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Hoffmann, E T A
Lebens-Ansichten des Katers Murr nebst fragmentarischer Biographie des Kapellmeisters Johannes Kreisler in zufälligen Makulaturblättern. (Ausgewählte Schriften, Band 8)  £340.00 
Fleuron, Svend
Tillip. Die Geschichte einer Buntspechtfamilie.  £16.00 
Ringelnatz, Joachim
Tiere, Gedichte von Joachim Ringelnatz mit dreizehn Zeichnungen von Renee Sintenis.  £12.00 
Guertik, H
Animals I Like. For Very Young Children.  £10.00 
Chagas, Carlos
Linden, Rafael
Working Group on: Developmental Neurobiology of Mammals: [Vatican City] June 3 - 7, 1985.  £34.00 
Simmons, M L
Brick, J O
The Laboratory Mouse: Selection and Management.  £18.00 
Owen, Dawn
Common Parasites of Laboratory Rodents and Lagomorphs.  £16.00 
Shipley, Arthur
The Minor Horrors of War.  £36.00 
de la Gombaudiére, Boilève
Nos Compagnons Les Chats.  £14.00 
Brehm, Alfred
Die Vögel. Neubearbeitung von William Marshall. 4 Volumes.  £86.00 
Brehm, Alfred
Die Säugetiere. Neubearbeitung von Ludwig Heck. Vol 1: Kloakentiere - Beuteltiere -Insektenfresser - Flattertiere - Erdferkel - Schuppentiere - Xenarthra.  £30.00 
Brehm, Alfred
Die niederen Tiere: Einzeller, Schwämme, Hohltiere, Würmer, Muschellinge, Stachelhäuter, Weichtiere und Krebse. Neu bearbeitet von Viktor Franz etc.  £40.00 
Brehm, Alfred
Die Fische. Unter Mitwirkung von Viktor Franz neubearbeitet von Otto Steche.  £36.00 
Brehm, Alfred
Die Lurche und Kriechtiere. Neubearbeitet von Franz Werner. Vol 1: Lurche und Kriechtiere (Brückenechsen, Schildkröten, Panzerechsen), Vol 2: Kriechtiere (Schuppenkriechtiere)  £60.00 
Gruber, Alain
Vögel / Oiseaux. Vogeldarstellungen auf Textilien vom 13. bis zum 20. Jahrhundert. Ausstellungskatalog.  £24.00 
Ucko, Peter
Dimbleby, G W
Man, Settlement and Urbanism.  £30.00 
Doty, Richard
Mammalian Olfaction, Reproductive Processes and Behaviour.  £12.00 
Attardi, Giuseppe
Tartof, Kenneth
Animal Ribosomes: Experimental Studies of the last five Years;.  £64.00 
Stevens, Martin
Merilaita, Sami
Animal Camouflage: Current Issues and New Perspectives. (Transactions of the Royal Society, B)  £14.00 
Mizell, Merle
Biology of Amphibian Tumors.  £34.00 
Owen, Charles
An Essay towards a Natural History of Serpents in two Parts.  £800.00 
Alexander, McNeill
Animals.  £12.00 
Royal Society of Edinburgh
Fletcher, W W
Bracken in Scotland. A Symposium. (Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Biological Sciences)  £18.00 
Royal Society of Edinburgh
Waterston, A R
Present Knowledge of the Non-Marine Invertebrate Fauna of the Outer Hebrides. (Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Biological Sciences)  £16.00 
Royal Society of Edinburgh
Ashmole, Philip
The Spider Fauna of Shetland and its Zoogeographic Context. (Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Biological Sciences)  £18.00 
Royal Society of Edinburgh
Last, F T
Deer. Their Biology, Behaviour and Impact. A Symposium. (Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Biological Sciences)  £24.00 
Prior, F M
Turf Newspapers
Register of Thoroughbred Stallions. Containing the Tabulated Pedigrees and Racing Performances at the Stud. Long Run.  £280.00 
Spence, T F
Teaching and Display Techniques in Anatomy and Zoology.  £26.00 
Townson, Simon
The Care and Breeding of Captive Reptiles.  £12.00 
Caughley, Graeme
Shepherd, Neil
Kangaroos. Their Ecology and Management in the Sheep Rangelands of Australia.  £36.00 
Davey, Keith
Our Arid Environment. Animals of Australia's Desert Regions.  £24.00 
Blakers, M
Davies, S J J F
Reilly, P N
The Atlas of Australian Birds.  £46.00 
Belschner, H G
Horse Diseases.  £16.00 
Woolf, Virginia
Flush. A Biography.  £10.00 
Savage, Maxwell
The Ecology and Life History of the Common Frog (Rana temporaria temporaria)  £24.00 
Skidmore, P
British Insects. A Simplified Key to the Orders.  £6.00 
Strahan, Ronald
The Australian Museum Complete Book of Australian Mammals.  £28.00 
Walton, J T
Keeping Australian Parakeets. A Guide for Beginners.  £14.00 
Ward's Natural Science Establishment
Dissections of Typical Animals and Life Histories in Glass Jars.  £8.00 
Lancum, F H
Wild Mammals and the Land.  £6.00 
Grigg, Gordon
Shine, Richard
Ehmann, Harry
Biology of Australasian Frogs and Reptiles.  £72.00 
Stackhouse, John
Australia's Venomous Wildlife.  £12.00 
Hollands, David
Eagles, Hawks and Falcons of Australia.  £48.00 
Sutherland, Struan
Venomous Creatures of Australia. A Field Guide with Notes on First Aid.  £16.00 
Townson, Simon
Lawrence, Keith
Reptiles. Breeding, Behaviour and Veterinary Aspects.  £6.00 
Bell, Thomas
A History of British Reptiles.  £56.00 
Darwin, Charles
Keynes, Richard
From Bryozoans to Tsunami: Charles Darwin's Findings on the Beagle.  £12.00 
Evans, P G H
Evans, J B
Form and Function in Lacertilian Knee and Mesotarsal Joints: A Contribution to the Analysis of Sprawling Locomotion.  £12.00 
Bateson, P
Lotwick, W
Scott, D K
Similarities between the Faces of Parents and Offspring in Bewick's Swan and the Differences between Mates.  £12.00 
Alexander, R M
Jayes, A S
The Gait of Chelonians: Walking Techniques for Very Low Speeds.  £12.00 
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