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Cornwall, Hugo
The Hacker's Handbook.  £18.00 
Clark, Paul
Youth Culture in China. From Red Guards to Netizens.  £16.00 
Macmillan, R H
An Introduction to the Theory of Control in Mechanical Engineering.  £10.00 
Sze, S M
Physics of Semiconductor Devices. Second Edition.  £18.00 
Griffith, Daniel
Spatial Statistics: Past, Present, and Future: Proceedings from a Symposium, of the same Name, Held on the Campus of Syracuse University, 1989.  £36.00 
Fischer, Manfred
Spatial Analytical Perspectives on GIS.  £12.00 
Tiefelsdorf, Michael
Modelling Spatial Processes: The Identification and Analysis of Spatial Relationships in Regression Residuals by Means of Moran's I.  £24.00 
Heuvelink, Gerard
Error Propagation in Quantitative Spatial Modelling: Applications in Geographical Information Systems.  £46.00 
Fotheringham, A Stewart
Wegener, Michael
Spatial Models and GIS. New Potential and New Models.  £46.00 
Batty, Michael
Lin, Hui
Virtual Geographic Environments.  £120.00 
Aerts, Jeroen
Spatial Decision Support for Resource Allocation: Integration of Optimization, Uncertainty Analysis and Visualization Techniques.  £46.00 
Heuvelink, Gerard
Lemmens, Mathias
Accuracy 2000: Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences.  £86.00 
Lowell, Kim
Jaton, Annick
Spatial Accuracy Assessment: Land Information Uncertainty in Natural Resources.  £46.00 
Gaul, W
Pfeifer, D
From Data to Knowledge: Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization.  £64.00 
Barbosa, Valmir
Massively Parallel Models of Computation.  £14.00 
Frank, Andrew
Raper, Jonathan
Life and Motion of Socio-Economic Units.  £46.00 
McGettrick, Andrew
Algol 68. A First and Second Course.  £16.00 
Cortada, James
The Computer in the United States. From Laboratory to Market, 1930 to 1960.  £24.00 
Rosen, Saul
Carlson, Walter
Hopper, Grace Murray
ACM 71 A Quarter-Century View.  £36.00 
Kubey, Craig
The Winners Book of Video Games.  £10.00 
Sombrio, Bob
SimCopter. Fly Missions in the Metropolis. User's Manual.  £8.00 
Bremer, Michael
Sombrio, Bob
SimCity 2000. Urban Kit Renewal. User's Manual.  £8.00 
Bremer, Michael
SimCity 2000. The Ultimate City Simulator. User's Manual.  £10.00 
Tauber, Daniel
Kienan, Brenda
SimCity 2000. Strategies and Secrets.  £10.00 
MacKinnon, Denis
McCrum, William
Sheppard, Donald
An Introduction to Open Systems Interconnection.  £12.00 
George, F H
Basic Principles of Digital Computing.  £12.00 
Bignell, Victor
Understanding System Failures.  £12.00 
Berrill, Kenneth
Teaching Computing in Universities. A Report of a Joint Working Party.  £10.00 
Shorter, Edward
The Historian and the Computer. A Practical Guide.  £10.00 
Walsham, Geoff
Interpreting Information Systems in Organizations.  £22.00 
Pugh, Emerson
Memories That Shaped an Industry. Decisions Leading to IBM System/360.  £52.00 
British Telecom
British Telecom Code Decoder. A Guide to the Location of Telephone Area Codes.  £14.00 
Pearson, G L
The Physics of Electronic Semiconductors.  £12.00 
Huff, Chuck
Finholt, Thomas
Social Issues in Computing.  £18.00 
Wilkes, John
Exploring History with Microcomputers.  £14.00 
Schulze-Kremer, Steffen
Molecular Bioinformatics: Algorithms and Applications.  £36.00 
Cusumano, Michael
Microsoft Secrets.  £14.00 
Malone, Michael
The Microprocessor: A Biography.  £16.00 
Roche, Edward
Managing Information Technology in Multinational Corporations.  £18.00 
Fishman, Katharine
The Computer Establishment.  £16.00 
Moody, Fred
I Sing the Body Electronic: Year with Microsoft on the Multimedia Frontier.  £16.00 
Myers, Colin
Hall, Tracy
The Responsible Software Engineer. Selected Readings in IT Professionalism.  £32.00 
Atiyah, John
The C Language.  £14.00 
Abelbeck Software
KaleidaGraph Learning Guide. Third Edition.  £24.00 
Sluckin, Wladyslaw
Minds and Machines. On Automatic Computing Machines.  £6.00 
Hellwig, Jessica
Introduction to Computer Programming.  £12.00 
Holzmüller, Werner
Information in Biological Systems: The Role of Macromolecules.  £12.00 
Cotterell, Anthony
Advanced Information Technology in Education and Training.  £12.00 
Schmitt, Otto
Otto Schmitt. His Life and Contributions to Biomedical Engineering. (Special Issue of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology)  £16.00 
Morris, R J
Computing and History Today. AHC Newsletter. No. 1.  £12.00 
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