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Slater, E C
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta: The Story of a Biochemical Journal.  £18.00 
Morton, Richard
The Biochemical Society: Its History and Activities, 1911-1969.  £8.00 
Bud, Robert
Science Versus Practice: Chemistry in Victorian Britain.  £18.00 
Kenedy, Carol
ICI. The Company that Changed Our Lives.  £12.00 
Chemical Society
Memorial Lectures Delivered before the Chemical Society 1893 - 1900.  £14.00 
Wilson, J G
Semi-Micro Qualitative Analysis for Schools.  £12.00 
McKenna, Charles
Journal of Established Scientific Tidbits.  £8.00 
Chemical Society
International Symposium on Flourine Chemistry, 14 - 17 July 1959.  £15.00 
Somsen, Geert
Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek en Algemeen Belang. De Chemie van H R Kruyt (1882 - 1959)  £24.00 
Partington, J R
An Advanced Treatise on Physical Chemistry. Volume Two: The Properties of Liquids.  £18.00 
Brenner, Sidney
The Human Genome in Europe. Scientific, Ethical and Social Aspects. Conference Proceedings, Brussels, 1995.  £16.00 
Crosland, Maurice
Science under Control. The French Academy of Sciences, 1795 - 1914.  £46.00 
Koch, Sandor
Grasselly, Gyula
Acta Mineralogica Petrographica, Tomus 6: The Minerals of the Sulphide Ore-Deposite of Nagybörzsöny. (etc)  £18.00 
Erdélyi, I
Die Mineralien von Bicsad (Sepsibükskad) in Rumänien: Pseudobrookit, Apatit, Magnetit, Hämatit, Titanit und ein fragliches Mineral.  £10.00 
Gutmann, Ernest
Hnik, Pavel
The Effect of Use and Disuse on Neuromuscular Functions: Proceedings of a Symposium held at Liblice near Prague September 18-23, 1962.  £26.00 
Johnson, Martin
Sverdrup, H U
The Oceans. Their Physics, Chemistry, and General Biology.  £68.00 
Krauskopf, Konrad
Introduction to Geochemistry.  £26.00 
Harper, C T
Geochronology: Radiometric Dating of Rocks and Minerals.  £36.00 
Wilson, Hewitt
Ceramics - Clay Technologies.  £12.00 
Mason, Brian
Principles of Geochemistry.  £20.00 
Yoder, Hatten
Tilley, C E
Origin of Basalt Magmas: An Experimental Study of Natural and Synthetic Rock Systems.  £20.00 
Harland, W B
The Geology of Svalbard.  £84.00 
Cook, P J
Shergold, J H
Phosphate Deposits of the World, Volume 1: Proterozoic and Cambrian Phosphorites.  £80.00 
Spencer, A M
Mesozoic-Cenozoic Orogenic Belts: Data for Orogenic Studies.  £36.00 
Chemical Society
Memorial Lectures Delivered before the Chemical Society. Volume 4: 1933 - 1942.  £24.00 
Cox, K G
Price, N B
The Practical Study of Crystals, Minerals and Rocks.  £14.00 
Hartshorne, N H
Crystals and the Polarising Microscope. A Handbook for Chemists and Others.  £24.00 
Fröhlich, H
A General Discussion on Dielectrics.  £16.00 
Kloow, Göran
Studies on Regenerated Cellulose by the Fluorescence Depolarization Technique.  £16.00 
Bruggeman, Yvonne
Flavobodies: Generation and Redox Properties of Flavin-Binding Antibodies. Proefschrift.  £14.00 
Adda, Y
Philibert, J
La Diffusion dans les Solides Volume 2 ONLY.  £160.00 
Pearson, W B
A Handbook of Lattice Spacings and Structures of Metals and Alloys. Volume 2.  £72.00 
Perutz, Max
The Structure of Proteins as Revealed by X-Ray Analysis: A Contribution of Physics to Biology. Penrose Memorial Lecture.  £24.00 
Royal College of Physicians
Fluoride, Teeth and Health: A Report and Summary on Fluoride and its Effect on Teeth and Health.  £12.00 
Gründerman, Rob
The Length-Tension Relation in Striated Muscle Reconsidered. Proefschrift.  £16.00 
Bailey, Kenneth
The Elder Pliny's Chapters on Chemical Subjects. Part 1.  £64.00 
de Haard, Hans
Exploring Antibody Engineering for Diagnostic Applications. Proefschrift.  £26.00 
van Helvoort, Ton
Biochemie tussen Nut en Cultuur. De "Triple Helix" van de Nederlandse Biowetenschappen.  £16.00 
A Skeptical Biochemist.  £14.00 
Moore, Walter
Physical Chemistry. Second Edition.  £14.00 
Laurmann, J A
Rarefied Gas Dynamics: Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics. Supplement 2. Volume 2.  £16.00 
Greenwood, N N
Ionic Crystals, Lattice Defects and Nonstoichiometry.  £14.00 
Butler, James
Carbon Dioxide Equilibria and their Applications.  £56.00 
Busch, Harris
The Molecular Biology of Cancer.  £16.00 
Birnstiel, Max
Structure and Function of Major and Minor Small Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein Particles.  £10.00 
Ruzicka, Jaromir
Flow Injection Analysis. Second Edition.  £34.00 
Wheldale, Muriel
The Anthocyanin Pigments of Plants.  £34.00 
Sannié, Charles
Symposium sur la Biochemie des Stéroides.  £24.00 
Fluorine Chemistry
Abstracts of Papers. 5th International Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry, Moscow July 1969.  £16.00 
Woodward, G R
Songs of Syon. A Collection of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs. Set, for the Most Part, to their Ancient Proper Tunes.  £24.00 
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