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Coplien, James
Pattern Languages of Program Design.  £18.00 
de Marco, Tom
Concise Notes on Software Engineering.  £10.00 
Szyperski, Clemens
Component Software: Beyond Object-Oriented Programming.  £14.00 
George, F H
Cybernetics and Biology.  £8.00 
Jones, David
Elithorn, Alick
Artificial and Human Thinking.  £64.00 
Glenn, William
Calculating Devices.  £12.00 
George, F H
Cybernetics and Biology.  £6.00 
Ennals, Richard
Fifth Generation Computers: Their Implications for Further Education.  £12.00 
Fraser, D A
The Physics of Semiconductor Devices. Second Edition.  £22.00 
Aladyev, Victor
Mathematical Theory of Homogeneous Structures and their Applications.  £120.00 
Feinberg, R
Introduction to Electronic Circuits.  £24.00 
Simpson, J H
Richards, R S
Physical Principles and Applications of Junction Transistors.  £24.00 
Alder, Berni
Methods in Computational Physics. Advances in Research and Applications. Volume 1: Statistical Physics.  £120.00 
Magid, Andy
Applied Matrix Models. A Second Course in Linear Algebra with Computer Applications.  £10.00 
Bureau of Naval Personnel
Basic Electronics.  £12.00 
Unique Slide Rules
Half Hour Instructions for the Use of British made Unique Slide Rules, Containing Conversion Table for Money Calculations.  £12.00 
Wandschneider, Marc
Core Web Application Development with PHP and MYSQL.  £20.00 
Higgo, John
Computers in the Mathematics Curriculum. A Report of the Mathematical Association.  £10.00 
Rich, Albert
Rich, Joan
Stoutemyer, David
User Manual Derive Version 2.5 A Mathematical Assistant for your Personal Computer. Fifth edition.  £24.00 
Fisher, Kathleen
Kibby, Michael
Knowledge Acquisition, Organization, and Use in Biology.  £64.00 
Cohn, John
Kelsey, Ann
Fiels, Keith
Planning for Library Automation. A Practical Handbook.  £12.00 
Thomas, D H
Applied Electronics. First Edition.  £12.00 
Butler, Ronald
Kerr, E
Introduction to Numerical Methods.  £12.00 
Muldur, Ugur
Dinçbudak, Nezih
La Monetique.  £14.00 
Metcalf, Michael
Reid, John
Opisanie iazyka programmirovaniia Fortran 90. Russian translation of 'Fortran 90 Explained'. (RUSSIAN)  £20.00 
Pankratiev, Evgenii
Kompiuternaia algebra. Faktorizatsiia mnogochlenov. (RUSSIAN)  £20.00 
Fuller, Buckminster
Education Automation.  £8.00 
Grant, Clive
Computing for Engineers: A Problem Solving Approach to Programming in Pascal.  £18.00 
Department of Public Information
Human Rights and Scientific and Technological Development.  £20.00 
Chalton, Simon
Gaskill, Shelagh
Data Protection Law.  £18.00 
James, D J G
McDonald, J J
Case Studies in Mathematical Modelling.  £15.00 
Fogarty, Michael
Trevor, Malcolm
Northcott, Jim
Chips and Jobs: Acceptance of New Technology at Work.  £16.00 
Smith, Graham
Internet Law and Regulation. Second Edition (1997)  £36.00 
Smith, Graham
Internet Law and Regulation. A Specially Commissioned Report. FIRST EDITION (1996)  £300.00 
Green, David
Schumann, Heinz
Discovering Geometry with a Computer using Cabri-Géomètre.  £24.00 
Pursell, Carroll
A Companion to American Technology.  £48.00 
Hruz, B
Cicel, M
Automatic Measurement and Control in Woodworking Industry (Lignoautomatica '86). IFAC Proceedings Series, Number 1.  £36.00 
Sondrup, Steven
Chisholm, David
Verskonkordanz zu Goethes 'Faust, Erster Teil'.  £46.00 
Alinei, Mario
Schiaffini, A
1: Prose Fiorentine (Spogli Elettronici dell'Italiano delle Origini e del Duecento. II: Forme)  £80.00 
Schludermann, Brigitte
A Quantitative Analysis of German / Dutch Language Mixture in the Berlin Songs mgf 922, the Gruuthuse-Songs, and the Hague MS 128 E 2. 3 volumes in slip-case.  £74.00 
King, Peter
Concordances of the Works of J. van den Vondel. Volumes 1 and 2. Maria Stuart of Gemartelde Majesteit (Treurspel) and Leeuwendalers (Lantspel)  £30.00 
Bilingual Computing
Second Cambridge Conference on Bilingual Computing in Arabic and English, 5th - 7th September.  £36.00 
Horne, P R
Concordanze Pascoliane: Myricae.  £15.00 
King, P K
Complete Word-Indexes to J van den Vondel's 'Bespiegelingen van Godt en Godtsdienst' and 'Lucifer' with Ranking Lists of Frequencies, Reverse Indexes and Rhyming Indexes.  £20.00 
Jones, George
Spechtler, Franz
Muller, Ulrich
Verskonkordanz zu den geistlichen Liedern des Mönchs von Salzburg.  £12.00 
Smith, Sydney
Burkhardt, Frederick
A Calendar of the Correspondence of Charles Darwin, 1821 - 1882.  £48.00 
Lees, Diane
Museums and Interactive Multimedia. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the MDA and The Second International Conference on Hypermedia and Interactivity in Museums. Archives and Museum Informatics Technical Report No. 20.  £24.00 
Puckey, Walter
Graves, H J
The Automatic Factory - What Does it Mean? Report of the Conference held at Margate 16th to 19th June, 1955. Published on Behalf of the Institution of Production Engineers.  £24.00 
Poliziano, Angelo
Rolshoven, Jürgen
Concordanze delle Poesie Italiane di Angelo Poliziano.  £40.00 
Institut für Bildmedien
Hardware Software Artware  £25.00 
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