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Backlund, Helge
On the Mode of Intrusion of Deep-Seated Alkaline Bodies.  £16.00 
Washington, H S
Keyes, Mary
Petrology of the Hawaian Islands: V. The Leeward Islands.  £12.00 
Ranney, Maurice William
Corrosion Inhibitors. Manufacture and Technology.  £28.00 
Jeans, James
The Astronomical Horizon. The Philip Maurice Deneke Lecture 1944.  £8.00 

Elementary Map Reading.  £6.00 
Sach, J S
Coal Tar Fuels. Their Derivation, Properties, and Application.  £12.00 
Timperley, H W
Brill, Edith
Ancient Trackways of Wessex.  £14.00 
Samsonov, Gregory
Handbook of Refractory Compounds.  £46.00 
Twomey, S
Introduction to the Mathematics of Inversion in Remote Sensing and Indirect Measurements.  £46.00 
Halbouty, Michel
Salt Domes: Gulf Region, United States and Mexico.  £58.00 
Brink, Stefan
Sockenbildning och Sockennamn. Studier i âldre territoriell indelning i Norden.  £36.00 
Goodman, Richard
Issues in Rock Mechanics: Proceedings.  £46.00 
Hartmann, Friedrich
Vergleichende Zeittafeln: Lebenszeiten der bekanntesten Komponisten 1500 - 1900. II: Die bekanntesten musikalischen Ereignisse und Uraufführungen 1700 - 1940.  £16.00 
Stephan, K
Lucas, K
Viscosity of Dense Fluids.  £46.00 
Palmer, Derecke
Generalized Reciprocal Method of Seismic Refraction Interpretation.  £30.00 
Rose, John
Woollard, George
International Gravity Measurements.  £46.00 
Lama, R D
Vutukuri, V S
Handbook on Mechanical Properties of Rocks. Testing Techniques and Results. Volume 2.  £36.00 
Lama, R D
Vutukuri, V S
Handbook on Mechanical Properties of Rocks. Testing Techniques and Results. Volume 3.  £36.00 
Harley, D G
British Architects of the International Meteorological System. The Meteorological Magazine, September 1973.  £10.00 
Tabony, R C
Drought Classifications and a Study of Draughts at Kew.  £10.00 
Pearce, R P
The Global Atmospheric Circulation and Weather Forecasting. (Recent Advances in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography)  £14.00 
Sudo, Toshio
Electron Micrographs of Clay Minerals.  £46.00 
Lama, R D
Vutukuri, V S
Handbook on Mechanical Properties of Rocks. Testing Techniques and Results. Volume 4.  £36.00 
McDonald, John
Seismic Studies in Physical Modeling.  £24.00 
Bushell, W D
Hobson's Conduit: The New River at Cambridge Commonly Called Hobson's River.  £16.00 
Ward, Stanley
Geotechnical and Environmental Geophysics: Volumes 1, 2 and 3.  £100.00 
Smolen, James
Cased Hole and Production Log Evaluation.  £30.00 
Marks, Alex
Handbook of Pipeline Engineering Computations.  £36.00 
Knoll, Michael David
A Petrophysical Basis for Ground Penetrating Radar and very early Time Electromagnetics: Electrical Properties of Sand-Clay Mixtures.  £36.00 
Arnold, Edward
Rossmann, Michael
Surface Mount and Mixed Technology PCB Design Guidelines.  £36.00 
de Solla Price, Derek
Gears from the Greeks. The Antikythera Mechanism: A Calendar Computer from ca. 80 BC.  £18.00 
Halévi, Ran
Les Loges Maçonniques dans la France d'Ancien Regime. Aux Origines de la Sociabilité Démocratique.  £20.00 
Biedermann, Zoltan
Soqotra: Geschichte einer Christlichen Insel im Indischen Ozean vom Altertum bis zur frühen Neuzeit.  £24.00 
Vázquez Vázquez, Elena
Distribución Geográfica y Organización de las Órdenes Religiosas en la Nueva España (Siglo XVI).  £86.00 
No Author Agrarethnographie. Vorträge der Berliner Tagung.  £14.00 
Weiss, Richard
Einführung in den Atlas der schweizerischen Volkskunde.  £24.00 
Meertens, P J
Meyer, Maurits de
Volkskunde-Atlas voor Nederland en Vlaams-Belgie. Commentaar. Aflevering 1 - 4.  £86.00 
Faucett, Lawrence
Time and Morality: Establishing a Babylonian Source for Hindu and Mayan Chronologies.  £36.00 
Pearl, Richard
Fallen from Heaven. Meteorites and Man.  £36.00 
Van de Velde, Paul
Handbook of Mexican Mines. Directorio de Minas. 1926.  £46.00 
Hawkes, Jacquetta
A Land.  £10.00 
No Author Bolzano or Botzen. Alto Adige Horizons Old and New.  £16.00 
Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Italy
German-Speaking Inhabitants of the Alto-Adige.  £24.00 
Maud, F H
The Hockerill Highway. The Story of the Origin and Growth of a Stretch of the Norwich Road.  £12.00 
Bruns, Hayo
Löbker, Karl
Über das Wesen und die Verbreitung der Wurmkrankheit (Ankylostomiasis) mit besonderer Berücksichtigung ihres Auftretens in deutschen Bergwerken.  £46.00 
Estadística Nacional
Sonora, Sinaloa y Nayarit. Estudio Estadístico y Económico Social Elaborado por el Dept. de la Estadística Nacional, Año 1927.  £68.00 
Robelo, Cecilio
Toponimia Maya - Hispano - Nahoa.  £46.00 
Robelo, Cecilio
Toponimia Tarasco - Hispano - Nahoa.  £24.00 
Gandara, Guillermo
Munoz Lumbier, Manuel
Perfil Botanico-Geologico de la Carretera Mexico-Acapulco.  £46.00 
Pérez García, Rosendo
La Sierra Juarez.  £74.00 
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