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Judge, Arthur
Stereoscopic Photography: Its Application to Science, Industry and Education.  £20.00 
Josephson, Paul
Fish Sticks, Sports Bras, and Aluminum Cans. The Politics of Everyday Technologies.  £16.00 
Boltz, C L
Wireless for Beginners.  £10.00 
Geuna, Aldo
Salter, Ammon
Science and Innovation. Rethinking the Rationales for Funding and Governance.  £52.00 
Pratt, Jeremy
The Private Pilot's Licence Course. Flying Training, Book 1.  £18.00 
Sitek, Alois
Gliding and Soaring.  £30.00 
Barry, T Hedley
Britton, R P L
Langton, H M
Synthetic Resins and Allied Plastics.  £46.00 
Forney, M N
Catechism of the Locomotive.  £68.00 
Wintringham, Tom
Blashford-Snell, John
Weapons and Tactics.  £10.00 
Bassett Lowke, W J
The Trix Complete Engineering Manual.  £18.00 
US Engineers
Engineer History. Mediterranean Theater. Fifth Army. Volume 3: Appendices.  £120.00 
US Engineers
Engineer History. Mediterranean Theater. Fifth Army Volume 1.  £78.00 
Simon, Herbert
Fenton, William
About Railways.  £10.00 
No Author Illustrated Catalogue of General and Cabinet Brassfoundry for the Use of Ironmongers, Architects, Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, Ship Fitters, Ship Builders, etc.  £36.00 
No Author Estimating for Buildings and Public Works. 11th Edition.  £12.00 
Page, Talbot
Conservation and Economic Efficiency. An Approach to Materials Policy.  £16.00 
Pinstrup-Andersen, Per
Agricultural Research and Technology in Economic Development.  £10.00 
Bleier, Roger
Drilling Fluids.  £46.00 
Bleier, Roger
Drilling Fluids.  £46.00 
Gardner, Gerald
Slant-Stack Processing.  £116.00 
George, C J
Reservoir Characterization. Parts 1 and 2. Complete Set.  £82.00 
Bernecki, Thomas
Thermal Spray Coatings. Properties, Processes, and Applications.  £34.00 
Weinaug, C F
Thermal Recovery Techniques.  £18.00 
Weinaug, C F
Thermal Recovery Processes.  £18.00 
Brannin, C S
Horizontal Drilling.  £28.00 
Byun, Bok
Velocity Analysis on Multichannel Seismic Data.  £24.00 
Patton, Charles
Oilfield Water Systems.  £24.00 
Pegrum, R M
Geology of the North-West European Continental Shelf. Volume 2.  £10.00 
Panter, Philip
Modulation, Noise, and Spectral Analysis.  £14.00 
Serdijn, W A
Verhoeven, C J M
Analog IC Techniques for Low-Voltage Low-Power Electronics.  £18.00 
Lebowitz, J L
Montroll, E W
Nonequilibrium Phenomena II: From Stochastics to Hydrodynamics.  £98.00 
Jullien, R
Botet, R
Aggregation and Fractal Aggregates.  £88.00 
Maas, Stephen
Microwave Mixers.  £96.00 
Johnson, Wesley
Maxwell, John
Rock and Minerals Analysis.  £18.00 
Gaskill, D Kurt
Brandt, Charles
Nemanich, Robert
III-Nitride, SiC, and Diamond Materials for Electronic Devices.  £18.00 
Williams, Michael
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing. Volume 18, Number 4. Special Issue: 20th Century Analog Machines.  £36.00 
Roberts, Howard
The Cooling of Optical Glass Melts.  £10.00 
Pitman, Isaac
The Pitman Technical Catalogue.  £12.00 
Linsley, A T
Hawkins, G T
How to Draw Technical Illustrations.  £6.00 
Groos, K S
Grob, B W J
Early Surgical Instruments. The Anatomical models of Dr. Louis Auzoux. The Laboratory Equipment of Willem Einthoven.  £56.00 
Fleming, John
Nicolson, Malcolm
Imaging and Imagining the Fetus: The Development of Obstetric Ultrasound.  £26.00 
Richards, F J
Phyllotaxis: Its Quantitative Expression and Relation to Growth in the Apex.  £15.00 
Chatfield, H W
Paint and Varnish Manufacture.  £20.00 
Hilton, Richard
Engineering Machine Shop Practice.  £12.00 
Morse, Peter
Rembrandt's Etching Technique: An Example.  £18.00 
Chapelle, Howard
Fulton's "Steam Battery": Blockship and Catamaran.  £18.00 
Vogel, Robert
The Engineering Contributions of Wendel Bollman.  £18.00 
English Electric Company
An Introduction to Diesel-Electric Traction Equipment.  £16.00 
No Author Tsentral'nye i Perifericheskie mekhanizmy dvigatel'noi deiatel'nosti zhivotnykh.  £46.00 
Delhaye, J M
Cognet, G
Measuring Techniques in Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flows.  £46.00 
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