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Monro, Donald
Fortran 77.  £12.00 
Delaney, C F G
Electronics for the Physicist.  £8.00 
Bennett, L H
Computer Modelling of Phase Diagrams.  £46.00 
Milner, Annalisa
Browsing the Web.  £12.00 
Date, C J
An Introduction to Database Systems. Vol 2 only.  £16.00 
Date, C J
An Introduction to Database Systems. Fourth Edition, Vol 1 only.  £14.00 
Noble, Ben
Numerical Methods 2: Differences Integration and Differential Equations.  £8.00 
Noble, Ben
Numerical Methods 1: Iteration, Programming and Algebraic Equations.  £8.00 
Bochner, S
Von Neumann, John
John von Neumann. December 28, 1903 - February 8, 1957.  £24.00 
Pressman, Roger
Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach. Second Edition.  £12.00 
Jacobson, Ivar
Software Reuse: Achitecture, Process and Organization for Business Success.  £12.00 
Coplien, James
Pattern Languages of Program Design.  £18.00 
Vlissides, John
Pattern Languages of Program Design: Volume 2.  £18.00 
de Marco, Tom
Concise Notes on Software Engineering.  £10.00 
Szyperski, Clemens
Component Software: Beyond Object-Oriented Programming.  £14.00 
George, F H
Cybernetics and Biology.  £8.00 
Jones, David
Elithorn, Alick
Artificial and Human Thinking.  £64.00 
Glenn, William
Calculating Devices.  £12.00 
George, F H
Cybernetics and Biology.  £6.00 
Ennals, Richard
Fifth Generation Computers: Their Implications for Further Education.  £12.00 
Fraser, D A
The Physics of Semiconductor Devices. Second Edition.  £22.00 
Aladyev, Victor
Mathematical Theory of Homogeneous Structures and their Applications.  £120.00 
Feinberg, R
Introduction to Electronic Circuits.  £24.00 
Simpson, J H
Richards, R S
Physical Principles and Applications of Junction Transistors.  £24.00 
Alder, Berni
Methods in Computational Physics. Advances in Research and Applications. Volume 1: Statistical Physics.  £120.00 
Magid, Andy
Applied Matrix Models. A Second Course in Linear Algebra with Computer Applications.  £10.00 
Bureau of Naval Personnel
Basic Electronics.  £12.00 
Unique Slide Rules
Half Hour Instructions for the Use of British made Unique Slide Rules, Containing Conversion Table for Money Calculations.  £12.00 
Wandschneider, Marc
Core Web Application Development with PHP and MYSQL.  £20.00 
Higgo, John
Computers in the Mathematics Curriculum. A Report of the Mathematical Association.  £10.00 
Rich, Albert
Rich, Joan
Stoutemyer, David
User Manual Derive Version 2.5 A Mathematical Assistant for your Personal Computer. Fifth edition.  £24.00 
Fisher, Kathleen
Kibby, Michael
Knowledge Acquisition, Organization, and Use in Biology.  £64.00 
Cohn, John
Kelsey, Ann
Fiels, Keith
Planning for Library Automation. A Practical Handbook.  £12.00 
Thomas, D H
Applied Electronics. First Edition.  £12.00 
Butler, Ronald
Kerr, E
Introduction to Numerical Methods.  £12.00 
Muldur, Ugur
Dinçbudak, Nezih
La Monetique.  £14.00 
Metcalf, Michael
Reid, John
Opisanie iazyka programmirovaniia Fortran 90. Russian translation of 'Fortran 90 Explained'. (RUSSIAN)  £20.00 
Pankratiev, Evgenii
Kompiuternaia algebra. Faktorizatsiia mnogochlenov. (RUSSIAN)  £20.00 
Fuller, Buckminster
Education Automation.  £8.00 
Grant, Clive
Computing for Engineers: A Problem Solving Approach to Programming in Pascal.  £18.00 
Department of Public Information
Human Rights and Scientific and Technological Development.  £20.00 
Chalton, Simon
Gaskill, Shelagh
Data Protection Law.  £18.00 
James, D J G
McDonald, J J
Case Studies in Mathematical Modelling.  £15.00 
Fogarty, Michael
Trevor, Malcolm
Northcott, Jim
Chips and Jobs: Acceptance of New Technology at Work.  £16.00 
Smith, Graham
Internet Law and Regulation. Second Edition (1997)  £36.00 
Smith, Graham
Internet Law and Regulation. A Specially Commissioned Report. FIRST EDITION (1996)  £300.00 
Green, David
Schumann, Heinz
Discovering Geometry with a Computer using Cabri-Géomètre.  £24.00 
Pursell, Carroll
A Companion to American Technology.  £48.00 
Hruz, B
Cicel, M
Automatic Measurement and Control in Woodworking Industry (Lignoautomatica '86). IFAC Proceedings Series, Number 1.  £36.00 
Sondrup, Steven
Chisholm, David
Verskonkordanz zu Goethes 'Faust, Erster Teil'.  £46.00 
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