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Benevelli Bristow, Anna
Women in the Public Sphere. A Comparative Study of Italian and British Women's Participation in Political Parties, Trade Unions and the Church 1970 - 1992.  £12.00 
Purdy, I M
River Cam. Environment and Conservation.  £24.00 
Ross, Alexander
Scottish Home Industries.  £10.00 
Burroughs, William
Climate: Into the 21st Century.  £12.00 
Lynch, Peter
The Emergence of Numerical Weather Prediction: Richardson's Dream.  £36.00 
Jackson, J E
The Biology of Apples and Pears. The Biology of Horticultural Crops.  £92.00 
Strangeways, Ian
Measuring the Natural Environment.  £26.00 
Harberd, Nicholas
Seed to Seed. The Secret Life of Plants.  £6.00 
Carlile, W R
Pesticide Selectivity, Health and the Environment.  £36.00 
Nott, Jonathan
Extreme Events. A Physical Reconstruction and Risk Assessment.  £48.00 
Ranta, Esa
Ecology of Populations.  £34.00 
Bowen, James
Bowen, Margarita
The Great Barrier Reef: History, Science, Heritage.  £22.00 
Spray, Martin
ECOS. A Review of Conservation, Volume 10, No 3: Summer 1989: Scottish Pride.  £8.00 
Minter, Rick
ECOS. A Review of Conservation, Volume 10, No 4: Autumn 1989. Thatcher's Countryside.  £8.00 
Barry, Roger
Mountain, Weather and Climate.  £12.00 
Powell, Joseph Michael
Environmental Management in Australia, 1788-1914: Guardians, Improvers and Profit. An Introductory Survey.  £20.00 
Schultz, Julianne
Surviving. Random Acts of Nature and Man. Griffith Review No 35.  £8.00 
Urry, William
Piggot, C S
Time Relations in Ocean Sediments.  £12.00 
Bernhard, Carl
The Beijer Institute: The International Institute for Energy Resources and the Human Environment.  £24.00 
Richards, Adrian
Geology of the Islas Revillagigedo, Mexico. Birth and Development of Volcan Barcena, Isla San Benedicto.  £12.00 
Vokes, F M
Geological Studies on the Caledonian Pyritic Zinc-Lead Orebody at Bleikvassli, Nordland, Norway.  £12.00 
Savolahti, Antti
The Ahvenisto Massif in Finland.  £12.00 
Redmill, Felix
Anderson, Tom
Achievement and Assurance of Safety. Proceedings of the Safety-Critical Systems Symposium. Brighton 1995.  £28.00 
Huxley, Julian
The Conservation of Wild Life and Natural Habitats in Central and East Africa. Report on a Mission Accomplished for Unesco July-September 1960.  £12.00 
Friday, Laurie
Wicken Fen. The Making of a Wetland Nature Reserve.  £18.00 
Ehrlich, Anne
Resources and Environmental Degradation as Sources of Conflict. Article from Pugwash Occasional Papers. As part of complete Issue. Volume 2. Number 3. Eliminating the Causes of War.  £10.00 
Lomborg, Bjorn
Global Crises, Global Solutions.  £48.00 
Edwards, Marcia
McDonnell, Unity
Animal Disease in Relation to Animal Conservation.  £16.00 
Trewartha, Glenn
The Earth's Problem Climates.  £10.00 
Doughty, P S
The State and Status of Geology in UK Museums.  £14.00 
Freshwater Biological Association
Price List of Specimens and Collecting Apparatus 1965.  £6.00 
Grove, Richard
The Future of Forestry. The Urgent Need for a New Policy.  £10.00 
Sullivan, Andrew
Greening the Tories. New Policies on the Environment.  £18.00 
Ambrosoli, Mauro
The Wild and the Sown. Botany and Agriculture in Western Europe, 1350-1850.  £48.00 
Russell, John
The World of the Soil.  £9.00 
World Bank
Population Change and Economic Development.  £16.00 
Wilson, Thomas
Fluctuations in Income and Employment. With Special Reference to Recent American Experience and Post-War Prospects.  £14.00 
Gumprecht, Blake
The Los Angeles River.  £25.00 
Ashby, Eric
The Search for an Environmental Ethic.  £12.00 
Ashby, Eric
A Second Look at Doom.  £10.00 
Ashby, Eric
Reflections on Doom. David Owen Memorial Lecture.  £12.00 
Shengji, Pei
Banking on Biodiversity: Report on the Regional Consultation on Biodiversity Assessment in the Hindu Kush-Himalays, December 19-20, 1995.  £36.00 
O'Neill, Peter
Environmental Chemistry.  £12.00 
Bradby, Hannah
Dirty Words: Writings on the History and Culture of Pollution.  £7.00 
Bohn, Hinrich
Soil Chemistry. Second Edition.  £14.00 
Guyot, Gerard
Physics of the Environment and Climates.  £38.00 
Kennedy, I R
Acid Soil and Acid Rain: The Impact on the Environment of Nitrogen and Sulphur Cycling.  £24.00 
Aplin, Graeme
Global Environmental Crises: An Australian Perspective.  £14.00 
Worthington, E B
Arid Land Irrigation in Developing Countries: Environmental Problems and Effects.  £18.00 
Young, Anthony
Dent, David
Soil Survey and Land Evaluation.  £24.00 
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