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Yershov, E D
General Geocryology.  £86.00 
Davies, M C R
Schlosser, F
Ground Improvement Geosystems. Densification and Reinforcement.  £18.00 
Laznicka, P
Empirical Metallogeny. Depositional Environments, Lithologic Associations, and Metal Ores. Volume 1: Phanerozoic Environments, Associations and Deposits - Parts A and B in Two Volumes.  £168.00 
Juhasova, E
Seismic Effects on Structures.  £72.00 
Thompson, Russell
Reading, Alison
Millington, Andrew
Human Tropical Environment.  £12.00 
Eddleston, M
Walthall, S
Engineering Geology of Construction.  £28.00 
Papunen, Heikki
Mineral Deposits: Research and Exploration - Where Do They Meet?  £114.00 
Coburn, Andrew
Spence, Robin
Earthquake Protection.  £18.00 
Mather, J
Banks, D
Dumpleton, S
Fermor, M
Groundwater Contaminants and their Migration.  £12.00 
Hawkins, A Brian
Ground Chemistry. Implications for Constructions.  £96.00 
Gregory, K J
Brown, A G
Branson, J
Global Continental Changes: The Context of Palaeohydrology.  £44.00 
Langel, R A
Hinze, W J
The Magnetic Field of the Earth's Lithosphere. The Satelite Perspective.  £78.00 
Medzhitova, E D
Meshavkin, S
V seredine Rossii: fotoalovsky o sverdlovskoy oblasti.  £60.00 
Duchaufour, P
Handbook of Pedology: Soils, Vegetation, Environment.  £28.00 
Skipper, H D
Bioremediation. Science and Its Applications.  £34.00 
Orovetskii, Yu P
Mantle Plumes.  £110.00 
Sawaragi, T
Coastal Engineering-Waves, Beaches, Wave-Structure Interactions.  £256.00 
Pusch, R
Waste Disposal in Rock.  £136.00 
Nakato, Tatsuaki
Ettema, Robert
Issues and Directions in Hydraulics.  £112.00 
Bhattacharyya, Ajit
Chakraborty, Chandan
Analysis of Sedimentary Successions. A Field Manual.  £58.00 
Korvin, G
Fractal Models in the Earth Sciences.  £76.00 
Andrews, J E
Shennan, I
Holocene Land-Ocean Interaction and Environmental Change Around the North Sea.  £72.00 
Malczewski, Jacek
GIS and Multicriteria Decision Analysis.  £96.00 
Blight, G E
Mechanics of Residual Soils.  £152.00 
Bland, Will
Rolls, David
Weathering. An Introduction to the Scientific Principles.  £10.00 
Laferla, A V
British Malta. Volume 1: 1800 - 1872. With an Introduction by Sir Harry Luke, Lieutenant-Governer of Malta.  £120.00 
Maurois, André
Malte.  £8.00 
Estupinan Bethencourt, Francisco
La Isla Redimida. Cronica de la Metamorfosis de Fuerteventura.  £12.00 
Bartholomew, J G
A Literary and Historical Atlas of America.  £12.00 
Levi, Annalina
The Medieval Map of Rome in the Ambrosian Library's Manuscript of Solinus (C 246 Inf)  £14.00 
Bell, James
A System of Geography, Popular and Scientific, or a Physical , Political and Statistical Account of the World and Its Various Divisions.  £140.00 
No Author Report of Special Research Project on Evolution of Matter. Volume 5.  £36.00 
No Author Report of Special Research Project on Evolution of Matter. Volume 4.  £36.00 
No Author Report of Special Research Project on Evolution of Matter. Volume 3.  £36.00 
No Author Report of Special Research Project on Evolution of Matter. Volume 1.  £36.00 
Kilian, W
Observations sur les Variations des Glaciers et l'Enneigement dans les Alpes Dauphinoises, organisées par la Société des Touristes du Dauphiné, sous la direction de W Kilian, avec la collaboration de G Flusin.  £46.00 
Zajadacz, Franziska
Motivgeschichtliche Untersuchungen zur Artusepik: Szenen an und auf dem Meer.  £20.00 
Nayling, Nigel
Caseldine, Astrid
Excavations at Caldicot, Gwent. Bronze Age Palaeochannels in the lower Nedern Valley.  £38.00 
Best, Jeffrey
King's Wood Corby: Description, History, Explanation of Habitats and Wildlife.  £28.00 
Rotherham, Ian
Peatland Ecology and Archaeology. Management for a Cultural Landscape.  £24.00 
Coyle, Geoff
The Riches Beneath Our Feet. How Mining Shaped Britain.  £18.00 
Naval Intelligence Division
Italy. Geographical Handbook Series. Volume 4 ONLY.  £36.00 
Naval Intelligence Division
Italy. Geographical Handbook Series. Volume 3 ONLY.  £36.00 
Blanchard, Raoul
Grenoble. Étude de Géographie Urbaine. Avec 5 Phototypies hors text. Deuxieme Edition.  £24.00 
Le Roy Ladurie, Emmanuel
Aron, Jean-Paul
Anthropologie du Conscrit Français d'apres les Comtes Numériques et Sommaires du Recrutement de l'Armée (1819 - 1826). Présentation Cartographique.  £20.00 
Humm, André
Villages et Hameaux Disparus en Basse-Alsace. Contribution à l'Histoire de l'Habitat Rural (XIIe-XVIIIe siècles).  £46.00 
No Author Essais de Géographie: Recueil des Articles pour le XVIIIe Congrès International Géographique.  £26.00 
No Author Etudes de Géographie Tropicale Offertes à Pierre Gourou.  £24.00 
Vidal de la Blache, Paul
La Personalité Geographique de la France.  £18.00 
Chevalier, Louis
La Formation de la Population Parisienne au XIXe Siècle.  £14.00 
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