, Penelope
Oxygen Production by the Diatom Coscinodiscus Excentricus Ehr. in Relation to Submarine Illumination in the English Channel.  £10.00 
Snedecor, George
Cochran, William
Statistical Methods Applied to Experiments in Agriculture and Biology. Fifth Edition.  £24.00 
Dixon, Bernard
The Microbe: Friend and Foe. Special Issue of Impact of Science on Society.  £10.00 
Chasseloup Laubat, F de
François Fresneau, Seigneur de la Gataudière, Père du Caoutchouc.  £14.00 
Bicha, Karel Denis
The Plains Farmer and the Prairie Province Frontier, 1897 - 1914.  £24.00 
Ricou, Laurie
Salal. Listening for the Northwest Understory.  £12.00 
Howard, Louise
Labour in Agriculture. An International Survey.  £14.00 
Garrier, G
Paysans du Beaujolais et du Lyonnais 1800 - 1970 Tome 1 et Tome 2.  £46.00 
Phlipponneau, Michel
La Vie Rurale de la Banlieue Parisienne. Etude de Géographie Humaine.  £28.00 
Piggins, D
Animal Awareness: Concepts and Implications for Domesticated Animals. Special Issue of "Applied Animal Behaviour Science".  £8.00 
Mattone, Antonello
Simbula, Pinuccia
La Pastorizia Mediterranea. Storia e Diritto secoli XI - XX.  £78.00 
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