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Golikov, N V
Kratin, Iu G
Voprosy elektrofiziologii i entsefalografii.  £46.00 
Matiushkin, D P
Glazodvigatel'nyi apparat mlekopitaiushchikh.  £46.00 
Oniani, T N
Voprosy Sravnitel'noi Fiziologii Nervno-myshechnogo Apparata.  £36.00 
Khromchenko, M
V Strane Bio….  £36.00 
Kharchenko, P D
Zapazdyvaiushchie Uslovnye Refleksy.  £36.00 
Itina, N A
Funktsional'nye svoistva nervno-myshechnykh priborov nizshikh pozvornochnykh.  £36.00 
Kostiuk, P G
Dvukhneironnaia Reflektornaia Duga.  £20.00 
Aleksandrov, S N
Rozental', D L
Rasprostranenie Povrezhdeniia v Somaticheskikh Myshechnykh Voloknakh.  £20.00 
Vospominania o V A Engel'gardte.  £36.00 
Zhukov, E K
Ocherki po Nervno-Myshechno Fiziologii.  £36.00 
Hudson, P S
Richens, R H
The New Genetics in the Soviet Union.  £24.00 
Barrell, B G
Clark, B C F
Handbook of Nucleic Acid Sequences.  £36.00 
M'charek, Amade
The Human Genome Diversity Project. An Ethnography of Scientific Practice.  £8.00 
Clark, M R
Antibodies in Somatic Cell Hybrids.  £36.00 
Wolstenholme, G E W
O'Connor, Maeve
Mutation as Cellular Process. A Ciba Foundation Symposium.  £12.00 
de Chadarevian, Soraya
Designs For Life. Molecular Biology after World War II.  £24.00 
Shear, David
Cloning.  £14.00 
Mount, David
Bioinformatics. Sequence and Genome Analysis.  £34.00 
Nagy, Andras
Manipulating the Mouse Embryo. A Laboratory Manual. Third Edition.  £32.00 
Isamat, Marcos
The Differential Induction of HLA class by Interferon-Alpha.  £36.00 
Klix, Norman
Recruitment of Somatic Hypermutation.  £36.00 
McPherson, Alexander
Crystallization of Biological Micromolecules.  £88.00 
Yeagle, Philip
The Structure of Biological Membranes. Second Edition.  £36.00 
Goldman, Robert
Spector, David
Live Cell Imaging: A Laboratory Manual.  £34.00 
Kornberg, Arthur
DNA Replication.  £24.00 
Davis, Ronald
Advanced Bacterial Genetics: A Manual for Genetic Engineering.  £24.00 
Harlow, Ed
Antibodies: A Laboratory Manual.  £24.00 
Arber, Agnes
The Mind and the Eye: A Study of the Biologist's Standpoint.  £10.00 
Whitley, Darrell
Schaffer, David
Proceedings COGANN-92 International Workshop on Combinations of Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks June 6, 1992 Baltimore, Maryland.  £24.00 
Haynes, Robert
The Molecular Basis of Life. An Introduction to Molecular Biology.  £14.00 
Gams, Helmut
Kleine Kryptogamenflora Band 4 Moos und Farnpflanzen (Archegoniaten)  £8.00 
Jackson, Mark
The Age of Stress. Science and the Search for Stability.  £32.00 
Williams, Robert
The Forensic Historian. Using Science to Reexamine the Past.  £34.00 
Slesser, Malcolm
Lewis, Chris
Biological Energy Resources.  £10.00 
Moore, Andrew
Russell, Ian
Advances in Fish Telemetry.  £26.00 
Rose, Steven
Against Biological Determinism. The Dialectics of Biology Group.  £8.00 
Erslev, Allan
Pathophysiology of Blood.  £8.00 
Read, John
The Early History of Surgery.  £10.00 
Hill, A V
The Ethical Dilemma of Science.  £12.00 
Winter, H Frank
Shourd, Melvin
Review of Human Physiology. Second Edition.  £18.00 
Harman, Peter
Mitton, Simon
Cambridge Scientific Minds.  £16.00 
Belt , Thomas
The Naturalist in Nicaragua.  £10.00 
Steitz, Thomas
Structural Studies of Protein-Nucleic Acid Interaction.  £36.00 
Gibelli, G
Ferrero, F
Ricerche di anatomia e morfologia intorno allo sviluppo del fiore e del frutto della Trapa natans. (Malpighia, Volume 9, Fasc. 9 - 10.)  £46.00 
Lewin, Benjamin
Molecular Basis of Gene Expression.  £14.00 
No Author Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress, Volume 12, No 72, 1898.  £14.00 
No Author Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress, Volume 12, No 73, 1898.  £14.00 
Bather, F A
Pentacrinus: A Name and its History. (Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress, Vol 12, No 74, 1898)  £14.00 
Reid, Archdall
A Theory of Retrogression. (Natural Science: A Monthly Review of Scientific Progress, Volume 13, No 82, 1898)  £18.00 
Darwin, Charles
Darwin, Francis
The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Including an Autobiographical Chapter. Edited by his Son, Francis Darwin. In Three Volumes. Volume 2 only.  £20.00 
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