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Thomson, R
Solutions in Graphic Communications. Interpretation of Technical and Engineering Drawings.  £14.00 
Pearsall, T P
GaInAsP Alloy Semiconductors.  £32.00 
Dhillon, B S
Life Cycle Costing. Techniques, Models, and Applications.  £78.00 
Hess, Wolfgang
Pitch Determination of Speech Signals. Algorithms and Devices.  £64.00 
Jagou, Patrick
Concurrent Engineering. La maitrise des couts, des délais et de la qualité.  £8.00 
Ministry of Information
Transport Goes to War: The Official Story of British Transport 1939 - 1942.  £12.00 
Central Office of Information
Build the Ships: The Official Story of the Shipyards in Wartime.  £12.00 
Central Office of Information
The Aircraft Builders. An Account of British Aircraft Production 1935 - 1945.  £20.00 
Hall, A J
The Standard Textbook of Textiles.  £38.00 
Head, J W
Mathematical Techniques in Electronics and Engineering Analysis.  £14.00 
Quak, D
Reproduction of Digital Signals in Magnetic Recording. A Theoretical Study.  £28.00 
Jäger, E
Hunziker, J C
Lectures in Isotope Geology.  £26.00 
Bewley, L V
Traveling Waves on Transmission Systems.  £32.00 
Capteurs Intelligents et Microactionneurs Intégrés. Smart Sensors and Integrated Actuators.  £18.00 
Ranney, Maurice William
Corrosion Inhibitors. Manufacture and Technology.  £28.00 
McBain, Mary
Solubilization and Related Phenomena.  £26.00 
Page, C H
Stacey, T R
Practical Handbook for Underground Rock Mechanics.  £38.00 
Whitehead, S
Dielectric Breakdown of Solids.  £32.00 
Jones, A R
Bayvel, L P
Electromagnetic Scattering and its Application.  £22.00 
Zinoviev, Peter
Ermakov, Yury
Energy Dissipation in Composite Materials.  £38.00 
Wise, Kensall
Microcomputers: A Technology Forecast and Assessment to the Year 2000.  £14.00 
Davy, M J B
Henson and Stringfellow. Their Work in Aeronautics. The History of a Stage in the Development of Mechanical Flight, 1840 - 1868.  £15.00 
No Author Papers Set in the Qualifying Examination for the Mechanical Sciences Tripos 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940.  £20.00 
No Author Papers Set in the Qualifying Examination for the Mechanical Sciences Tripos 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935.  £20.00 
Moore, John
Jane's Pocket Book of Submarine Development.  £10.00 
McLeavy, Roy
Jane's Pocket Book of Hovercraft and Hydrofoils.  £16.00 
Appleby, Mark
Elementary Statics. A Text-Book for Engineers.  £24.00 
Wirz, H J
Smolderen, J J
Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics.  £20.00 
Northcroft, L G
Steam Trapping and Air Venting.  £10.00 
Durney, W C
Machine Shop Practice.  £12.00 
Grundy, R H
The Theory and Practice of Heat Engines. Including Steam Generators, Reciprocating Steam Engines, Steam Turbines and International Combustion Engines.  £12.00 
Hayes, Alexander
Steam for Process and Industrial Heating.  £16.00 
Kent, William
Steam-Boiler Economy. A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Fuel Economy in the Operation of Steam-Boilers.  £28.00 
Thomas, Gordon
The "Thomas" Lift constructed at Foxton, Leicestershire by the Grand Junction Canal Company.  £10.00 
Steiner, Kalman
Fuels and Fuel Burners.  £18.00 
Ryan, William
Water Treatment and Purification.  £12.00 
Matthews, F J
Works Boiler Plant.  £10.00 
Carrier, Willis
Cherne, Realto
Grant, Walter
Modern Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilating.  £28.00 
Baker, L
The Design of Marine Water-Tube Boilers.  £20.00 
Otto, Charles
Atherton, William
McLachlan, J
Workshop Practice. A Practical Work for the Draughtsman, the Mechanic, the Pattern-Maker, and the Foundryman. Volumes 1 to 8 Complete Set.  £68.00 
Orchard, F C
Harland, H C
Electricity in the Building Industry.  £10.00 
Sach, J S
Coal Tar Fuels. Their Derivation, Properties, and Application.  £12.00 
Mitchell Engineering Group
British Industrial and Engineering Installations.  £18.00 
Hewitt, G F
Measurement of Two Phase Flow Parameters.  £12.00 
de Ruiter, H M
Transmission, Reflection and Radiation at Junction Planes of Different Open Waveguides.  £18.00 
Ruggiero, Steven
Rudman, David
Superconducting Devices.  £36.00 
White, Donald
A Handbook on Electromagnetic Shielding Materials and Performance.  £28.00 
Frey, Jeffrey
Microwave Integrated Circuits.  £18.00 
Metzbower, E A
Power Beam Processing. Electron, Laser, Plasma-Arc: proceedings of the International Power Beam Conference, 2 - 4 May 1988.  £18.00 
Grove, Richard
The Cambridgeshire Coprolite Mining Rush.  £24.00 
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