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Russell, F S
Plymouth Marine Fauna. Third edition.  £18.00 
Evans, G C
Bainbridge, R
Rachkham, O
Light as an Ecological Factor: 2. 16th Symposium of The British Ecological Society.  £15.00 
Society for General Microbiology
Microbial Ecology.  £12.00 
Atlas, Ronald
Bartha, Richard
Microbial Ecology. Fundamentals and Applications. Second Edition.  £16.00 
Bose, Jagadis Chunder
The Physiology of the Ascent of Sap with ninety-five illustrations.  £24.00 
Warde, Paul
Ecology, Economy and State Formation in Early Modern Germany.  £36.00 
Cortekar, Jörg
Jasper, Jörg
Sundmacher, Torsten
Die Umwelt in der Geschichte des Ökonomischen Denkens.  £8.00 
Santiago, Myrna
The Ecology of Oil, Environment, Labor, and the Mexican Revolution, 1900-1938.  £38.00 
Swab, Peter
Ethiopia: Politics, Economics and Society.  £10.00 
Roth, Andrew
Business Background of Members of Parliament. 1975 - 1976 Edition.  £16.00 
Di Salvo, Roberto
Deregolamentazione ed Economie di Scala in Banca. Il Caso delle Banche di Credito Cooperative.  £46.00 
Brownlie, Ian
Loaves and Fishes: Access to Natural Resources and International Law.  £18.00 
Hayton, Robert
Utton, Albert
Transboundary Groundwaters: The Bellagio Draft Treaty.  £12.00 
Louka, Elli
The Transnational Management of Hazardous and Radioactive Wastes.  £16.00 
Iron and Steel Institute
Corrosion of Iron and Steel by Industrial Waters and its Prevention.  £12.00 
Carroll, John
International Environmental Diplomacy: The Management and Resolution of Transfrontier Environmental Problems.  £12.00 
Cone, John
Environmental Problems / Behavioral Solutions.  £36.00 
Cope, C B
Fuller, W H
The Scientific Management of Hazardous Wastes.  £36.00 
El-Ashry, Mohamed
Gibbons, Diana
Water and Arid Lands of the Western United States a World Resources Institute Book.  £28.00 
Critchley, G N
Waste-Heat Recovery from Industrial Furnaces. A Treatise Based upon a Series of Papers Presented at the Institute of Fuel.  £240.00 
European Community
Treaty Establishing the European Economic Community and Connected Documents.  £14.00 
Beckerman, Wilfred
Pricing for Pollution: Analysis of Market Pricing and Government Regulation in Environment Consumption and Policy. 2nd Edition.  £8.00 
Kirchhoff, Alfred
Man and Earth. The Reciprocal Relations and Influences of Man and His Environment.  £12.00 
Ministry of Housing
Clean Air Act 1956 (4 & 5 Eliz. 2 Ch. 52)  £12.00 
Nelson, Bruce
Environmental Framework of Coastal Plain Estuaries.  £26.00 
Golub, Jonathan
New Instruments for Environmental Policy in the EU.  £24.00 
Wilson, Chris
Earth Heritage Conservation.  £8.00 
Tarrant, John
Food Policies.  £10.00 
Gold, John
Burgess, Jacquelin
Valued Environments.  £24.00 
Nieuwolt, S
Tropical Climatology. An Introduction to the Climates of the Low Latitudes.  £16.00 
Sawyer, J S
World Climate from 8000 to 0 BC. Proceedings of the International Symposium held at Imperial College, London, 18 and 19 April 1966.  £18.00 
Tempest, Paul
International Energy Options: An Agenda for the 1980s. Selected papers from Leading Contributors to the 1980 Annual Conference of the International Association of Energy Economists in Cambridge, UK.  £26.00 
Lafleur, R G
Groundwater as a Geomorphic Agent.  £46.00 
Whitford, H N
Craig, R D
Forests of British Columbia.  £12.00 
Whitford, H N
Craig, R D
Forests of British Columbia.  £36.00 
Varley, M E
Ecology (course S323) Units 10 and 11; 12 - 14.  £30.00 
Committee on the Problem of Noise
Noise. Final Report.  £10.00 
Los Angeles County
Report on the Revised Master Plan of Shoreline Development.  £68.00 
Colquhoun, D
Variation in Sea Level on the South Carolina Coastal Plain.  £24.00 
Randall, Richard
Gazetteer of Undersea Features. Names Approved by the United States Board on Geographic Names. Published by the Defense Mapping Agency Washington, D.C. Third Edition.  £20.00 
Pirazzoli, Paolo
Late Quaternary Sea Level Changes: Measurement, Correlation and Future Applications. Summary Final Report [IGCP Project 200 number 14].  £12.00 
Larson, Roger
Report of the Conference on Scientific Ocean Drilling November 16-18, 1981.  £12.00 
Baas, Jaco
Dimensional Analysis of Current Ripples in Recent and Ancient Depositional Environments.  £56.00 
Ross Heath, G
Chinnery, Michael
Loughridge, Michael
Heath, Ross
Sedimentology, Physical Properties, and Geochemistry in the Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project Volumes 1-44: An Overview [World Data Center A for Marine Geology and Geophysics Report MGG-1].  £36.00 
Domack, Eugene
Domack, Cynthia
Cenozoic Glaciation. The Marine Record Established by Ocean Drilling.  £24.00 
Van Andel, Tjeerd
Shepard, Francis
Phleger, Fred
Recent Sediments, Northwest Gulf of Mexico. A Symposium Summarizing the Results of Work Carried On in Project 51 of the American Petroleum Institute 1951-1958.  £15.00 
Wratten, Stephen
Fry, Gary
Field and Laboratory Exercises in Ecology.  £8.00 
Speight, M C D
Outdoor Recreation and its Ecological Effects. A Bibliography and Review (Discussion Papers in Conservation 4)  £9.00 
Goldsmith, F B
The Sea-Cliff Vegetation of Shetland (Discussion Papers in Conservation 9)  £9.00 
Warren, Andrew
Harrison, Carolyn
A Proposed Nature Conservation Plan for Shetland (Discussion Papers in Conservation 7)  £9.00 
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