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Schwab, Michael
The Participatory Approach to Community Nutrition: A Critical Analysis.  £36.00 
Firtel, Richard
Davidson, Eric
Molecular Approaches to Developmental Biology.  £38.00 
Horstadius, Sven
Experimental Embryology of Echinoderms.  £24.00 
Lang, Anton
Communication in Development.  £24.00 
Waddington, C H
Counce, S J
Developmental Systems: Insects. Volume 1 and 2.  £46.00 
Warner, Fred
Cell Movement, Volume 1: The Dynein ATPasses.  £34.00 
Fogh, Jorgen
Human Tumor Cells in Vitro.  £36.00 
Bittman, Robert
Cholesterol: Its Functions and Metabolism in Biology and Medicine.  £28.00 
EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Data Library
Nucleotide Sequences 1985. Volume 1: Primates and Rodents.  £36.00 
Rochow, Theodore
Introduction to Microscopy by Means of Light, Electrons, X Rays, or Acoustics.  £26.00 
Mayer, Frank
Electron Microscopy in Microbiology.  £36.00 
Jurnak, Frances
Biological Macromolecules and Assemblies: Volume 2: Nucleic Acids and Interactive Proteins.  £20.00 
Eckstein, Fritz
Lilley, David
Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology. Volume 2.  £16.00 
Revzin, Arnold
The Biology of Nonspecific DNA Protein Interactions.  £36.00 
Grimstone, A V
Prospects in Cell Biology: A Volume of Reviews to Mark 20 Years of Journal of Cells Science.  £18.00 
Cech, Thomas
Molecular Biology of RNA.  £46.00 
EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Data Library
Nucleotide Sequences 1985. Volume 3: Bacteria, Bacteriophage, Organelles and Structural RNA.  £36.00 
EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Data Library
Nucleotide Sequences 1985. Volume 4: Viral and Synthetic Sequences.  £36.00 
EMBL Nucleotide Sequence Data Library
Nucleotide Sequences 1985. Volume 2: Other Eukaryotes.  £36.00 
Maloy, Stanley
Genetic Analysis of Pathogenic Bacteria: A Laboratory Manual.  £34.00 
Laskin, Allen
Enzyme Engineering 8.  £36.00 
Okada, Hirosuke
Enzyme Engineering 10.  £36.00 
Bunn, Franklin
Forget, Bernard
Hemoglobin: Molecular, Genetic and Clinical Aspects.  £200.00 
Parsegian, Adrian
Second Biophysical Discussion. Proteins and Nucleoprotein: Structure, Dynamics and Assembly. May 18 - 21, 1980. Study Book.  £34.00 
Neidle, Stephen
Waring, Michael
Molecular Aspects of Anticancer Drug / DNA Interactions: Volume 1.  £42.00 
Prescott, D M
Goldstein, Lester
Advances in Cell Biology. Volume 2.  £20.00 
Society for General Microbiology
Microbial Classification.  £12.00 
Stoker, Michael
Crawford, L V
The Molecular Biology of Viruses.  £14.00 
Dirksen, Ellen
Cell Reproduction: In Honor of Daniel Mazia.  £24.00 
Vijayan, M
Perspectives in Structural Biology: A Volume in Honour of G N Ramachandran.  £36.00 
Shulger, Michael
Biochemical Engineering V.  £36.00 
Dayhoff, Margaret
Atlas of Protein Sequence and Structure. 1972. Volume 5.  £46.00 
Revel, Jean Paul
Cell Shape and Surface Architecture: Proceedings of the ICN-UCLA Symposium held at Squaw Valley, California, March 7-12, 1976.  £140.00 
Warner, Fred
Cell Movement, Volume 2: Kinesin, Dynein and Microtubule Dynamics.  £86.00 
Kimura, Hiroshi
Molecular Evolution and Polymorphism.  £46.00 
Rothblat, George
Cristofalo, Vincent
Growth, Nutrition and Metabolism of Cells in Culture. Volume 1.  £24.00 
Marx, Jean
A Revolution in Biotechnology.  £16.00 
Dixon, Malcolm
Multi-Enzyme Systems: Four Special Lectures given to the University College, London, In May 1948.  £10.00 
Frost & Sullivan Ltd
Market Opportunities in Biotechnology.  £10.00 
LKB Instruments
An Apparatus for Continuous Chromatographic Separation.  £12.00 
LKB Instruments
Rilbe, Harry
Isoelectric Focusing - Development from Notion to Practicaly Working Tool.  £12.00 
LKB Instruments
Automated Chromatography of Sugars.  £12.00 
LKB Instruments
A Precision Calorimetric System.  £16.00 
LKB Instruments
A Modified Automatic Manio Acid Analyzer According to the Principle of Piez and Morris.  £12.00 
LKB Instruments
Chromatographic Separation of Niacin and its Derivatives on a Preparative Scale Using the Chromax Colum.  £16.00 
LKB Instruments
Large-Scale Density Gradient Electrophoresis. Part 2.  £12.00 
LKB Instruments
Hellstrom, Borje
Robot Scaler.  £14.00 
LKB Instruments
Zone Electrophoresis in a Density Gradient. Stability Conditions and Separation of Serum Proteins.  £18.00 
Pollack, Gerald
Sugi, Haruo
Mechanism of Myofilament Sliding in Muscle Contraction.  £68.00 
Pollack, Gerald
Sugi, Haruo
Contractile Mechanisms in Muscle.  £68.00 
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